Phoenix Hagen Depth Charts

2015-2016 Phoenix Hagen German BBL Depth Chart

Starters B. Jefferson
14.0p 3.0r 5.5a
David Bell
16.5p 1.0r 4.0a
Adam Hess
13.0p 2.5r 0.5a
Ivan Elliott
7.0p 8.0r 2.5a
Owen Klassen
6.5p 5.5r 1.0a
Rotation Niklas Geske
7.0p 2.5r 2.0a
  J.J. Mann
12.5p 3.0r 1.0a
  Tommy Smith
2.0p 1.0r 1.0a
Lim PT     Marcel Kessen
1.0p 2.5r 0.5a
Lim PT     Jonas Grof
2.0p 3.5r 0.5a

* Depth Charts are updated daily throughout the season. The stats are based upon the last 5 games played.

2015-2016 Phoenix Hagen Leaders

MPG Brandon Jefferson 33.8
FG% Jonas Grof .667
3P% David Bell .583
FT% David Bell 1.000
ORPG Ivan Elliott 4.5
DRPG Ivan Elliott 3.5
RPG Ivan Elliott 8.0
APG Brandon Jefferson 5.5
BPG Tommy Smith 3.0
SPG Brandon Jefferson 2.5
PPG David Bell 16.5

2014-2015 Phoenix Hagen German BBL Depth Chart

Starters Niklas Geske
5.0p 2.2r 3.2a
Todd Brown
14.2p 3.8r 0.6a
Larry Gordon
14.4p 6.2r 2.4a
Dino Gregory
9.8p 6.2r 1.2a
Keith Ramsey
4.6p 2.2r 2.8a
Rotation   Zamal Nixon
5.5p 1.0r 1.5a
Fabian Bleck
2.4p 2.4r 0.2a
Lim PT   Jonas Grof
2.0p 1.0r 0.8a
  Urule Igbavboa
2.4p 0.8r 0.2a
Lim PT   Arber Tolaj
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
  Marcel Kessen
2.5p 1.5r 0.0a
Lim PT       Moritz Krume
0.0p 0.3r 0.0a

2014-2015 Phoenix Hagen Leaders

MPG David Bell 32.3
FG% Keith Ramsey .581
3P% Arber Tolaj .500
FT% Marcel Kessen 1.000
ORPG Dino Gregory 2.0
DRPG Keith Ramsey 4.6
RPG Larry Gordon 6.2
APG David Bell 3.8
BPG Dino Gregory 1.2
SPG David Bell 1.7
PPG David Bell 17.7

2013-2014 Phoenix Hagen German BBL Depth Chart

Starters David Bell
15.6p 3.4r 3.2a
Mark Dorris
8.2p 2.2r 1.4a
Larry Gordon
14.6p 9.0r 2.2a
Dino Gregory
10.8p 4.0r 0.4a
Keith Ramsey
8.8p 4.6r 1.8a
Rotation Henry Dugat
9.0p 2.4r 2.4a
  Fabian Bleck
5.4p 1.2r 0.4a
Rotation Niklas Geske
0.2p 1.0r 1.2a
Lim PT   Ole Wendt
3.2p 1.2r 0.2a
  Moritz Krume
1.3p 1.0r 0.0a
Bernd Kruel
2.2p 1.0r 0.2a
Lim PT   N. Khartchenkov
3.5p 1.0r 0.0a
Lim PT   Soren Fritze
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a

2013-2014 Phoenix Hagen Leaders

MPG Larry Gordon 33.4
FG% Keith Ramsey .568
3P% Moritz Krume .500
FT% Nikita Khartchenkov .920
ORPG Larry Gordon 2.9
DRPG Larry Gordon 4.7
RPG Larry Gordon 7.6
APG David Bell 2.5
BPG Keith Ramsey 1.3
SPG Keith Ramsey 1.6
PPG David Bell 16.1

2012-2013 Phoenix Hagen German BBL Depth Chart

Starters Davin White
17.1p 2.3r 4.2a
David Bell
15.7p 2.5r 2.6a
Larry Gordon
12.6p 6.4r 1.5a
Adam Hess
11.4p 4.8r 1.2a
Dino Gregory
7.5p 6.1r 0.8a
Rotation Mark Dorris
10.6p 2.9r 1.7a
Ole Wendt
3.6p 2.0r 1.6a
Abe Lodwick
6.4p 3.1r 0.4a
  Bernd Kruel
3.5p 2.3r 0.6a
Lim PT   Max Kramer
0.8p 0.2r 0.0a
Fabian Bleck
0.9p 0.8r 0.4a
  Bjorn Schoo
1.1p 1.6r 0.0a

2012-2013 Phoenix Hagen Leaders

MPG Davin White 30.8
FG% Bernd Kruel .590
3P% Larry Gordon .427
FT% Bjorn Schoo 1.000
ORPG Dino Gregory 2.1
DRPG Larry Gordon 4.4
RPG Larry Gordon 6.4
APG Davin White 4.2
BPG Dino Gregory 1.6
SPG Davin White 1.9
PPG Davin White 17.1

2011-2012 Phoenix Hagen German BBL Depth Chart

Starters T. Blackwood
8.4p 1.8r 2.1a
T.J. Carter
14.5p 4.3r 2.5a
Z. Jonusas
14.8p 4.7r 1.7a
A. Constantine
8.4p 4.4r 0.6a
Jordan Hasquet
9.3p 3.2r 1.1a
Rotation Davin White
17.3p 2.2r 5.0a
      Bernd Kruel
6.9p 2.9r 1.1a
Rotation Patrick Sparks
4.6p 1.2r 5.0a
      Edward Seward
4.3p 4.4r 0.1a
Rotation Brandon Brooks
10.1p 3.1r 3.3a
Rotation Jason Crowe
7.7p 3.9r 2.9a
Lim PT D. Wilkins
0.6p 0.3r 0.0a
Max Kramer
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
Dominik Spohr
1.9p 1.4r 0.3a
Lim PT     Max Rockmann
0.4p 0.7r 0.4a
Lim PT     Thomas Reuter
0.4p 0.6r 0.0a

2011-2012 Phoenix Hagen Leaders

MPG T.J. Carter 32.2
FG% Edward Seward .676
3P% Adam Constantine 1.000
FT% Dominik Wilkins 1.000
ORPG Edward Seward 1.8
DRPG Zygimantas Jonusas 3.7
RPG Zygimantas Jonusas 4.7
APG Patrick Sparks 5.0
BPG Adam Constantine 0.9
SPG Davin White 1.6
PPG Davin White 17.3