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Jordan McRae Signs With Melbourne United

Jordan McRae has signed a contract with Melbourne United in Australia.

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Chris GouldingMEL22.80
Mark WorthingtonMEL14.00
Scott MorrisonMEL11.29
Lucas WalkerMEL8.76
Nate TomlinsonMEL7.58
Lucas WalkerMEL7.20
Scott MorrisonMEL6.81
Mark WorthingtonMEL6.65
Nate TomlinsonMEL3.39
Chris GouldingMEL3.20
Nate TomlinsonMEL5.32
Chris GouldingMEL2.83
Mark WorthingtonMEL2.03
Lucas WalkerMEL1.76
Scott MorrisonMEL0.55
Scott MorrisonMEL1.29
Mark WorthingtonMEL0.65
Lucas WalkerMEL0.48
Chris GouldingMEL0.23
Adam BallingerMEL0.23
Lucas WalkerMEL0.68
Mark WorthingtonMEL0.65
Nate TomlinsonMEL0.65
Scott MorrisonMEL0.52
Chris GouldingMEL0.43
Scott MorrisonMEL0.59
Adam BallingerMEL0.51
Lucas WalkerMEL0.50
Chris GouldingMEL0.44
Mark WorthingtonMEL0.42

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