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Euroleague MVP Race

As the Euroleague Top-16 phase approaches its end, here are our Euroleague MVP rankings, where there are six new faces and big changes since the beginning of the season. 

- All records and stats through Game 10 of Top-16. The number in brackets shows position in previous ranking.

1. (4) Keith Langford - EA7 Armani Milan (7 wins - 3 losses)

17.4 points, 3.9 rebounds, 3 assists in 30 minutes.

EA7 Armani Milan is changing its face from a permanent loser to a serious threat and possible candidate to make it to the playoffs. The Italian team won four games in a row and with seven wins ranks second in group E. Probably not even the most optimistic fans of EA7 Armani Milan saw that happening. However, that wouldn’t be possible without Keith Langford, who has been averaging 17.4 points per game to lead the Euroleague in scoring. Langford collected a 20 or better power index rating (PIR) in half of his Euroleague games this season. His productivity might take EA7 Armani Milan to the playoffs for the first time in the modern version of Euroleague.

2. (-) Sergio Rodriguez - Real (8-2)

14.2 points (55% 3FG, 92% FT), 2.1 rebounds, 5 assists in 22 minutes.

Sergio Rodriguez, 27, is likely the most powerful weapon for Real this season. If the starting five of Real Madrid don’t break their opponents, Rodriguez, who always come off the bench, sets such a high tempo and raises the quality of basketball to the level that the opposite team has nothing to do but collapse before halftime. Rodriguez is no doubt the best sixth man of the Euroleague and he will most likely join 50-40-90 club by the end of the season. Rodriguez ranks second in three-point shooting, third in free throw shooting and fourth in assists per game. Perfect all-around performances might soon lift Rodriguez to the top of the MVP ranking.

3. (-) Ante Tomic - FC Barcelona (10-0)

12.4 points, 6.2 rebounds, 2.3 assists in 24 minutes.

First of all, let me remind you that at the beginning of the Top 16 Ante Tomic was nowhere close to this position. Tomic averaged 5.6 points and 3.6 rebounds in January and couldn’t finish any of his first five Top 16 games in double digits scoring. However, it’s a whole different story now as Ante Tomic is the most dominant center in group E, averaging 30 PIR points over his past four games. If Tomic continues to produce these amazing results, we’ll have to wait for the playoffs to see if somebody, including Nenad Krstic, Sofoklis Schortsanitis or Real's frontcourt, can stop the Croatian big man.

4. (1) Nikola Mirotic - Real (8-2)

12.9 points (54% 3FG), 4.8 rebounds in 24 minutes.

Nikola Mirotic fell in Euroleague MVP ranking, though not because his results have declined recently. The situation in Madrid doesn’t require Mirotic to produce 100 percent on a daily basis as he could likely average around 18 points and eight rebounds for any other Euroleague team. Nevertheless, Mirotic remains as productive as he was in the beginning of the season as he ranks fifth in points per possession (1.25). He’s also ranked third in three-point shooting, making 54 percent of his shots from the long range. Mirotic is the only big man to be ranked among Top 10 shooters.

5. (9) Malcolm Delaney - Bayern (5-5)

14.3 points, 3.3 rebounds, 4.3 assists in 28 minutes.

Now it’s obvious that Bayern Munich made a great decision choosing Malcolm Delaney to be their leader in their debut 13-14 Euroleague season. Delaney, the best rookie of this season, is successfully leading Bayern towards the playoffs as he collected 20 PIR points or more in eight games. The 25-year-old guard might be the main factor in Bayern’s journey to the playoffs and the last four weeks may be the biggest challenge in Delaney’s professional career. However, going through to the Top 16 would be another sign for Bayern to sign a long-term deal with Delaney, who could be team’s face for years to come.

6. (-) Rudy Fernandez - Real (8-2)

12.4 points, 4 rebounds, 3.9 assists in 27 minutes.

Similar to Mirotic’s situation, the statistical numbers don’t reflect Rudy Fernandez’s capabilities. With 12.4 points, 4 rebounds and 3.9 assists per game, those would be great numbers for any Euroleague player, but he could perform much better than that in a different situation. Also, Fernandez is one of the reasons Real has lost only twice in 20 games played. Both times, opposite teams were able to slow him down. Against CSKA Fernandez converted only two of 13 field goal attempts, versus Bayern - 4 out of 14. So if you plan to stop Real, slowing Fernandez down would be a great start.

7. (-) Emir Preldzic - Fenerbahce Ulker (5-5)

10.3 points, 4.6 rebounds, 4.8 assists in 29 minutes.

Emir Preldzic, who played great in the regular season, sank with Fenerbahce Ulker during the Top 16 stage. Preldzic’s statistical figures dropped significantly in all main categories - points, rebounds, assists, same as shooting percentages. However, while Fenerbahce Ulker shows its first signs of recovery and won four out of five last games, Preldzic fails to be as efficient as he use to be. In last three games, Preldzic averaged 4.6 points and 1.3 rebounds. If Preldzic continues to struggle, Fenerbahce Ulker will most likely have to put off their final four ambitions until next season.

8. (5) Derrick Brown - Lokomotiv Kuban (5-5)

13.9 points, 4.4 rebounds in 29 minutes.

At the beginning of Top 16, it seemed that Euroleague teams found a way to stop Derrick Brown, but the big man later proved that to be just a little slip. Same as in regular season, Brown averages 13.9 points per game in the second stage and constantly makes his input to Lokomotiv Kuban offence. Of course, for some of his points Brown must feel thankful for Marcus Williams. Brown and Williams duo is one of the most efficient in the league as Williams already dished out 27 assists to Brown. It’s a do-or-die time for Lokomotiv Kuban and soon we will see if Brown rises in this ranking or will fall with his team out of the Euroleague.

9. Vassilis Spanoulis - Olympiacos (4-6)

14.6 points, 2 rebounds, 4.8 assists in 28 minutes.

The 10-0 result in the regular season was a remarkable start  but that dream came to a quick end once the injury bug and losses struck. Vassilis Spanoulis was one of the reasons, as he played horrible in three of his seven Top 16 games. In the match against Unicaja Malaga, Spanoulis scored only one field goal out of 12; collected minus eight PIR points and played his worst Euroleague game ever. Looking back to previous seasons, Spanoulis can get hot anytime and put 20 or 30 points in few games in a row. But seeing Olympiakos in such difficult situation, Spanoulis needs to become a hero once again, and right now.

10. Carlos Arroyo - Galatasaray (4-6)

13.8 points, 2 rebounds, 5.2 assists in 32 minutes.

Carlos Arroyo's game in the regular season and Top 16 are stark in contract. In the first stage, Arroyo was about to become one of the biggest disappointments of the season, as he averaged 10.7 points and 9.8 PIR points per game. The situation has changed in the Top 16 as his numbers became very solid - 16.7 points, 2.4 rebounds and 6.2 assists. Arroyo also demonstrates consistency in the Top 16, as he scored at least 10 points and dished out three assists in all of his Top 16 games. However, it seems that Arroyo is not capable of carrying Galatasaray to the playoffs on his own and in order to move on, he will need more help from his teammates than ever before.

Real Madrid Makes Case For Being Euroleague's Best Team Of The Century

If there were a voting for the most successful team of 21st century, Panathinaikos would be a main contender to finish at the top of the ranking. Five Euroleague championships in 13 years is something that no other team has achieved and that makes the Greens the most successful team of 21st century.

However, talking about Euroleague’s best team in a single season since 2000 usually leads to Maccabi Tel Aviv in 04-05. Some of the teams were close, such as 11-12 FC Barcelona, but a Maccabi team featuring Sarunas Jasikevicius, Anthony Parker and Nikola Vujcic set the standard so high that it was unreachable until now.

41-1. This is current Real Madrid’s win-loss record, which almost reads like a misprint. In more than 130 days of action, Real has lost only once and for most of the time reminded you of the Spanish version of the Monstars from Space Jam, which on a bad day would still beat their opponents by a double-digit margin. Last but not least, let me remind you that Real plays in Euroleague and Spanish championship (Liga Endesa), which are the second and the third best club competitions in the world behind just the NBA.

But before comparing similarities and differences to 04-05 Maccabi, it is essential to remember how good Maccabi was nine years ago. In 04-05, Maccabi won back-to-back Euroleague championship and became the first Euroleague team to do so since 1991. Back in 04-05, Maccabi won 20 Euroleague games out of 24 and stayed undefeated throughout Top 16, playoffs and Final Four. The team from Israel had some well-known names on its squad such one of the best Americans ever to play in Euroleague: one of the most dominant point guards of 21st century in Sarunas Jasikevicius, the only player to register triple-double in Euroleague in Nikola Vujcic, as well as future NBA starter Anthony Parker. In that historical season, Maccabi led the league in all main statistical categories - in scoring, assists, field goal and three point percentages, and blocks.

Real also ranks in Top 3 in every major statistical category as they posted an average margin of victory of 20.5 points in its 16 wins. No surprise, some of the most talented players in the league wear Real’s jersey - former NBA player and now one of the best point guards in Euroleague in Sergio Rodriguez, future Chicago Bull and MVP candidate Nikola Mirotic, the winner of the 2011-12 RealGM Euroleague Sixth Man of the Year Award Jaycee Carroll and many others.


04-05 Maccabi

13-14 Real


92 (1)

88.2 (1)


33.9 (5)

36.9 (2)


17.4 (1)

18.9 (2)


11.9 (3)

8.1 (1)


4.1 (1)

4.1 (1)


57.6 (1)

56.1 (3)


40.6 (1)

40.9 (1)


77.8 (2)

82.1 (1)

The number in brackets shows position among 24 Euroleague teams.

Three similarities and key difference

1. Keeping winning starting five: After winning the Euroleague championship in 03-04, Maccabi maintained its whole starting five and that helped them to repeat their success in the following year. Real did the same thing after reaching the Euroleague final in 12-13, as they didn’t initiate dramatic changes and only strengthened the center position by signing Ioannis Bourousis.

2. Versatile frontcourt: Maceo Baston and Vujcic played a major role in 04-05 and together averaged 28.5 points, 11.2 rebounds and 3.6 assists per game. At that time, it was the most dominant “do it all” frontcourt in the league - using post moves and back to the basket play, pick and roll, hitting threes and finishing on fastbreaks. Mirotic and Bourousis have the same importance for Real as they average 20.5 points, 10.8 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game combined. Without their versatility and contribution on both ends of the floor 41-1 record wouldn’t be possible.

3. Unstoppable offense: The biggest Maccabi and Real advantage against their opponents is their dominant offense. Maccabi averaged Euroleague All-Time high 92 points per game in 04-05, while Real is not so far behind this year with 88.2 points. Both teams’ offences were things of beauty and Tel Aviv and Madrid clubs were able to score in as many possible ways as you can imagine. Also both teams scored more than have of their points off assists, therefore 04-05 Maccabi and 13-14 Real are one of the most fun teams to watch in Euroleague history too.

X. Striking starting five and bench depth: Three members of that historical Maccabi starting five later were named to Euroleague All-Decade Team (Jasikevicius, Parker and Vujcic). That’s a good example of how strong and talented Maccabi starting five was and that would be Maccabi’s advantage over Real. On the other hand, Real bench would probably make it to the Euroleague playoffs on their own and they have been much more efficient than Maccabi’s bench. Rodriguez, Marcus Slaughter, Felipe Reyes, Carroll, Dontaye Draper - pretty much every player of the 12-man squad (except Daniel Diez) can be a decisive factor and turn the game in favor of Real Madrid.


04-05 Maccabi

13-14 Real
















Crunch-time fives of Maccabi and Real.

To sum up, despite it still being midseason, Real Madrid is already in the conversation to be named the best team of 21st century. Without question Real seems to be just as good and dominant as Maccabi was in 04-05, if not better. However, in order to be a new number one, Real still has to do one thing and one thing only - beat everyone on their way to the final and raise the Euroleague trophy in Milan.

Euroleague's Most Improved Players Of The 2013-14 Season

While Euroleague is on a short break, here are our Top 10 Euroleague's Most Improved Players Ranking. With the season halfway over, RealGM ranked players who have taken the next step in their Euroleague careers and contribute more in 13-14 season than they have been in recent years.

- All records and stats through Game 6 of Top-16.  

10. Nik Caner-Medley (Unicaja Malaga, Spain)

2013-14 (Euroleague): 13.6 points, 5.4 rebounds in 28 minutes

2012-13 (Euroleague): 4 points (46% 3FG), 2.9 rebounds in 14 minutes

Before making his Euroleague debut, Nik Caner-Medley proved he could lead a team in both Eurocup and Spain championships. However, Caner-Medley’s first Euroleague experience didn't go as well as expected. Caner-Medley didn’t get many chances to demonstrate his capabilities while playing for Maccabi Tel Aviv, but that changed once he returned to Spain. The forward became Unicaja’s leader on offense straight away, as Malaga scores 13 points more per 100 possessions with Caner-Medley on the court. The big man would be ranked higher if not for poor performances in first three Top 16 games in which Caner-Medley couldn’t find his range.

9. Sergio Rodriguez (Real Madrid, Spain)

2013-14 (Euroleague): 13.8 points (51% 3FG), 2.2 rebounds, 4.8 assists, 1.4 steals in 22 minutes

2012-13 (Euroleague): 7.5 points (30% 3FG), 1.8 rebounds, 3.9 assists in 18 minutes

Of course, Sergio Rodriguez had big Euroleague games before the 13-14 season and his role with Real Madrid has always been important. But more importantly, stories of how Rodriguez played this season might end up in European basketball history books. Rodriguez, despite not starting a single Euroleague game, was one of the key reasons why Real started the season with a 31-0 overall record. Speed, quickness, decision-making, scoring abilities and locking his opponents down on defense - Rodriguez has it all to be called as currently best point guard in the league. Moreover, so far Real looks like one of the best teams in modern Euroleague history and that wouldn’t be possible without Rodriguez, who might also become an eight member of 50-40-90 Euroleague club. Following the fifth round of the Top 16 stage, Rodriguez's percentages are 56 from close range, 51 from beyond the arc and 93 from the free throw line.

8. Zoran Erceg (Galatasaray Istanbul, Turkey)

2013-14 (Euroleague): 10.1 points (88% FT), 5.1 rebounds, 1.7 assists in 26 minutes

2012-13 (Euroleague): 6.2 points (30% 3FG), 2.5 rebounds, 0.5 assists in 14 minutes

Throughout his career, Zoran Erceg had a chance to play for two elite European teams, CSKA Moscow and Piraeus Olympiakos. But at that time, Erceg was more of a Euroleague prospect than a big man who can be productive right away. Well, that has changed in Turkey. Erceg was able to use the right situation - Galatasaray players’ injuries and Pops Mensah-Bosnu suspension - and all of the sudden he became one of the leaders of Galatasaray. For the first time in his Euroleague career, Ercen plays a major role and puts big numbers in Top 16 stage - 16 points, 6.2 rebounds and 2.6 assists per game.

7. Emir Preldzic (Fenerbahce Ulker Istanbul, Turkey)

2013-14 (Euroleague): 11.5 points, 5.1 rebounds, 5.1 assists in 29 minutes

2012-13 (Euroleague): 8.1 points, 2.1 rebounds, 3.5 assists in 23 minutes

Emir Preldzic’s numbers this season didn’t increase as much as other members of the ranking but despite the increased level of talent in Fenerbahce Ulker, Preldzic became the most important player in Zeljko Obradovic’s team. While Linas Kleiza and Bojan Bogdanovic are trying to find a way to become more consistent, Preldzic brings his “A” game on a daily basis. Preldzic, who’s one of the most versatile players in the Euroleague, adapts his game every time as if he cannot find ways to score, he can still be a valuable facilitator or a solid rebounder due to his length and skill set. In 13-14 Preldzic finished game only once without collecting at least four boards and he’s also one of two players who managed to dish out at least four assists in every Euroleague regular season game.

6. Joffrey Lauvergne (Partizan Belgrade, Serbia)

2013-14 (Euroleague): 11.1 points, 8.6 rebounds in 33 minutes

2012-13 (Euroleague): 6.6 points, 3.6 rebounds in 16 minutes

Looking back at the final of EuroBasket 2013, it seems that it would have been unrealistic to see France losing against Lithuania. Tony Parker, Nicola Batum and other NBA players from France have had a great season while Alexis Ajinca, who was one of the most dominating bigs in the Euroleague, has taken the next step in his career and was invited back to the NBA as well. The 22-year-old Joffrey Lauvergne is no exception as he became the main big man of Partizan Belgrade. Lauverge usually had to face more experienced Euroleague players but that didn’t stop him from doing great job inside the paint. Lauverge grabbed 13 rebounds against Real, 13 and 12 versus FC Barcelona and 12 facing CSKA. No surprise, solid performances helped Lauvergne to be the most minutes played, already almost 500, in the Euroleague.

5. Daniel Hackett (EA7 Emporio Armani Milan, Italy)

2013-14 (Euroleague): 12.4 points (41% 3FG), 3.8 rebounds, 4.4 assists in 31 minutes

2012-13 (Euroleague): 7.2 points (31% 3FG), 2.3 rebounds, 3 assists in 22 minutes

First of all, Daniel Hackett made this ranking for what he did while with Montepaschi. With Bobby Brown gone, Montepaschi became less competitive, but Hackett carried his team on his shoulders and helped them get three regular season wins. Hackett finished four regular season games with 24 performance index rating (PIR) points or more and was an absolute Euroleague leader in drawn fouls. After joining EA7 Emporio Armani, Hackett’s role decreased, but he took over Curtis Jerrells’ spot in the starting five and remains one of the most productive guards in the league.

4. Boban Marjanovic (Crvena Zvezda Belgrade, Serbia)

2013-14 (Euroleague): 10.8 points, 7.7 rebounds in 20 minutes

2010-11 (Euroleague): 4.6 points, 3.5 rebounds in 12 minutes

Different from previous years, Boban Marjanovic was a super tall, unskilled big man who could spend no more than 15 minutes on the court per game. While playing for Crvena Zvezda, Marjanovic was more aggressive and more coordinated than ever before. Head coach Dejan Radonjic fit Crvena Zvezda’s game around Marjanovic, who was a decisive factor in some games. The Serbian center was one of the best rebounders in the Euroleague and was the only player who had three double-doubles in the regular season. More importantly, Marjanovic leads the Euroleague in total rebound percentage (23.4), which means almost one out of four rebounds ends up in Marjanovic’s hands.

3. Zoran Dragic (Unicaja Malaga, Spain)

2013-14 (Euroleague): 12.3 points (42% 3FG), 2.8 rebounds, 1.3 assists in 24 minutes

2012-13 (Euroleague): 4.5 points (13% 3FG), 3 rebounds, 0.5 assists in 16 minutes

Compared with previous seasons, both brothers Goran and Zoran Dragic, made big steps forward in their careers. While Goran demonstrate All-Star Game worthy results in the NBA, his brother Zoran played like an MVP candidate in Euroleague. Once Joan Plaza became head coach of Unicaja, Dragic’s role increased dramatically as he starts more games than last season, more often has the ball in his hands and he’s not afraid to lead in crucial moments. However, the biggest change happened in Dragic’s three-point shooting accuracy, which last season was absolutely horrible. In 12-13 Dragic made only four out of 31 attempts, while this season his shooting percentage increased to an impressive 42 percent.

2. Alessandro Gentile (EA7 Emporio Armani Milan, Italy)

2013-14 (Euroleague): 11.1 points, 2.2 rebounds, 2.2 assists in 26 minutes

2012-13 (Euroleague): 6.3 points, 1.4 rebounds, 0.9 assists in 13 minutes

Alessandro Gentile, just 21 years old, led the Italian national team, which had two NBA players in its squad, in scoring at EuroBasket 2013. It is therefore no surprise that Gentile used this experience in Euroleague as well. Despite huge competition between second line players, Gentile gets plenty of playing time and successfully uses those opportunities. Different from last season, Gentile became a member of EA7 Emporio Armani’s starting five and despite his age the Italian talent is not afraid to take responsibility in big moments. Gentile almost doubled his statistical numbers this season and don’t be surprised if he continues to grow as a player next year as well.

1. Bogdan Bogdanovic (Partizan Belgrade, Serbia)

2013-14 (Euroleague): 16.3 points, 3.4 rebounds, 3.5 assists in 31 minutes

2012-13 (Euroleague): 5 points (20% 3FG), 1.8 rebounds, 1 assist in 18 minutes

With the season halfway over, it is pretty much clear who is a top contender to win the Euroleague Rising Star award. The 21-year-old Bogdan Bogdanovic has became a true Euroleague star under coach Dusko Vujosevic. Last season, Bogdanovic scored more than four points only once, while it’s a completely different story this season. Bogdanovic collected 24 or more points three times already, having an outstanding offensive performances against teams such as CSKA and FC Barcelona. As Partizan currently deals with injures, Bogdanovic took advantage of the situation and successfully became a leader in Top 16. In the second round Bogdanovic averages 19.8 points, 3.6 rebounds and 3.4 assists, which are amazing numbers without mentioning his age.

Honorable Mentions: Joe Ingles, Maccabi; Stratos Perperoglou, Olympiakos; Przemyslaw Zamojski, Stelmet;, David Jelinek, Laboral Kutxa.

Euroleague Rookie Ladder

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RealGM's 2012-13 Euroleague Awards

Victor Khryapa wins Euroleague MVP, while Paul Davis is Rookie of the Year, Aron Baynes wins Most Improved and Georgios Bartzokas is Coach of the Year.

Euroleague Rookie Ladder

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Aron Baynes, Shawn James, Nemanja Bjelica, Curtis Jerrells, Vladimir Lucic, Pietro Aradori, Jaka Blazic, Ante Tomic, Mindaugas Kuzminskas and Kostas Papanikolaou have had breakout seasons in Euroleague.

Euroleague Power Rankings: Small Forwards

Sonny Weems, Pete Mickeal, Andres Nocioni, Bostjan Nachbar, Emir Preldzic, Malik Hairston, Bojan Bogdanovic, Mickael Gelable, Krunoslav Simon and Jonas Maciulis are the top small forwards in Euroleage this season.

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