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Grading The Deal

Grading The Deal: Raptors Add Trey Johnson

Trey Johnson is a rhythm scorer, liking to create off the dribble whether it is to get to the bucket or hit a pull-up.


A Common Tragedy

The Spurs typically have several members of their core participating in national team competitions during the offseason, but were able to rest during the summer of 2010.

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Using OKC's Model Of Success

The Nets need to draft well, build on their current talent, and slowly but surely develop with what they have in the same way Sam Presti did with the Thunder.

Looking Deeper At The Collison Acquisition

Not only is Darren Collision perhaps the best point guard option Indiana has had in a decade, but he?s also ideal for Jim O?Brien?s system.


Used the right way, Shaquille O?Neal can be a difference-maker for a Celtics team that lacked depth at the center position for the last three years.

Filling Out Golden State's Roster

The Warriors have 11 players under contract for 10-11 and the injury to Ekpe Udoh should result in the team picking up an additional player or two now, instead of relying on their usual slurry of 10-day contracts.

Grading The Deal: Wolves Add Beasley, Ridnour

Hoping Michael Beasley's career trajectory could resemble Chris Mullin or Chauncey Billups, the Wolves acquired a highly talented scorer.

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Euroleague Top 16 Power Rankings

Barcelona, Olympiacos, Panathinaikos, Maccabi, Madrid and Siena enter the Top 16 phase as likely contenders to win the 2011 Euroleague.

Player Rankings

2010-11 NBA Player Rankings Through Dec. 14th

Now that more than a quarter of the season is in the books, we don't have many aberrations in the player rankings as Pau Gasol, Kevin Love, Deron Williams, Chris Paul and LeBron James comprise the top-five.

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Scoop du Jour

32 Fearless Predictions For The 2011 NFL Draft

The draft is less than a week away. Draft boards from teams are essentially set and are now being carefully guarded. Here are some predictions for what we'll see next week. Some are serious, some are fun, and less than five will probably come to fruition.


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Europe Interview: Khalid El-Amin Of Lietuvos Rytas

Khalid El-Amin is still playing basketball at a high level, starring as Lietuvos Rytas' only playmaker in Euroleague.

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Non-National Games Of The Week (1/17-1/23)

The Knicks make three appearances this week, along with several from Blake Griffin and the Clippers.

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Oklahoma City @ Miami 1-1
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