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Ben Simmons As Present And Future Point Guard Of The 76ers

by Daniel Friedberg

Jul 27, 2016 6:02 PM

One thing was demonstrably evident throughout Summer League, Ben Simmons' passing is a transcendent skill. To maximize this otherworldly ability, it is essential that he be the primary initiator on offense. Read more »

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Milwaukee Bucks: How To Make The Offseason 'Win' Work On The Court

by Brett Koremenos

Jul 28, 2016 1:57 PM

In the midst of a disappointing second season under Jason Kidd, the Bucks did at least seem to find a direction for their future. With budding superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo set to be the team's offensive engine, Milwaukee needed to build a rotation to complement his unique combination of size and skill. Read more »

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Why The Celtics Should Hunker Down, Not Disrupt Asset Base

by Michael Pina

Jul 26, 2016 7:26 PM

At the cost of well-crafted continuity and an undeniably positive culture, would moving, say, two or three rotation players and both Brooklyn picks for Superstar X vault them ahead of the Cavaliers and Warriors? It would not. Read more »

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Houston Rockets: How To Make The Offseason 'Win' Work On The Court

by Brett Koremenos

The questions abound for the Rockets, with the most looming one being whether James Harden is capable of balancing out his game in order to make the team better as a whole. Houston should be better than they were last season, but by how much will depend on injury luck and a commitment from their star guard. Read more »
How The Center Position Could Become The Warriors' Kryptonite

by Jonny Auping

Zaza Pachulia and Anderson Varejao are incompetent offensive players who make it much easier to use double teams. They won't be respected on offense and will be deliberately singled out on defense. Read more »
Los Angeles Lakers: How To Make The Offseason 'Win' Work On The Court

by Brett Koremenos

What the Lakers seem have to done is start a layered approach -- finding low maintenance vets to complement burgeoning youth -- and given a young coach an opportunity to build a new culture from scratch. A lot of their success will hinge on how Luke Walton fares, but things are certainly looking more promising. Read more »
Al Horford's Two-Way Impact On The Celtics

by Keith P Smith

Al Horford is already the best big on the roster by far and his fit on both ends of the floor should vastly upgrade the Boston interior while also complementing their existing bigs on the roster. Read more »
Dallas Mavericks: How To Make The Offseason 'Win' Work On The Court

by Brett Koremenos

The Dallas front office has always counted on Rick Carlisle to bail them out after they swing and miss on big free agents. When viewing this haul through a Carlisle-colored lens, there's excitement in thinking about the quirky solutions he'll find to make this all work. Read more »
Thon Maker Summer League Review

by Rafael Uehara

Perhaps the player with the most to prove, Thom Maker's five appearances at the Las Vegas Summer League helped establish the fact he does belong out there alongside NBA-caliber talent, though doubts over what level of prospect he truly is remain. Read more »
Russell Westbrook As Antihero On An Anti-Superteam

by Christopher Reina

Russell Westbrook playing as the unequivocal alpha and omega with a finely crafted set of elite role players is perhaps the ultimate fulfillment of his basketball destiny. Perhaps it is also the ultimate fulfillment of this asset-rich Celtics' era. Read more »
How Chandler Parsons' Glitz N' Glamour Signals The End Of Grit N' Grind

by Jonny Auping

Prioritizing Chandler Parsons over Zach Randolph makes sense if the Grizzlies consider themselves contenders. Parsons is a modern NBA combo forward who can spread the floor and doesn't play well with power forwards. Read more »
The Kings' Sudden, Surprising Restraint

by Michael Pina

Sacramento has (for the most part) avoided any self-inflicting wounds this offseason. Instead, they've tapped the brakes and signed modest free agents on fliers that won't hurt their long-term cap sheet. Read more »
Blazers, Jazz, Pelicans And The Merits Of Middle Class Improvement

by Colin McGowan

There's nothing the Blazers, Jazz or Pelicans can do that would effectively counter Golden State nearly running out an All-NBA team as a starting lineup. It is heartening, though, that a handful of relatively young teams from the NBA's middle class have decided they might as well go about the business of improvement anyway. Read more »
The Many Legacies Of Tim Duncan

by Christopher Reina

Tim Duncan isn't the greatest player in NBA history and certainly not the most entertaining or culturally relevant, but no team has extracted more value from a player and for longer than the Spurs did with him since Bill Russell and the Celtics. Read more »
How The Nuggets Are The NBA's Next Asset-Rich Powerhouse

by Jonny Auping

The Nuggets' roster is filled with trade chips. And considering the youth already on their hands, they'd likely be willing to part ways with an attractive combination of young players and picks for the right star to launch them into contention. Read more »
Grading The Deal: Blazers Sign Festus Ezeli To One Of Best Bargains Of Offseason

by Christopher Reina

Festus Ezeli is one of the best rebounders in the game and also keeps getting better as a rim protector, which was quite clearly one of Portland's biggest needs entering the offseason. Read more »
Dwyane Wade And The Problem With Shiny Objects

by Brett Koremenos

For the Bulls, Bucks and Nuggets, pursuing Dwyane Wade seemed to clash with the direction of their roster. It's best to provide context by examining where each team exists on the competitive cycle of the NBA and what their interest in Wade says about their approach. Read more »
Team USA And The Genesis Of NBA Superteams

by Christopher Reina

Without the development of friendships as teammates and the on-court test drive of playing with each other as part of Team USA, the 2010 Heat and 2016 Warriors probably never happen. Read more »
Grading The Deal: Dwyane Wade Leaves Miami For Chicago

by Christopher Reina

Players will always be interested in Miami with its advantages of weather, culture and no state income tax, but the reality of even Dwyane Wade being unable to trust his 13-year relationship with Pat Riley has caused irrevocable damage. Read more »
A Basketball Capital Born In The Dust Considers What's Next

by John Wilmes

A small-market team fought for championships every year, gaining global prominence and pride as Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook defied the long odds facing a multi-national entertainment product that stakes its identity in the middle of a state most known for its unbeautiful dust. Read more »