Tundja Yambol Depth Charts

2016-2017 Tundja Yambol Bulgarian NBL Depth Chart

Starters S. Govedarov
7.2p 2.4r 2.4a
V. Petkov
19.5p 2.5r 3.8a
Stoyan Petkov
14.8p 8.4r 2.0a
Evgeni Ivanov
5.2p 2.8r 1.6a
N. Varbanov
14.0p 7.6r 1.4a
Rotation T. Ostrev
9.0p 3.5r 4.5a
Rosen Ivanov
1.0p 3.0r 0.0a
    Andrey Ivanov
1.8p 2.2r 0.2a
Rotation   Stoyo Cholakov
4.6p 2.2r 0.6a
Lim PT S. Ivanov
1.3p 0.7r 0.3a

* Depth Charts are updated daily throughout the season. The stats are based upon the last 5 games played.

2016-2017 Tundja Yambol Leaders

2015-2016 Tundja Yambol Bulgarian NBL Depth Chart

Starters Milijan Bocka
24.2p 4.5r 5.0a
Stoyo Cholakov
6.7p 4.0r 1.3a
S. Govedarov
14.3p 5.0r 3.7a
Evgeni Ivanov
9.2p 3.0r 1.8a
Denis Agre
14.8p 7.4r 2.2a
Rotation Milen Kostov
5.0p 1.5r 1.0a
Vasil Kyosev
2.2p 0.8r 0.8a
  Bojan Radetic
6.6p 3.6r 0.6a
Andrey Ivanov
4.2p 5.2r 1.2a
Rotation S. Ivanov
2.8p 1.2r 1.0a
Lim PT     A. Dragoev
1.5p 1.0r 0.5a

2015-2016 Tundja Yambol Leaders

MPG Milijan Bocka 35.4
FG% Miljan Pupovic .720
3P% Miljan Pupovic 1.000
FT% Vasil Kyosev .889
ORPG Denis Agre 3.0
DRPG Miljan Pupovic 5.3
RPG Denis Agre 7.4
APG Milijan Bocka 5.2
BPG Andrey Ivanov 0.6
SPG Milijan Bocka 2.4
PPG Milijan Bocka 20.3

2014-2015 Tundja Yambol Bulgarian NBL Depth Chart

Starters Tyler Laser
22.4p 4.6r 4.0a
Stoyan Petkov
11.6p 7.6r 1.2a
Martin Durchev
16.2p 2.6r 1.8a
Toni Brnas
15.0p 7.7r 3.0a
K. Marshavelski
7.0p 3.8r 0.2a
Rotation S. Govedarov
6.6p 2.2r 2.4a
Stoyo Cholakov
7.0p 3.6r 1.2a
Lim PT Ivan Tenev
1.4p 0.6r 1.4a
Andrey Ivanov
4.0p 1.0r 0.0a
Evgeni Ivanov
2.0p 0.4r 0.4a
Lim PT S. Ivanov
0.0p 0.5r 0.0a

2014-2015 Tundja Yambol Leaders

MPG Martin Durchev 34.7
FG% Tyler Laser .545
3P% Tyler Laser .448
FT% Tyler Laser .935
ORPG Stoyan Petkov 1.8
DRPG Toni Brnas 6.8
RPG Toni Brnas 8.0
APG Tyler Laser 5.1
BPG Karron Johnson 0.9
SPG Tyler Laser 1.4
PPG Tyler Laser 19.0

2013-2014 Tundja Yambol Bulgarian NBL Depth Chart

Starters S. Govedarov
8.8p 2.4r 2.2a
S. Tsvetkov
9.4p 3.2r 1.4a
Stoyan Petkov
7.2p 6.2r 1.0a
S. Slaveykov
11.0p 4.6r 3.0a
F. Kastropil
12.0p 8.3r 0.7a
Rotation   Pavlin Ivanov
9.8p 1.6r 2.0a
  D. Marintchechki
4.8p 5.2r 0.8a
Rotation   Vasil Kyosev
5.2p 1.4r 1.2a
Rotation   Stoyo Cholakov
2.0p 1.8r 0.6a
Lim PT Ivan Tenev
1.3p 0.3r 0.3a

2013-2014 Tundja Yambol Leaders

MPG Will Walker 33.6
FG% Andrey Ivanov .750
3P% Rosen Ivanov .500
FT% Vasil Kyosev .885
ORPG Nemanja Milosevic 3.3
DRPG Franko Kastropil 6.4
RPG Nemanja Milosevic 9.4
APG Will Walker 7.2
BPG Franko Kastropil 0.9
SPG Will Walker 2.0
PPG Nemanja Milosevic 18.9

2012-2013 Tundja Yambol Bulgarian NBL Depth Chart

Starters Y. Radionov
8.1p 3.4r 3.9a
S. Govedarov
11.6p 3.4r 2.7a
Stoyan Petkov
5.6p 4.2r 0.3a
Martin Durchev
16.3p 3.3r 4.1a
N. Milosevic
16.0p 9.7r 1.1a
Rotation P. Aleksiev
3.8p 1.0r 2.1a
Zoran Kascelan
4.9p 1.5r 2.4a
Ivan Marchev
4.0p 1.9r 0.4a
F. Vukosavljevic
9.3p 5.1r 0.9a
Da'Quan Cook
10.0p 4.0r 0.0a
Rotation   Stoyo Cholakov
3.3p 1.8r 0.8a
  Brian Ormon
10.5p 7.2r 0.4a
Luka Sjekloca
5.6p 4.1r 0.6a
Lim PT Ivan Tenev
0.8p 0.3r 0.7a
Andrey Ivanov
0.8p 0.8r 0.0a
Kiril Ivanov
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
Lim PT   Rosen Ivanov
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a

2012-2013 Tundja Yambol Leaders

MPG Martin Durchev 35.9
FG% Stoyan Petkov .607
3P% Stoyan Petkov 1.000
FT% Da'Quan Cook 1.000
ORPG Nemanja Milosevic 3.1
DRPG Nemanja Milosevic 6.6
RPG Nemanja Milosevic 9.7
APG Martin Durchev 4.1
BPG Luka Sjekloca 0.8
SPG Yuliyan Radionov 2.1
PPG Martin Durchev 16.2

2011-2012 Tundja Yambol Bulgarian NBL Depth Chart

Starters Y. Radionov
9.2p 3.3r 5.0a
S. Govedarov
15.9p 3.3r 3.0a
Stoyan Petkov
7.3p 6.1r 0.5a
Martin Durchev
18.4p 3.0r 3.4a
John Ofoegbu
15.9p 8.9r 0.6a
Rotation Mike Jefferson
8.6p 1.9r 2.0a
Stoyo Cholakov
3.6p 2.7r 1.3a
Ivan Marchev
2.6p 1.3r 0.4a
Tony Gugino
7.8p 7.6r 1.3a
Rotation       Z. Gocevski
6.7p 3.8r 0.5a
Lim PT Ivan Tenev
0.8p 0.1r 0.4a
Ivaylo Vuchkov
1.5p 1.3r 0.3a
Evgeni Ivanov
0.7p 0.6r 0.1a
Lim PT     N. Georgiev
0.7p 0.3r 0.0a

2011-2012 Tundja Yambol Leaders

MPG Martin Durchev 34.9
FG% Stoyo Cholakov .586
3P% Evgeni Ivanov 1.000
FT% Mike Jefferson .877
ORPG John Ofoegbu 3.2
DRPG John Ofoegbu 5.8
RPG John Ofoegbu 8.9
APG Yuliyan Radionov 5.0
BPG Tony Gugino 1.2
SPG Yuliyan Radionov 2.0
PPG Martin Durchev 18.4