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Aykon TED Kolejliler Ankara

Marques Green Signs With TED Ankara

Marques Green has signed with TED Ankara of Turkey.

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Vladimir GolubovicTED15.65
Clay TuckerTED14.76
Kristaps ValtersTED10.75
Vanja PlisnicTED10.27
Aleksandar RasicTED7.49
Vladimir GolubovicTED8.71
Vanja PlisnicTED4.38
Berkay CandanTED3.75
Clay TuckerTED3.20
Kristaps ValtersTED2.69
Clay TuckerTED4.89
Kristaps ValtersTED4.77
Aleksandar RasicTED3.29
Vanja PlisnicTED1.46
Vladimir GolubovicTED1.22
Vladimir GolubovicTED0.67
Vanja PlisnicTED0.56
Berkay CandanTED0.23
Clay TuckerTED0.13
Caner ErdenizTED0.10
Clay TuckerTED1.24
Kristaps ValtersTED1.04
Vladimir GolubovicTED0.90
Vanja PlisnicTED0.71
Berkay CandanTED0.54
Vladimir GolubovicTED0.61
Kristaps ValtersTED0.48
Davud KamerTED0.47
Berkay CandanTED0.47
Vanja PlisnicTED0.46

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