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Sasu Salin Named Eurocup MVP For Regular Season Round 7

Sasu Salin had 25 points, three rebounds, three assists and four steals in Union Olimpija's 86-48 win over Asvel Villeurbanne.

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Deividad GailiusOLI13.36
Sasu SalinOLI10.82
Alen OmicOLI10.49
Alex StephesonOLI7.94
Nebojsa JoksimovicOLI6.69
Alen OmicOLI5.92
Alex StephesonOLI5.69
Deividad GailiusOLI4.70
Cedric JacksonOLI3.29
Dragisa DrobnjakOLI2.96
Cedric JacksonOLI3.43
Nebojsa JoksimovicOLI3.08
Jakov VladovicOLI2.53
Sasu SalinOLI1.78
Deividad GailiusOLI1.55
Alex StephesonOLI0.90
Alen OmicOLI0.65
Dragisa DrobnjakOLI0.16
Nebojsa JoksimovicOLI0.14
Deividad GailiusOLI0.09
Nebojsa JoksimovicOLI0.96
Sasu SalinOLI0.92
Deividad GailiusOLI0.85
Cedric JacksonOLI0.79
Jakov VladovicOLI0.75
Grega SajevicOLI1.00
Alex StephesonOLI0.58
Alen OmicOLI0.57
Nebojsa JoksimovicOLI0.45
Paolo MarinelliOLI0.43

Union Olimpija Schedule

Top Performers for April 22, 2014

Union Olimpija Standings

Date / TimeOpponentResult
4/05 12:00 PM
Helios Domzale
L, 81-67
4/09 2:00 PM
Krka Novo Mesto
L, 75-80
4/16 2:00 PM
Rogaska Crystal
W, 73-74
4/19 2:00 PM
W, 93-64
4/22 2:00 PM
Hopsi Polzela
W, 62-71
4/25 2:00 PM
Helios Domzale
4/28 11:30 AM
Krka Novo Mesto

* All times Eastern

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Sasu SalinUnion OlimpijaPoints22
Alexis WangmeneHopsi PolzelaPoints17
Alen OmicUnion OlimpijaRebounds11
Goran JagodnikHopsi PolzelaRebounds10
Miha VaslHopsi PolzelaAssists4
Luka RupnikUnion OlimpijaAssists3
Miha VaslHopsi PolzelaBlocks1
Simo AtanackovicHopsi PolzelaBlocks1
Sasu SalinUnion OlimpijaSteals5
Miha VaslHopsi PolzelaSteals2
Sasu SalinUnion OlimpijaFIC15.4
Alexis WangmeneHopsi PolzelaFIC10.6

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