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Jamario Moon Signs In Venezuela

Jamario Moon was most recently with Olympiacos in Greece until his release.

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Heissler GuillenGUA15.62
Rafael GuevaraGUA12.21
Windi GraterolGUA11.44
Smush ParkerGUA10.44
Hector RomeroGUA9.50
Windi GraterolGUA9.12
Hector RomeroGUA3.86
Heissler GuillenGUA3.62
Smush ParkerGUA3.22
Rafael GuevaraGUA2.52
Heissler GuillenGUA4.46
Smush ParkerGUA2.83
Rafael GuevaraGUA2.60
Windi GraterolGUA1.26
Hector RomeroGUA0.79
Windi GraterolGUA1.02
Hector RomeroGUA0.36
Smush ParkerGUA0.28
Heissler GuillenGUA0.08
Rafael GuevaraGUA0.02
Smush ParkerGUA2.22
Rafael GuevaraGUA0.86
Heissler GuillenGUA0.77
Windi GraterolGUA0.60
Hector RomeroGUA0.29
Windi GraterolGUA0.57
Devin GreenGUA0.56
Marcus FizerGUA0.53
Heissler GuillenGUA0.50
Cheyne GadsonGUA0.50

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