Zenit Saint Petersburg Depth Charts

2016-2017 Zenit Saint Petersburg VTB United League Depth Chart

Starters Pavel Sergeev
2.5p 0.5r 0.8a
S. Markovic
11.6p 4.4r 8.6a
Janis Timma
10.8p 4.4r 1.6a
Aaron White
15.2p 6.4r 1.8a
Trevor Mbakwe
2.2p 4.4r 0.4a
Rotation   Ryan Toolson
12.8p 2.6r 3.8a
Sergey Karasev
14.0p 2.4r 4.4a
Kyle Landry
15.3p 5.0r 1.0a
Rotation   Demonte Harper
9.5p 2.5r 3.5a
  Evgeny Valiev
6.2p 3.0r 1.4a
Lim PT Artem Vikhrov
0.2p 1.0r 0.6a
    Anton Pushkov
3.8p 4.2r 0.8a
A. Desyatnikov
0.0p 1.0r 0.0a

* Depth Charts are updated daily throughout the season. The stats are based upon the last 5 games played.

2016-2017 Zenit Saint Petersburg Leaders

MPG Stefan Markovic 28.1
FG% Evgeny Voytyuk 1.000
3P% Evgeny Voytyuk 1.000
FT% Ryan Toolson .986
ORPG Aaron White 1.9
DRPG Aaron White 4.9
RPG Aaron White 6.7
APG Stefan Markovic 7.9
BPG Trevor Mbakwe 0.7
SPG Stefan Markovic 1.5
PPG Sergey Karasev 15.9

2015-2016 Zenit Saint Petersburg VTB United League Depth Chart

Starters Dmitry Golovin
2.2p 1.4r 0.8a
Zabian Dowdell
11.8p 1.8r 7.2a
Ryan Toolson
17.8p 3.8r 2.5a
Nikita Barinov
3.4p 1.8r 0.6a
K. Berzins
12.8p 6.2r 1.2a
Rotation Artem Vikhrov
4.5p 1.5r 1.8a
Omar Thomas
9.8p 6.6r 2.8a
Janis Timma
13.2p 6.2r 3.8a
Pavel Antipov
5.8p 2.6r 0.8a
Rotation   A. Karpukhin
3.6p 0.2r 0.2a
  Anton Pushkov
5.3p 3.7r 0.0a
Lim PT G. Motovilov
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
    A. Koscheev
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
A. Desyatnikov
3.2p 2.2r 0.0a

2015-2016 Zenit Saint Petersburg Leaders

MPG Ryan Toolson 27.8
FG% Evgeny Valiev .625
3P% Evgeny Valiev .500
FT% Ryan Toolson .962
ORPG Kyle Landry 2.0
DRPG Kaspars Berzins 4.4
RPG Kyle Landry 6.1
APG Zabian Dowdell 5.7
BPG Anton Pushkov 0.8
SPG Janis Timma 1.5
PPG Ryan Toolson 17.5

2014-2015 Zenit Saint Petersburg VTB United League Depth Chart

Starters Walter Hodge
13.8p 3.2r 6.0a
D.J. Stephens
3.6p 3.8r 0.0a
Dmitry Kulagin
15.6p 3.6r 1.6a
Evgeny Valiev
9.6p 4.8r 0.2a
D. Borovnjak
11.4p 7.2r 2.6a
Rotation Artem Vikhrov
4.0p 3.0r 2.0a
Artem Komolov
1.5p 0.8r 0.8a
P. Spiridonov
6.4p 4.0r 0.4a
Kyle Landry
6.6p 3.4r 0.6a
Rotation   Cameron Jones
3.2p 2.8r 1.8a
Lim PT         A. Desyatnikov
0.7p 0.7r 0.0a

2014-2015 Zenit Saint Petersburg Leaders

MPG Walter Hodge 31.1
FG% Evgeny Valiev .606
3P% Dejan Borovnjak 1.000
FT% Walter Hodge .849
ORPG Evgeny Valiev 2.5
DRPG Kyle Landry 4.7
RPG Kyle Landry 6.4
APG Walter Hodge 6.4
BPG D.J. Stephens 0.6
SPG Walter Hodge 1.5
PPG Walter Hodge 16.3

2013-2014 Zenit Saint Petersburg VTB United League Depth Chart

Starters Artem Vikhrov
3.2p 1.2r 1.8a
J. Chappell
5.8p 3.0r 1.2a
Cory Higgins
16.2p 2.6r 3.2a
Evgeny Valiev
4.6p 3.4r 1.0a
M. Rakovic
7.6p 3.4r 0.6a
Rotation V. Zaryazhko
4.0p 0.8r 0.8a
Evgeny Voronov
6.5p 3.5r 3.0a
  Kyle Landry
11.6p 5.4r 0.6a
Lim PT   Dmitry Kulagin
1.4p 0.6r 1.0a
A. Razumov
1.0p 0.2r 0.0a
Lim PT   Artem Kuzyakin
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
P. Spiridonov
0.0p 2.0r 0.0a

2013-2014 Zenit Saint Petersburg Leaders

MPG Cory Higgins 32.8
FG% Alexey Kurtsevich 1.000
3P% Pavel Spiridonov .500
FT% Ivan Lazarev 1.000
ORPG Evgeny Valiev 2.4
DRPG Kyle Landry 3.8
RPG Kyle Landry 5.3
APG Cory Higgins 3.5
BPG Evgeny Valiev 0.5
SPG Jeremy Chappell 1.5
PPG Cory Higgins 20.3

2012-2013 Zenit Saint Petersburg VTB United League Depth Chart

Starters Yuval Naimy
9.2p 1.7r 3.0a
Tywain McKee
13.4p 5.0r 5.2a
Sergey Karasev
15.4p 4.3r 1.9a
Evgeny Valiev
5.7p 4.0r 1.8a
Devin Searcy
3.7p 3.1r 0.0a
Rotation   Artem Vikhrov
2.8p 1.4r 1.1a
T. Mitchell
8.0p 3.2r 0.5a
Kyle Landry
12.3p 7.1r 1.4a
Lim PT M. Kulagin
2.5p 1.0r 0.2a
Sergey Toporov
2.0p 1.5r 0.5a
Artem Kuzyakin
3.7p 0.7r 0.2a
Ivan Lazarev
2.9p 1.3r 0.3a
S. Karaulov
0.0p 0.5r 0.0a
Lim PT   Denis Polokhin
2.1p 0.8r 0.1a
Nikita Barinov
0.0p 0.5r 1.0a
Lim PT     A. Razumov
0.0p 1.0r 0.0a

2012-2013 Zenit Saint Petersburg Leaders

MPG Tywain McKee 33.7
FG% Sergey Toporov .667
3P% Denis Polokhin .545
FT% Sergey Karasev .879
ORPG Evgeny Valiev 2.3
DRPG Kyle Landry 5.1
RPG Kyle Landry 7.0
APG Tywain McKee 5.2
BPG Ivan Lazarev 0.6
SPG Tywain McKee 3.0
PPG Sergey Karasev 15.4