Liege Basket Depth Charts

2014-2015 Liege Basket Belgium-Scooore League Depth Chart

Starters J. Anderson
15.6p 2.0r 6.8a
Dino Pita
18.2p 4.5r 1.8a
Maxime Gaudoux
11.0p 2.6r 1.6a
R. Nyakundi
9.8p 3.4r 1.4a
John Fields
14.8p 9.2r 1.0a
Rotation Yoann Hertay
4.7p 1.3r 0.7a
Garrius Adams
7.0p 3.0r 1.0a
Yannick Moray
3.8p 1.2r 0.5a
Boris Penninck
4.6p 3.4r 1.4a
Rotation       Chris Ferguson
8.6p 2.6r 0.2a
Lim PT F. Torreborre
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
Lim PT R. Allemand
0.0p 1.0r 0.0a

* Depth Charts are updated daily throughout the season. The stats are based upon the last 5 games played.

2014-2015 Liege Basket Leaders

MPG John Fields 30.4
FG% Gerald Henrard .750
3P% Boris Penninck .433
FT% Yannick Moray .870
ORPG John Fields 4.1
DRPG John Fields 6.7
RPG John Fields 10.8
APG Jerime Anderson 4.9
BPG John Fields 1.1
SPG Dino Pita 1.4
PPG John Fields 15.1