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Which country will win the EuroBasket championship game?

60.19% of RealGM votes chose France.

Total votes: 2351

Which country will win 2013 Eurobasket?

58.48% of RealGM votes chose Spain.

Total votes: 2960

Would you be interested in watching a one-on-one tournament of the world's best players?

74.72% of RealGM votes chose Yes.

Total votes: 3070

Which non-USA player had the best Olympics?

63.53% of RealGM votes chose P. Gasol.

Total votes: 839

Who was the MVP of the Olympics for Team USA?

50.33% of RealGM votes chose Durant.

Total votes: 5376

Which team will win the 2012 Gold Medal Game?

85.65% of RealGM votes chose USA.

Total votes: 2649

Which country will win their semifinal matchup?

68.06% of RealGM votes chose Spain.

Total votes: 2207

Which team will advance to the Gold Medal game from their side of the bracket?

57.56% of RealGM votes chose Spain.

Total votes: 2672

Which would you prefer to be the top national event?

55.32% of RealGM votes chose Olympics.

Total votes: 6217


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