Austin Spurs Depth Charts

* Including all Columbus Riverdragons information

2015-2016 Austin Spurs Depth Chart

Starters Keifer Sykes
14.2p 4.2r 2.4a
Nick Johnson
7.5p 3.5r 2.2a
J. Washburn
6.6p 5.6r 0.8a
Deshaun Thomas
18.6p 5.8r 1.8a
Edy Tavares
10.0p 7.0r 0.8a
Rotation D. McCamey
11.2p 3.8r 2.4a
Brandon Fields
12.0p 3.0r 5.0a
L. Patterson
9.0p 2.7r 3.0a
Cady Lalanne
16.2p 6.6r 0.4a
Youssou Ndoye
7.0p 7.4r 0.4a
Rotation     W. Saunders
1.5p 1.8r 1.0a
Lim PT     O. Johnson
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
  J. Nguidjol
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a

* Depth Charts are updated daily throughout the season. The stats are based upon the last 5 games played.

2015-2016 Spurs Leaders

MPG Keifer Sykes 31.0
FG% Youssou Ndoye .571
3P% Julian Washburn .398
FT% Wesley Saunders 1.000
ORPG Cady Lalanne 2.6
DRPG Cady Lalanne 5.0
RPG Cady Lalanne 7.6
APG Keifer Sykes 3.1
BPG Cady Lalanne 1.3
SPG Nick Johnson 1.0
PPG Deshaun Thomas 14.7

2014-2015 Austin Spurs Depth Chart

Starters O. Johnson
19.6p 5.2r 2.6a
J. Simmons
16.0p 3.2r 1.4a
Kyle Anderson
18.0p 7.4r 5.0a
Keith Wright
6.4p 9.4r 0.8a
Erik Murphy
10.6p 4.8r 1.2a
Rotation Armon Johnson
1.0p 1.5r 3.5a
D. Walker
4.2p 2.4r 1.4a
Jarell Eddie
15.4p 2.8r 0.4a
Richard Howell
9.0p 4.3r 1.0a
Saer Sene
7.0p 4.8r 0.2a
Lim PT Mfon Udofia
1.4p 0.4r 0.4a
  Khyle Marshall
5.0p 4.5r 0.0a
Lim PT     Travis McKie
2.0p 1.0r 0.0a

2014-2015 Spurs Leaders

MPG Orlando Johnson 34.6
FG% Keith Wright .542
3P% Jarell Eddie .452
FT% Jarell Eddie .876
ORPG Keith Wright 3.0
DRPG Erik Murphy 4.4
RPG Keith Wright 6.7
APG Jonathon Simmons 3.6
BPG Keith Wright 1.0
SPG Orlando Johnson 1.0
PPG Orlando Johnson 17.4

2013-2014 Austin Spurs Depth Chart

Starters Myck Kabongo
10.8p 2.4r 4.8a
Flip Murray
23.8p 5.4r 2.4a
Courtney Fells
20.0p 5.7r 3.3a
T. Woodbury
10.2p 2.8r 1.4a
Dexter Pittman
13.0p 7.2r 1.0a
Rotation S. Johnson
5.4p 1.6r 2.8a
Greg Gantt
2.6p 0.8r 0.4a
J. Simmons
14.0p 7.2r 1.4a
Steven Smith
4.6p 4.4r 0.6a
Luke Zeller
6.3p 2.0r 1.0a
Rotation       Jaz Cowan
3.3p 4.0r 0.3a
Lim PT   C. Westbrook
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a

2013-2014 Spurs Leaders

MPG Flip Murray 38.8
FG% Jaz Cowan .526
3P% Tre Kelley .484
FT% Luke Zeller .833
ORPG Jaz Cowan 2.0
DRPG Courtney Fells 3.9
RPG Jaz Cowan 5.1
APG Tre Kelley 5.1
BPG Courtney Fells 0.9
SPG Courtney Fells 1.7
PPG Flip Murray 21.8

2012-2013 Austin Spurs Depth Chart

Starters Tre Kelley
11.8p 2.5r 4.9a
Chris Roberts
12.3p 3.0r 2.5a
Jamarr Sanders
11.1p 4.2r 2.8a
JaMychal Green
12.3p 8.1r 1.4a
Rick Jackson
10.8p 10.0r 1.1a
Rotation   Lester Hudson
18.2p 5.1r 3.6a
Ryan Ayers
4.1p 2.0r 1.0a
  Aron Baynes
13.9p 8.7r 1.1a
Rotation   D. Jefferson
5.2p 1.3r 1.9a
    P. Sullivan
8.5p 5.8r 1.0a
Lim PT       A. Wangmene
0.4p 1.1r 0.2a

2012-2013 Spurs Leaders

MPG Justin Dentmon 34.8
FG% Tyler Wilkerson .529
3P% Rick Jackson 1.000
FT% Justin Dentmon .835
ORPG Rick Jackson 3.8
DRPG Rick Jackson 6.2
RPG Rick Jackson 10.0
APG Tre Kelley 4.9
BPG Patrick Sullivan 1.4
SPG Jamarr Sanders 1.3
PPG Justin Dentmon 17.8

2011-2012 Austin Spurs Depth Chart

Starters S. Johnson
8.2p 3.0r 5.7a
Jamarr Sanders
7.8p 3.4r 2.3a
T. Woodbury
10.9p 3.4r 0.9a
Julian Wright
15.1p 8.0r 1.9a
Eric Dawson
17.2p 10.6r 2.3a
Rotation   Cory Joseph
13.8p 5.1r 5.1a
  Josh Davis
7.1p 4.3r 0.9a
Luke Zeller
9.1p 5.3r 1.3a
Rotation   Flip Murray
12.3p 2.7r 2.0a
Rotation   Brad Wanamaker
5.5p 2.1r 2.2a
Lim PT     D'Andre Bell
0.0p 2.0r 0.0a

2011-2012 Spurs Leaders

MPG Justin Dentmon 37.2
FG% Eric Dawson .557
3P% Eric Dawson .500
FT% Justin Dentmon .870
ORPG Eric Dawson 3.2
DRPG Eric Dawson 7.4
RPG Eric Dawson 10.6
APG Justin Dentmon 5.5
BPG Eric Dawson 1.6
SPG Justin Dentmon 1.6
PPG Justin Dentmon 22.8

2010-2011 Austin Spurs Depth Chart

Starters S. Johnson
12.3p 4.0r 6.0a
Aubrey Coleman
13.4p 4.5r 2.1a
Kevin Palmer
12.7p 5.0r 1.3a
Leo Lyons
14.9p 6.0r 1.6a
Marcus Cousin
14.9p 8.6r 0.8a
Rotation   Danny Green
19.0p 7.0r 2.0a
Michael Joiner
5.4p 3.1r 0.9a
  Eric Boateng
4.9p 4.9r 0.5a
Rotation   Tre Kelley
9.4p 1.8r 3.4a

2010-2011 Spurs Leaders

MPG Squeaky Johnson 33.9
FG% Eric Boateng .552
3P% Marcus Hubbard .455
FT% Kevin Palmer .846
ORPG Marcus Cousin 3.2
DRPG Marcus Cousin 5.5
RPG Marcus Cousin 8.6
APG Squeaky Johnson 6.0
BPG Marcus Cousin 1.1
SPG Squeaky Johnson 1.5
PPG Marcus Cousin 14.9

2009-2010 Austin Spurs Depth Chart

Starters C. Jerrells
20.7p 4.5r 5.7a
Lewis Clinch
9.1p 1.5r 0.8a
Eddie Basden
12.6p 4.4r 1.9a
Michael Joiner
8.9p 4.2r 1.2a
Dwayne Jones
17.6p 16.1r 1.6a
Rotation S. Johnson
6.5p 1.6r 3.0a
D. Coleman
3.6p 1.7r 0.9a
M. Williams
24.3p 5.4r 4.8a
Eric Dawson
9.0p 4.5r 0.5a
Rotation       David McClure
2.3p 2.8r 0.5a
Lim PT         Luke Bonner
4.0p 1.6r 0.4a

2009-2010 Spurs Leaders

MPG Curtis Jerrells 40.3
FG% Dwayne Jones .597
3P% David McClure .500
FT% Lewis Clinch .794
ORPG Dwayne Jones 6.2
DRPG Dwayne Jones 9.9
RPG Dwayne Jones 16.1
APG Curtis Jerrells 5.7
BPG Dwayne Jones 1.8
SPG Curtis Jerrells 1.9
PPG Alonzo Gee 21.2

2008-2009 Austin Spurs Depth Chart

Starters S. Johnson
8.8p 3.1r 5.1a
Ezra Williams
10.7p 3.9r 1.6a
Malik Hairston
22.9p 5.5r 3.7a
Eric Dawson
10.3p 6.6r 1.6a
Dwayne Jones
17.1p 13.7r 1.2a
Rotation S. Burrell
6.0p 1.6r 2.0a
Fred Gibson
0.0p 1.0r 2.0a
Ryan Bright
5.0p 2.8r 1.4a
  Ian Mahinmi
4.0p 1.0r 2.0a
Lim PT       Serge Angounou
2.4p 2.8r 0.4a
Lim PT       Jamaal Thomas
2.6p 0.7r 0.7a

2008-2009 Spurs Leaders

MPG Marcus E. Williams 42.8
FG% Dwayne Jones .619
3P% Blake Ahearn .531
FT% Blake Ahearn .914
ORPG Dwayne Jones 5.2
DRPG Dwayne Jones 8.5
RPG Dwayne Jones 13.7
APG Blake Ahearn 6.0
BPG Dwayne Jones 1.2
SPG Marcus E. Williams 1.7
PPG Marcus E. Williams 23.0

2007-2008 Austin Spurs Depth Chart

Starters Andre Barrett
17.2p 2.9r 8.3a
S. Johnson
4.1p 2.2r 3.6a
Justin Bowen
13.1p 6.4r 1.7a
Serge Angounou
6.3p 4.0r 0.8a
Ian Mahinmi
17.1p 8.2r 1.4a
Rotation Kenton Paulino
5.7p 1.2r 1.0a
Josh Gross
11.3p 3.8r 0.9a
  Darvin Ham
10.3p 4.3r 1.8a
Lim PT         Yemi Nicholson
2.3p 1.0r 0.4a

2007-2008 Spurs Leaders

MPG Andre Barrett 37.0
FG% Ian Mahinmi .615
3P% Squeaky Johnson .433
FT% Andre Barrett .933
ORPG Ian Mahinmi 2.6
DRPG Ian Mahinmi 5.5
RPG Ian Mahinmi 8.2
APG Andre Barrett 8.3
BPG Ian Mahinmi 1.7
SPG Marcus E. Williams 1.5
PPG Marcus E. Williams 19.2