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Josh Childress Considering Signing With Sydney Kings

Josh Childress hasn't played in the NBA since December.

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Sam YoungSYD21.86
Ben MadgenSYD15.21
A.J. OgilvySYD13.11
Charles CarmoucheSYD11.60
Tom GarleppSYD8.79
A.J. OgilvySYD8.64
Sam YoungSYD5.52
Tom GarleppSYD5.39
Ben MadgenSYD3.32
Charles CarmoucheSYD3.05
Ben MadgenSYD2.43
Sam YoungSYD2.33
A.J. OgilvySYD1.93
Tom GarleppSYD1.50
James HarveySYD1.43
A.J. OgilvySYD2.32
Tom GarleppSYD0.89
Sam YoungSYD0.62
Charles CarmoucheSYD0.35
Ben MadgenSYD0.14
Sam YoungSYD1.00
Charles CarmoucheSYD0.95
A.J. OgilvySYD0.82
Ben MadgenSYD0.75
Tom GarleppSYD0.50
Shaun GleesonSYD0.75
Ben AllenSYD0.75
A.J. OgilvySYD0.57
Sam YoungSYD0.52
Tom GarleppSYD0.46

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