Aalborg Vikings Depth Charts

2014-2015 Aalborg Vikings Danish Basketligaen Depth Chart

Starters Trey Sumler
24.4p 6.2r 5.2a
N. Andreasen
5.3p 2.3r 2.3a
Javorn Farrell
20.2p 7.8r 2.2a
K. Serritzlew
6.2p 2.2r 0.8a
Mike Dejworek
6.2p 9.0r 0.5a
Rotation   J. Kristiansen
7.0p 1.8r 1.0a
    D. Phillips
11.5p 7.0r 0.5a
Rotation   Brandon Bjerre
5.7p 0.7r 0.0a
Rotation   Rune Lauridsen
6.5p 1.0r 0.5a
Lim PT   Jonas Eleraky
0.6p 0.6r 0.0a

* Depth Charts are updated daily throughout the season. The stats are based upon the last 5 games played.

2014-2015 Aalborg Vikings Leaders

2013-2014 Aalborg Vikings Danish Basketligaen Depth Chart

Starters Joey Haywood
14.6p 2.8r 1.8a
N. Andreasen
9.0p 3.0r 3.6a
Mads Rasmussen
8.8p 4.2r 1.6a
Hillary Haley
19.6p 7.8r 0.2a
Joe Burton
21.6p 12.2r 3.6a
Rotation   L. Kristiansen
5.5p 2.0r 1.2a
Rotation   B. Soerensen
2.5p 0.5r 1.5a
Lim PT   J. Kristiansen
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
K. Serritzlew
0.0p 1.0r 0.2a

2013-2014 Aalborg Vikings Leaders

MPG Joe Burton 38.0
FG% Joe Burton .523
3P% Jeppe Kristiansen .429
FT% Joey Haywood .806
ORPG Joe Burton 4.1
DRPG Joe Burton 8.4
RPG Joe Burton 12.4
APG Joe Burton 3.9
BPG Joe Burton 0.6
SPG Joe Burton 2.6
PPG Joey Haywood 25.0

2012-2013 Aalborg Vikings Danish Basketligaen Depth Chart

Starters Rob Delaney
16.9p 4.2r 3.7a
Soren Sorensen
11.3p 6.4r 1.6a
Mads Rasmussen
10.5p 3.8r 1.6a
Milan Bjegovic
11.7p 7.0r 1.7a
Anthony Jones
17.9p 8.7r 1.7a
Rotation A. Thorsteinsson
4.9p 1.1r 0.8a
Luis Guzman
12.3p 4.3r 6.8a
Thomas Larsen
2.0p 3.0r 0.0a
A. Jorgensen
1.6p 1.9r 0.3a
Ryan Willen
20.2p 7.7r 1.8a
Rotation   N. Andreasen
7.3p 2.4r 1.9a
  Christian Rom
2.7p 3.7r 0.0a
Rotation   Rune Lauridsen
5.3p 1.7r 1.4a
Rotation   B. Soerensen
2.9p 1.3r 0.6a
Lim PT Kasper Larsen
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
Malte Theil
1.4p 0.4r 0.2a
K. Serritzlew
1.0p 0.9r 0.1a

2012-2013 Aalborg Vikings Leaders

MPG Anthony Jones 36.9
FG% Milan Bjegovic .500
3P% Ryan Willen .463
FT% Jeppe Kristiansen 1.000
ORPG Ryan Willen 2.6
DRPG Anthony Jones 7.5
RPG Anthony Jones 8.7
APG Luis Guzman 6.8
BPG Anthony Jones 1.3
SPG Luis Guzman 1.8
PPG Ryan Willen 20.2

2011-2012 Aalborg Vikings Danish Basketligaen Depth Chart

Starters Ryan White
24.9p 4.8r 4.9a
Rune Lauridsen
5.3p 2.0r 1.9a
Mads Rasmussen
8.1p 3.3r 1.2a
Tony Bishop
19.0p 11.3r 1.6a
Sami Eleraky
6.0p 5.8r 0.3a
Rotation C. Elgmork
3.7p 2.4r 4.0a
Soren Sorensen
7.6p 4.9r 1.1a
L. Kristiansen
8.7p 2.9r 0.7a
Rotation Anders Nielsen
4.0p 0.4r 0.9a
M. Christensen
5.4p 2.0r 0.4a
Christian Rom
3.7p 1.3r 0.0a
Lim PT B. Sorensen
0.5p 0.6r 0.3a
Soren Hansen
2.3p 0.3r 0.3a
Lim PT A. Thorsteinsson
0.5p 0.6r 0.3a
J. Kristiansen
0.5p 0.8r 0.0a
Lim PT B. Mortensen
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a

2011-2012 Aalborg Vikings Leaders

MPG Ryan White 36.0
FG% Christian Rom .667
3P% Soren Hansen .400
FT% Jeppe Kristiansen 1.000
ORPG Tony Bishop 3.5
DRPG Tony Bishop 7.8
RPG Tony Bishop 11.3
APG Ryan White 4.9
BPG Tony Bishop 1.6
SPG Ryan White 2.8
PPG Ryan White 24.9