Franca Depth Charts

2016-2017 Franca Brazilian NBB Depth Chart

Starters H. Coelho
11.0p 2.6r 4.2a
Alexey Borges
13.0p 2.8r 6.2a
A. Ferreira
9.4p 2.6r 0.4a
I. Goncalves
8.2p 1.8r 1.2a
Lucas Alves
10.6p 3.4r 0.4a
Rotation   Pedro Lima
10.4p 2.0r 1.2a
D. Stefanelli
5.8p 3.0r 0.2a
Eduardo Sommer
3.0p 2.8r 0.2a
Rotation       Cesar Araujo
4.6p 1.4r 0.4a
Lim PT C. dos Santos
2.2p 1.0r 0.8a
  J. Demetrio
0.8p 1.2r 0.0a
Lim PT Cassiano Bueno
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a

* Depth Charts are updated daily throughout the season. The stats are based upon the last 5 games played.

2016-2017 Franca Leaders

MPG Alexey Borges 26.4
FG% Joao Pedro Demetrio .585
3P% Dede Stefanelli .407
FT% Caue dos Santos .852
ORPG Eduardo Sommer 1.4
DRPG Lucas Alves 3.9
RPG Lucas Alves 5.1
APG Alexey Borges 5.6
BPG Lucas Alves 0.4
SPG Alexey Borges 1.4
PPG Henrique Coelho 12.8

2015-2016 Franca Brazilian NBB Depth Chart

Starters C. dos Santos
10.4p 3.0r 0.8a
N. Dos Santos
8.8p 1.6r 4.4a
Bruno Irigoyen
6.4p 4.0r 2.2a
I. Goncalves
13.6p 2.8r 0.8a
Douglas Kurtz
12.6p 7.2r 0.4a
Rotation Matheus Costa
3.6p 1.0r 0.4a
G. Schneider
5.0p 3.0r 1.0a
A. Ferreira
3.4p 2.2r 1.4a
  Thiago Mathias
7.0p 4.0r 0.4a
Rotation   T. Carneiro
4.8p 1.2r 1.6a

2015-2016 Franca Leaders

MPG Bruno Irigoyen 29.2
FG% Douglas Kurtz .638
3P% Thiago Carneiro .412
FT% Alexey Borges 1.000
ORPG Thiago Mathias 2.1
DRPG Thiago Mathias 5.1
RPG Thiago Mathias 7.2
APG Nezinho Dos Santos 5.6
BPG Thiago Mathias 1.5
SPG Bruno Irigoyen 1.1
PPG Isaac Goncalves 12.0

2014-2015 Franca Brazilian NBB Depth Chart

Starters J. Figueroa
6.8p 4.6r 7.0a
Helinho Garcia
7.4p 1.2r 1.6a
L. Meindl
13.2p 5.4r 2.6a
Marcos Mata
14.2p 6.4r 1.8a
Lucas Mariano
13.4p 5.8r 0.6a
Rotation         L. Klassman
4.6p 3.0r 0.2a
Rotation         Andre Coimbra
3.2p 1.8r 1.0a
Lim PT A. Ferreira
5.0p 0.8r 0.5a
C. Cobos
2.5p 0.0r 0.2a

2014-2015 Franca Leaders

2013-2014 Franca Brazilian NBB Depth Chart

Starters J. Figueroa
9.8p 3.2r 4.6a
J. dos Santos
12.0p 3.2r 1.8a
Eddie Basden
8.4p 3.6r 2.2a
L. Meindl
12.4p 4.2r 1.4a
Paulao Prestes
18.4p 8.8r 1.2a
Rotation   J. Socas
4.6p 3.0r 1.2a
  Lucas Mariano
10.8p 3.6r 0.6a
Lim PT C. dos Santos
1.8p 0.6r 0.4a
      Feliz Perez
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
Lim PT A. Ferreira
2.6p 0.4r 0.2a
Lim PT A. Mellim Seixas Silva
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a

2013-2014 Franca Leaders

2012-2013 Franca Brazilian NBB Depth Chart

Starters J. Figueroa
9.0p 2.8r 4.7a
J. dos Santos
14.0p 3.3r 2.4a
L. Meindl
9.8p 2.9r 1.1a
Lucas Mariano
10.8p 4.6r 0.4a
G. Teichmann
9.5p 7.2r 3.0a
Rotation C. dos Santos
8.7p 1.5r 1.2a
J. Socas
5.5p 2.8r 2.1a
Diego de Souza
7.0p 1.0r 3.0a
  Douglas Kurtz
7.4p 2.6r 0.2a
Rotation     Eduardo Meindl
7.0p 1.0r 1.0a
  Romario Souza
3.5p 2.1r 0.3a
Lim PT L. Ricci Maia
0.0p 0.4r 0.3a
Lucas Rosa
4.3p 2.5r 0.0a
Ricardo Zanini
2.6p 0.7r 0.5a
  J. Jeronimo
2.3p 0.9r 0.1a
Lim PT   A. Ferreira
2.0p 0.7r 0.4a

2012-2013 Franca Leaders

2011-2012 Franca Brazilian NBB Depth Chart

Starters Helinho Garcia
10.5p 1.8r 3.9a
Kevin Sowell
18.0p 3.0r 3.3a
Eddie Basden
11.2p 4.4r 2.0a
M. Dornelles
12.2p 3.0r 1.3a
William Drudi
11.5p 6.5r 1.0a
Rotation   Fernando Penna
5.6p 2.0r 3.5a
J. Johnson
9.1p 2.7r 0.7a
  Babby Araujo
6.8p 4.7r 1.5a
Rotation     Ricardo Probst
6.5p 4.0r 0.8a
  Vuk Ivanovic
8.5p 5.2r 0.4a
Lim PT F. Fujimori
1.5p 0.0r 0.8a
Felipe Taddei
0.5p 1.0r 0.5a
L. Meindl
1.4p 0.7r 0.6a
Lucas Mariano
4.1p 1.9r 0.2a
A. de Mello
3.8p 1.3r 0.2a
Lim PT   J. de Oliveira
1.0p 0.7r 0.0a
  W. Trigueiro
3.2p 1.0r 0.3a
Lim PT   Eduardo Meindl
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a

2011-2012 Franca Leaders

MPG Kevin Sowell 30.8
FG% Jarvis de Oliveira 1.000
3P% Jarvis de Oliveira 1.000
FT% Helinho Garcia .958
ORPG William Drudi 2.1
DRPG William Drudi 4.4
RPG William Drudi 6.5
APG Helinho Garcia 3.9
BPG Vuk Ivanovic 1.1
SPG Eddie Basden 1.7
PPG Kevin Sowell 18.0