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2013-2014 KK Zadar Depth Chart
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Stat Leaders
MPG Marko Sutalo 31.5
FG% Franko Sango 1.000
3P% Franko Sango 1.000
FT% Scoop Jardine 1.000
FIC Josip Sobin 7.6
ORPG Josip Sobin 2.1
RPG Josip Sobin 5.6
SPG Marko Ramljak 1.3
APG Mark Lyons 3.5
BPG Josip Sobin 0.8
PPG Mark Lyons 14.9
Starters Mark Lyons
17.6p 2.6r 3.0a
Marko Sutalo
14.8p 1.4r 1.8a
Ive Ivanov
11.6p 5.6r 2.2a
Marko Ramljak
12.2p 6.2r 1.8a
Josip Sobin
9.8p 5.0r 2.0a
Rotation Andrew Lawrence
10.7p 3.7r 2.7a
Toni Dijan
2.5p 3.0r 1.5a
Filip Kraljevic
4.6p 3.6r 0.8a
Rotation Toni Prostran
4.0p 1.8r 1.2a
Ivan Batur
1.8p 2.2r 0.5a
Lim PT Lovre Basic
4.0p 0.6r 1.4a
Ante Djugum
2.0p 1.5r 0.0a
Lim PT  
Lim PT  
Lim PT  

* Depth Charts are updated daily throughout the season. The stats are based upon the last 5 games played.

2012-2013 KK Zadar Depth Chart
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Stat Leaders
MPG Romeo Travis 28.6
FG% Franko Kastropil .648
3P% Franko Sango .500
FT% Ivan Mikulic 1.000
FIC Romeo Travis 10.9
ORPG Romeo Travis 2.0
RPG Romeo Travis 7.3
SPG Romeo Travis 1.3
APG Toni Prostran 2.3
BPG Jusuf Nurkic 0.7
PPG Romeo Travis 14.2
Starters Dwight Thorne II
7.3p 1.9r 1.6a
Ante Delas
9.4p 2.8r 1.7a
Marko Ramljak
7.5p 3.8r 1.6a
Barisa Krasic
7.4p 2.2r 0.6a
Franko Kastropil
9.1p 5.4r 1.0a
Rotation Chaisson Allen
4.9p 3.0r 2.2a
Goran Vrbanc
8.0p 1.1r 0.7a
Romeo Travis
14.2p 7.3r 2.2a
Sime Olivari
2.2p 1.4r 0.8a
Rotation Toni Prostran
3.8p 1.8r 2.3a
Ive Ivanov
6.3p 3.2r 0.9a
Jusuf Nurkic
6.6p 3.5r 0.5a
Rotation Vedran Morovic
2.5p 0.8r 1.8a
Ivan Batur
4.0p 1.1r 0.4a
Lim PT Ivan Mikulic
1.3p 0.6r 0.8a
Franko Sango
1.7p 0.8r 0.1a
Jozo Brkic
4.6p 1.8r 0.4a
Lim PT Lovre Basic
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
Jordan Burgason
2.0p 0.5r 0.0a
Lim PT  
Lim PT  

2011-2012 KK Zadar Depth Chart
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Stat Leaders
MPG Ive Ivanov 33.0
FG% Toni Brnas 1.000
3P% Karlo Vragovic .424
FT% Ante Delas .904
FIC Ive Ivanov 10.9
ORPG Ive Ivanov 3.4
RPG Ive Ivanov 7.5
SPG Toni Brnas 2.0
APG DeWayne Reed 2.5
BPG Toni Brnas 1.0
PPG Goran Vrbanc 14.5
Starters Goran Vrbanc
14.5p 2.5r 1.4a
Ive Ivanov
12.8p 7.5r 1.2a
Ante Delas
9.2p 3.3r 1.5a
Ante Krapic
8.3p 4.4r 0.2a
Marko Ramljak
3.4p 2.8r 0.8a
Rotation DeWayne Reed
6.5p 1.7r 2.5a
Karlo Vragovic
8.0p 1.4r 1.6a
Franko Sango
5.8p 1.8r 0.5a
Abdullahi Kuso
5.2p 5.6r 0.4a
Franko Kastropil
5.9p 5.4r 0.4a
Rotation Uros Zadnik
3.8p 1.4r 1.8a
Zoran Vrkic
3.1p 1.6r 0.5a
Ivan Batur
5.8p 2.2r 0.7a
Ivica Radic
6.3p 4.7r 0.8a
Toni Brnas
4.0p 0.0r 1.0a
Lim PT  
Ante Smolic
2.1p 1.7r 0.2a
Filip Toncinic
3.8p 2.4r 0.5a
Lim PT  
Sime Olivari
6.3p 3.8r 1.3a
Lim PT  
Antonio Vlaic
2.3p 1.3r 0.3a
Lim PT