Newcastle Eagles Depth Charts

2014-2015 Newcastle Eagles British BBL Depth Chart

Starters R. Fletcher
16.2p 4.0r 7.0a
Drew Lasker
10.6p 9.6r 3.4a
Charles Smith
19.8p 6.0r 3.8a
Scott Martin
15.2p 8.4r 3.8a
Andrew Thomson
11.8p 8.2r 1.6a
Rotation   Andre Jones
9.5p 4.5r 0.5a
Stuart Thomson
6.8p 3.6r 0.8a
Darrius Defoe
12.0p 4.0r 1.0a
Lim PT Eddie Matthew
0.0p 0.3r 0.3a

* Depth Charts are updated daily throughout the season. The stats are based upon the last 5 games played.

2014-2015 Newcastle Eagles Leaders

MPG Charles Smith 30.7
FG% Darrius Defoe .560
3P% Ricky Taylor .538
FT% Ricky Taylor 1.000
ORPG Darrius Defoe 2.5
DRPG Scott Martin 5.4
RPG Scott Martin 7.4
APG Rahmon Fletcher 6.5
BPG Charles Smith 0.8
SPG Charles Smith 1.7
PPG Charles Smith 18.8

2013-2014 Newcastle Eagles British BBL Depth Chart

Starters Paul Gause
15.2p 4.4r 3.2a
F. Flournoy
5.4p 8.2r 5.0a
Charles Smith
13.0p 6.2r 2.6a
Malik Cooke
14.0p 5.0r 1.4a
Darrius Defoe
19.6p 6.4r 2.0a
Rotation Drew Lasker
3.0p 2.0r 1.8a
    Scott Martin
13.4p 9.6r 1.2a

2013-2014 Newcastle Eagles Leaders

MPG Malik Cooke 34.7
FG% Scott Martin .521
3P% Fabulous Flournoy .500
FT% Charles Smith .810
ORPG Darrius Defoe 3.2
DRPG Scott Martin 6.3
RPG Scott Martin 9.2
APG Paul Gause 3.9
BPG Malik Cooke 0.9
SPG Paul Gause 2.4
PPG Malik Cooke 19.1

2012-2013 Newcastle Eagles British BBL Depth Chart

Starters Damon Huffman
14.6p 4.1r 3.7a
Joe Chapman
15.4p 4.2r 5.4a
Charles Smith
20.9p 7.5r 2.9a
Kareem Maddox
15.1p 10.7r 1.5a
Darrius Defoe
15.1p 7.8r 1.1a
Rotation Anthony Martin
5.1p 2.1r 2.5a
F. Flournoy
4.4p 4.7r 2.7a
Joe Ikhinmwin
4.2p 2.2r 0.5a
Lim PT Eddie Matthew
3.2p 0.5r 0.2a
  Joel Madourie
3.3p 2.2r 0.3a

2012-2013 Newcastle Eagles Leaders

MPG Joe Chapman 34.2
FG% Darrius Defoe .575
3P% Eddie Matthew .438
FT% Eddie Matthew 1.000
ORPG Kareem Maddox 4.6
DRPG Kareem Maddox 6.1
RPG Kareem Maddox 10.7
APG Joe Chapman 5.4
BPG Kareem Maddox 1.5
SPG Damon Huffman 1.8
PPG Charles Smith 20.9

2011-2012 Newcastle Eagles British BBL Depth Chart

Starters F. Flournoy
5.5p 6.6r 4.1a
Joe Chapman
20.1p 3.7r 3.9a
Charles Smith
17.6p 5.5r 2.8a
Darrius Defoe
13.2p 8.6r 1.0a
Andrew Thomson
13.9p 8.9r 2.2a
Rotation Paul Gause
14.0p 4.7r 3.3a
Andrew Bridge
6.7p 3.8r 1.1a
Rotation   Joel Madourie
4.5p 1.9r 0.4a
Lim PT Lamar Morrison
0.7p 0.5r 0.6a
Jack Thompson
4.0p 0.0r 1.5a
Stuart Simam
1.0p 0.5r 0.5a
Lim PT   Luke King
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
Ross Wilson
2.1p 1.2r 0.4a

2011-2012 Newcastle Eagles Leaders

MPG Joe Chapman 35.3
FG% Joel Madourie .508
3P% Jack Thompson .400
FT% Ross Wilson .818
ORPG Darrius Defoe 3.2
DRPG Andrew Thomson 6.7
RPG Andrew Thomson 8.9
APG Fabulous Flournoy 4.1
BPG Fabulous Flournoy 0.7
SPG Charles Smith 1.8
PPG Joe Chapman 20.1