JL Bourg-en-Bresse Depth Charts

2016-2017 JL Bourg-en-Bresse French LNB Pro B Depth Chart

Starters Garrett Sim
15.2p 2.6r 8.4a
M. Houmounou
3.4p 0.8r 2.4a
Tomas Kyzlink
9.2p 1.6r 2.2a
Z. Peacock
17.6p 6.8r 1.8a
Youssou Ndoye
13.8p 9.0r 0.8a
Rotation   Philippe Braud
9.2p 0.6r 1.4a
Maxime Courby
9.4p 2.4r 1.4a
Pierre Pelos
7.0p 5.6r 0.8a
Rotation   K. Joss Rauze
2.0p 0.8r 1.6a
Lim PT T. Desseignet
3.0p 0.5r 1.2a
      Bali Coulibaly
0.0p 1.0r 0.0a

* Depth Charts are updated daily throughout the season. The stats are based upon the last 5 games played.

2016-2017 JL Bourg-en-Bresse Leaders

MPG Garrett Sim 29.5
FG% Youssou Ndoye .598
3P% Maxime Courby .538
FT% Garrett Sim .929
ORPG Youssou Ndoye 2.9
DRPG Youssou Ndoye 6.5
RPG Youssou Ndoye 9.4
APG Garrett Sim 5.8
BPG Youssou Ndoye 1.2
SPG Meredis Houmounou 1.2
PPG Zachery Peacock 17.8

2015-2016 JL Bourg-en-Bresse French LNB Pro B Depth Chart

Starters M. Pellin
4.6p 1.8r 2.2a
Ronell Taylor
10.8p 3.4r 1.8a
Sean Marshall
10.8p 4.2r 0.8a
J. Passave-Ducteil
6.0p 2.6r 1.0a
Z. Peacock
18.0p 5.2r 0.8a
Rotation Carl Ona Embo
6.0p 1.2r 2.6a
Philippe Braud
3.2p 1.6r 1.2a
Maxime Courby
4.0p 2.2r 0.4a
J. Cazenobe
4.2p 3.2r 0.6a
Rotation   C. Leonard
1.6p 2.8r 1.0a

2015-2016 JL Bourg-en-Bresse Leaders

2013-2014 JL Bourg-en-Bresse French LNB Pro B Depth Chart

Starters S. Darnauzan
4.8p 1.4r 2.2a
O. Bassett
11.2p 3.2r 4.2a
John Flowers
13.2p 5.2r 2.4a
Devin Booker
10.8p 6.6r 1.0a
Alexis Tanghe
10.2p 3.8r 1.0a
Rotation   Philippe Braud
7.6p 1.2r 2.0a
Jerome Sanchez
4.8p 2.0r 1.8a
Kevin Corre
8.0p 5.8r 2.8a
G. Yango
8.6p 5.0r 0.6a
Rotation   Xavier Gaillou
3.8p 0.8r 3.8a
Lim PT Thomas Prost
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
Lim PT Lucas Paris
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a

2013-2014 JL Bourg-en-Bresse Leaders

MPG O'Darien Bassett 29.9
FG% Guillaume Yango .659
3P% Philippe Braud .416
FT% Xavier Gaillou .871
ORPG Devin Booker 1.9
DRPG Devin Booker 4.1
RPG Devin Booker 6.1
APG O'Darien Bassett 4.2
BPG John Flowers 0.9
SPG John Flowers 1.5
PPG O'Darien Bassett 14.2

2012-2013 JL Bourg-en-Bresse French LNB Pro B Depth Chart

Starters Jesse Delhomme
6.1p 1.2r 2.9a
Philippe Braud
10.7p 2.0r 1.4a
Jason Forte
11.3p 7.1r 3.4a
Moses Sonko
16.3p 6.3r 1.8a
David Monds
14.3p 6.0r 1.6a
Rotation Saidou Njoya
2.8p 1.3r 2.4a
L.D. Williams
8.9p 4.8r 1.7a
Jerome Sanchez
6.9p 2.7r 1.5a
Antoine Gomis
4.1p 2.9r 0.8a
Alexis Tanghe
9.5p 3.8r 0.9a
Rotation   Stephane Dumas
4.2p 1.1r 5.4a
Lim PT Thomas Prost
0.0p 0.0r 0.8a
    W. Pfister
0.0p 0.5r 0.3a

2012-2013 JL Bourg-en-Bresse Leaders

MPG Jason Forte 29.9
FG% David Monds .561
3P% David Monds .591
FT% Philippe Braud .841
ORPG Moses Sonko 1.6
DRPG Jason Forte 5.3
RPG Jason Forte 6.8
APG Stephane Dumas 5.5
BPG David Monds 0.6
SPG Moses Sonko 1.9
PPG Moses Sonko 16.0

2011-2012 JL Bourg-en-Bresse French LNB Pro B Depth Chart

Starters D. Copeland
10.7p 2.4r 5.3a
A. Tsagarakis
13.6p 1.7r 2.4a
C. Ferchaud
8.6p 2.4r 2.2a
Jerome Sanchez
5.1p 3.4r 2.2a
Ousmane Barro
14.9p 8.5r 1.3a
Rotation   Jesse Delhomme
7.3p 2.0r 3.8a
Jimmy Baxter
17.1p 4.4r 5.0a
Moses Sonko
18.2p 6.9r 1.8a
Rotation   Rochel Chery
5.3p 3.0r 1.3a
C. Koma
7.9p 3.2r 1.0a
J. Cornley
14.2p 5.7r 0.8a
Rotation     O. Da Silveira
4.4p 2.5r 0.5a
J. Volcy
10.3p 5.3r 2.3a
Lim PT   Malik Sidibe
0.0p 0.3r 0.2a

2011-2012 JL Bourg-en-Bresse Leaders

MPG Jimmy Baxter 33.4
FG% Ousmane Barro .627
3P% Cedric Ferchaud .471
FT% Jimmy Baxter .867
ORPG Ousmane Barro 2.8
DRPG Moses Sonko 5.7
RPG Ousmane Barro 8.5
APG Donald Copeland 5.3
BPG Ousmane Barro 0.8
SPG Jean-Richard Volcy 2.0
PPG Moses Sonko 18.2