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Clippers Interested In Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown cannot sign an NBA deal until his team in China is eliminated from the playoffs.

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Bobby BrownDON30.68
Donte GreeneDON19.61
Quan GuDON16.39
Muhao LiDON8.97
Zhang KaiDON8.88
Donte GreeneDON7.76
Zhang KaiDON7.29
Tonglin SunDON6.26
Quan GuDON5.29
Muhao LiDON5.09
Bobby BrownDON5.73
Donte GreeneDON1.80
Hanchen LuoDON1.61
Zhang KaiDON1.59
Tonglin SunDON1.29
Donte GreeneDON1.34
Muhao LiDON0.97
Tonglin SunDON0.57
Zhang KaiDON0.56
ZhongMian HeDON0.28
Bobby BrownDON1.56
Quan GuDON1.41
ZhongMian HeDON1.10
Donte GreeneDON1.10
Zhang KaiDON1.07
Huaibo DaiDON0.70
Muhao LiDON0.66
Tonglin SunDON0.65
Yang LinyiDON0.53
Quan GuDON0.52

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