ASVEL Lyon-Villeurbanne WiretapASVEL Lyon-Villeurbanne Wiretap

Spurs More Active In Development Of Unsigned Draft Rights Players

Sep 17, 2014 11:41 AM

The San Antonio Spurs are taking a more active involvement in the development of unsigned players whom they own the draft rights for in the NBA.

The Spurs have sent an assistant to work with Livio Jean-Charles.

"David was sent by the Spurs, and he will be present throughout the year," said Jean-Charles in an interview with BeBasket. "He is here to witness but also be involved with my season here. But I want to be clear, Peter Vincent is in charge of my evolution at ASVEL."

Tony Parker partially owns ASVEL.

The Spurs also played a role in setting a timetable for Davis Betrans' return from injury. Betrans was a 2011 draft pick of the Spurs, but he has no contractual obligations to the team.

J. Gomes/Pounding The Rock

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Tony Parker To Become Majority Owner, President Of ASVEL

Mar 21, 2014 1:09 PM

Tony Parker has become the majority shareholder of ASVEL of the French league.

Parker had served as the team's Vice President of Basketball Operations.

“I decided to buy the whole club. Now I’m the majority shareholder and from the end of May I will be president of the Asvel," said Parker.

“I started to have a real history with this club, I am involved in the City of Lyon, with my foundation, my basketball camps. I told myself that if I wanted to apply my vision, my philosophy, inspire me that I know the Spurs to only one benefits Asvel up there I had to be president to impose it all.”

Jeff Garcia/Project Spurs

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