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Phil Hubbard Could Become Head Coach Of D-Fenders

Phil Hubbard is a longtime assistant coach with a long tenure under Eddie Jordan with the Wizards and previous stops in the D-League.

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Malcolm ThomasToros33.50
Manny HarrisD-Fenders31.64
Ryan KellyD-Fenders25.20
Terrence WilliamsD-Fenders20.50
Shawne WilliamsD-Fenders20.48
Malcolm ThomasToros15.50
Manny HarrisD-Fenders7.86
Ryan KellyD-Fenders7.60
Shawne WilliamsD-Fenders7.00
Jamario MoonD-Fenders6.87
Josh MagetteD-Fenders6.94
Terrence WilliamsD-Fenders6.38
Josiah TurnerD-Fenders4.27
Ryan KellyD-Fenders3.80
Manny HarrisD-Fenders3.77
Jamario MoonD-Fenders2.67
Shawne WilliamsD-Fenders2.09
Malcolm ThomasToros2.00
Travis HymanD-Fenders1.98
Ryan KellyD-Fenders1.40
Xavier HenryD-Fenders3.50
Malcolm ThomasToros2.50
Jamario MoonD-Fenders2.13
Manny HarrisD-Fenders2.05
Josh MagetteD-Fenders1.92
Player Efficiency Rating
Malcolm ThomasToros32.63
Manny HarrisD-Fenders24.53
Shawne WilliamsD-Fenders19.15
Jamario MoonD-Fenders19.10
Ryan KellyD-Fenders18.97

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