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Tiny Gallon Rejects Offer From Liaoning Of China To Continue Pursuing NBA

Tiny Gallon has received and rejected a nearly six-figure proposal from Liaoning in the Chinese Basketball Association, sources told RealGM.

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Dominique JonesLIA24.61
Tian-ju HeLIA15.11
Ming YangLIA11.64
Xiaoxu LiLIA8.75
Zhi Xuan LiuLIA6.89
Xiaoxu LiLIA8.97
Dominique JonesLIA5.47
Tian-ju HeLIA5.06
Ming YangLIA3.08
Zhi Xuan LiuLIA2.09
Dominique JonesLIA6.00
Ming YangLIA3.42
Xiaoxu LiLIA1.19
Tian-ju HeLIA1.19
Zhi Xuan LiuLIA1.17
Xiaoxu LiLIA0.61
Zhi Xuan LiuLIA0.37
Dominique JonesLIA0.32
Tian-ju HeLIA0.28
Ming YangLIA0.03
Dominique JonesLIA2.45
Ming YangLIA2.25
Zhi Xuan LiuLIA0.77
Tian-ju HeLIA0.75
Xiaoxu LiLIA0.56
Chris DanielsLIA0.60
Dejun HanLIA0.58
Ming LianLIA0.55
Hakim WarrickLIA0.54
Vernon MacklinLIA0.54

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