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Tony Parker To Become Majority Owner, President Of ASVEL

Tony Parker had served as the team's Vice President of Basketball Operations.

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Edwin JacksonLYV17.07
Amara SyLYV12.43
Marko KeseljLYV8.73
Uche Nsonwu-AmadiLYV8.36
Chris WrightLYV7.29
Amara SyLYV5.30
Uche Nsonwu-AmadiLYV4.97
Georgi JosephLYV4.95
Edwin JacksonLYV3.36
Travis LeslieLYV2.96
Chris WrightLYV3.76
Edwin JacksonLYV2.50
Amara SyLYV2.35
Thomas LarrouquisLYV1.58
Marko KeseljLYV1.49
Travis LeslieLYV0.58
Georgi JosephLYV0.50
Amara SyLYV0.47
Uche Nsonwu-AmadiLYV0.15
Edwin JacksonLYV0.10
Edwin JacksonLYV0.98
Chris WrightLYV0.98
Travis LeslieLYV0.83
Georgi JosephLYV0.69
Amara SyLYV0.68
Benjamin MendezLYV1.00
Will HudsonLYV0.70
Uche Nsonwu-AmadiLYV0.61
Amara SyLYV0.52
Georgi JosephLYV0.48

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