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Barbosa Signing In Brazil With NBA Out

Leandro Barbosa tore his ACL last February and playing in Brazil will help the recovery process.

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D.J. Augustin Falls Short Of Rescuing A Bulls' Offense Running On Fumes
D.J. Augustin kept shooting and hitting, slashing and cutting, and soon it had come to a weary halt for the Bulls in Game 2. Ultimately, they all understand these playoffs fall upon their production, and the ranks of reliability are closing fast.

Duncan's Longevity & The Meaninglessness Of Stardom
There have been a ton of articles marveling about the Spurs longevity atop the NBA, but there's no real mystery to what's going on. Having Tim Duncan meant your team had a great offense and a great defense. There are not many players in the history of basketball you can say that about.

Shammell StallworthPIN21.55
Joe SmithPIN14.65
Rafael MineiroPIN12.21
Jonathan TavernariPIN7.00
Leonardo MorroPIN6.37
Rafael MineiroPIN5.36
Shammell StallworthPIN4.23
Jonathan TavernariPIN4.17
Leonardo MorroPIN4.16
Joe SmithPIN2.33
Joe SmithPIN5.83
Shammell StallworthPIN3.93
Rafael MineiroPIN1.55
Leonardo MorroPIN0.84
Jonathan TavernariPIN0.78
Leonardo MorroPIN1.39
Rafael MineiroPIN0.86
Shammell StallworthPIN0.14
Jonathan TavernariPIN0.08
Joe SmithPIN0.05
Shammell StallworthPIN1.39
Joe SmithPIN1.15
Rafael MineiroPIN0.86
Jonathan TavernariPIN0.78
Leonardo MorroPIN0.74
Babby AraujoPIN0.60
Steve ToyloyPIN0.58
Leonardo MorroPIN0.56
Bruno Correa Fernandes CabocloPIN0.51
Andre BambuPIN0.49

Pinheiros Schedule

Top Performers for April 17, 2014

Pinheiros Standings

Date / TimeOpponentResult
4/03 4:00 PM
Vila Velha
W, 96-66
4/09 7:00 PM
Mogi das Cruzes
W, 85-82
4/11 8:00 PM
Mogi das Cruzes
L, 77-90
4/15 8:00 PM
Mogi das Cruzes
L, 85-81
4/17 8:00 PM
Mogi das Cruzes
L, 86-68

* All times Eastern

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Rafael MineiroPinheirosPoints21
B. SimoesMogi das CruzesPoints18
Daniel CastellarMogi das CruzesRebounds15
Marcus Vinicius ToledoMogi das CruzesRebounds7
Gustavinho LimaMogi das CruzesAssists7
Joe SmithPinheirosAssists5
Rafael MineiroPinheirosBlocks2
Daniel CastellarMogi das CruzesBlocks1
Joe SmithPinheirosSteals3
Daniel CastellarMogi das CruzesSteals2
Daniel CastellarMogi das CruzesFIC21.0
Jonathan TavernariPinheirosFIC13.1

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