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Kyle Lowry To Undergo Wrist Surgery

Feb 27, 2017 3:18 PM

Kyle Lowry will undergo surgery to remove loose bodies from his right wrist.

Lowry, who will be a free agent this offseason, hopes to return in time for the playoffs.

The Raptors have one of the NBA's best backup point guards in Cory Joseph.

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Joakim Noah Out For Season With Knee Surgery

Feb 27, 2017 11:49 AM

Joakim Noah will undergo surgery on his left knee and miss the remainder of the season.

Noah signed with the New York Knicks in the 2016 offseason on a four-year, $72 million contract.

Noah has missed a number of games this season due to a knee ailment.

Noah also underwent surgery on the same knee in 2014.

Adrian Wojnarowski/The Vertical

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Joel Embiid Out Indefinitely With Swelling In Knee

Feb 27, 2017 11:40 AM

Joel Embiid is out indefinitely with swelling in his knee and will undergo an MRI.

Embiid has been out most recently with a knee issue, but he missed the first two seasons of his NBA career due to multiple foot surgeries.

Embiid has missed 13 consecutive games and 16 out of 17 after suffering a bone bruise Jan. 20. An MRI exam revealed that he also has a slightly torn meniscus.

Embiid has been the favorite for Rookie of the Year but has not played since Jan. 27.

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Knicks Waive Brandon Jennings To Sign Chasson Randle

Feb 27, 2017 9:57 AM

The New York Knicks waived Brandon Jennings in order to sign Chasson Randle.

The Knicks will pay Jennings the balance of the $5 million he's owed this season. The Knicks were unhappy with Jennings' mindset of late.

The Knicks will sign Randle to a partially guaranteed deal through the 2017-18 season.

Randle, undrafted out of Stanford in 2015, averaged nine minutes and 5.3 points for the Sixers in eight games this season.

Adrian Wojnarowski/The Vertical

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Andrew Bogut Plans To Sign With Cavs If Bought Out

Feb 27, 2017 10:40 AM

Andrew Bogut is negotiating his release by the Philadelphia 76ers and intends to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Dallas Mavericks traded Bogut to the 76ers at the deadline.

‎Various ailments limited Bogut to 26 games with the Mavs. A bone bruise in his knee and a hamstring strain, in particular, caused Bogut to miss extended stretches.

Bogut was the starting center of the Golden State Warriors until his trade last offseason to create cap space to sign Kevin Durant.

Marc Stein, Tim MacMahon/ESPN

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Larry Sanders Feels Mentally Ready For NBA Return

Feb 27, 2017 12:27 PM

Larry Sanders is attempting a basketball comeback at the age of 27 after missing the game following his retirement.

“I miss being on a team, man,” Sanders said on the phone last week. “I miss going to war with my teammates and fighting against another team and giving my all out there and affecting the game. My children are getting older. I have a boy and a girl, and my son talks about it all the time now, he misses me playing. Giving them something to cheer for, and my family. Having my name on my back, our name on my back. There’s a lot of value in that, there’s a lot of strength in that, for my whole family. Me being that person for them brings joy to me.”

Sanders has worked out for the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers. Sanders also had a group workout in Miami.

“I would say I worked really hard to get to where I was,” Sanders said. “I worked extremely hard. I started playing basketball when I was 17 years old. Things kind of hit me fast. It was hard to manage. I would say I’m more mature. I’m better. I’m at a higher level. I’m a better basketball player. I’ve taken that time to establish those things and get my family in order -- not to say everything’s perfect. I took the time that I needed.

“To convince someone by words, I don’t know what more I can say. The action’s going to be everything. If a team’s willing to take that risk on me, I’m also taking that risk on them, that they’re going to be able to support me and be in my corner. We’re going to be able to understand each other. I believe there’s a team out there that’s like that, that would love a guy like me in their system.”

Sanders became one of the NBA's best young rim protectors before he began to experience issues in his personal life. Sanders says he didn't start smoking marijuana until he arrived in the NBA at 22 and used it to cope.

“I was young in the league,” he says. “I was using it to handle where I was going. I wasn’t really managing my life at a high level. That was helping me to cope. But in hindsight, while I was coping on a day to day, on a larger scale, it was hindering. Because there were other skills that I needed to learn. Now, being away from marijuana, I’m able to look back on it and understand it and indulge in these other coping mechanisms. I’m older now, too. I feel my brain’s more developed. There’s different things that, chemically, are put in place now, that make me, I feel like a stronger individual, where a crutch doesn’t seem as appealing as it did before. There’s a lot of value in me learning things on my own and dealing with issues head on.”


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Mavs Made Moves At Deadline With Draft Pick In Mind

Feb 27, 2017 10:50 AM

Mark Cuban acknowledged the Dallas Mavericks made a number of moves at the deadline with the future in mind.

The Mavericks traded Andrew Bogut in a package for Nerlens Noel while also releasing Deron Williams.

"The goal always is to get to be a championship contender and get another ring," Cuban said Sunday on ESPN Radio's NBA Insiders show, his first extended public comments on the Mavs' latest personnel decisions. "As well as Deron was playing and even Andrew, defensively ... we had to match up to our criteria of trying to position ourselves to get a lot better. Then you combine that with the fact that I've always said, when a lot of teams are tanking, you don't want to tank. And when there aren't many teams tanking and everybody's trying to compete, that's the best time to consider trying to go for a draft pick. You can try to play as well as you can and still be in competition for a great pick.

"We obviously haven't played well enough to be in the playoffs right now, but we're playing a lot better. One loss here and there, we're all the sudden in the top five for draft contention, but we're also playing to get better and trying to win, which I think is a good thing."

Dallas has a 23-35 record and are 2.5 games out of the eighth seed.

"It's painful, but I'm also realistic," Cuban said. "Look, if I wasn't realistic about the value of a draft pick, we would have kept D-Will, we would have kept Andrew. We would be playing an older lineup, but now we're playing our young guys.

"That supposedly is the definition of tanking: You play your youngest players to give them experience without the expectation you're going to win. In our case, we're playing our youngest players, but we're playing them with the expectation that they're going to win. I think that's the best type of experience. And if that means we get the eighth pick or the 10th pick instead of the fourth pick, I'll live with the consequences."

Tim MacMahon/ESPN

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Nets Waive Luis Scola

Feb 27, 2017 11:18 AM

The Brooklyn Nets have requested waivers on Luis Scola.

Scola, who signed as a free agent with the Nets on July 13, 2016, appeared in 36 games for Brooklyn this season, recording averages of 5.1 points and 3.9 rebounds in 12.8 minutes per game. In 743 career NBA games with the Nets, Raptors, Pacers, Suns and Rockets, the 10-year NBA veteran has averaged 12.0 points, 6.7 rebounds and 1.6 assists in 25.6 minutes per game.

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Dunc'd On: Larry Coon On New CBA, Lakers

Feb 27, 2017 12:58 AM

Larry Coon joins to discuss the effect of the new CBA on the trade deadline, the Lakers management shakeup, what he likes and what doesn't make sense in the new CBA, and our venture at Sports Business Classroom

With host Nate Duncan (@NateDuncanNBA).


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Vlade Divac: We Were Stuck With Boogie Situation, It Was Time To Start Over

Feb 26, 2017 6:31 PM

Vlade Divac elaborated on the Sacramento Kings' decision to trade away DeMarcus Cousins last week to the New Orleans Pelicans.

"It was a lot of things, but basically, I thought it was time to start over," said Diavac. "There was a lot of bad stuff happening here the last five years, a lot of bad habits. There were always issues, many you don’t even know about. Now I believe strongly this was the right thing to do for our future. Now I have a clear vision. This city deserves better, and I want to create that. With DeMarcus’ situation, I basically was stuck."

Divac was then asked what he meant by being "stuck".

"Maybe we're going to win a few more games than last year but probably not make the playoffs. Then where are we? Same old place. And we have that contract to deal with. If we keep DeMarcus this summer, we have to extend him, or otherwise he would be on an expiring contract that everyone would be afraid of. Teams don’t trade a lot for a player they aren’t sure will re-sign with you. And if he extended, we couldn’t sign him for an entire year anyway."

Divac also expanded upon his remark that he had a better offer a few days before they agreed upon the one that was completed.

"When I was first talking with the Pelicans, it was about Buddy (Hield) and two first-round picks. I talked to DeMarcus’ agents (Dan Fegan and Jarinn Akana) to inform them we were having talks, negotiating terms, and they called teams and threatened them, saying that if Cousins was traded, he would not sign an extension. (Only the Kings could offer a fifth year, at a higher percentage of salary cap, because of Cousins’ designated veteran status.) They got scared and dropped it down to a second-round pick. I thought if I waited longer, I would get less. I needed to act."

Ailene Voisin/Sacramento Bee

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Briante Weber Agrees To 10-Day Deal With Hornets
The Warriors decided not to re-sign Briante Weber after the expiration of his second 10-day deal in order to sign Jose Calderon.

Shams Charania/The Vertical

Isaiah Taylor Signs Three-Year Deal With Rockets
Isaiah Taylor has averaged 21.1 points and 6.1 assists in 12 games for the Vipers making 49.7 percent of his shots, 41.3 percent of his 3-pointers.

Jonathan Feigen/Houston Chronicle

Hawks Request Waivers On Lamar Patterson
The Hawks and Lamar Patterson agreed to his release to allow Patterson to address a personal matter.

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Kings Plan On Signing Bogdan Bogdanovic In Offseason
Bogdan Bogdanovic is a 24-year-old shooting guard presently playing with Fenerbahce.

Ailene Voisin/Sacramento Bee

Bucks Sign Axel Toupane To 10-Day Contract
Axel Toupane has appeared in 28 games with Raptors 905 this season and has posted averages of 16.1 points, 3.9 rebounds, 3.3 assists and 1.2 steals in 27.6 minutes per game.

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Warriors Expected To Sign Jose Calderon
The Warriors released Briante Weber after Saturday's game.

Anthony Slater/San Jose Mercury News

Cavs, Spurs, Rockets, Celtics, Jazz Interested In Andrew Bogut
Andrew Bogut wants to pursue a championship and play a significant role for a veteran team.

Shams Charania/The Vertical

Derrick Williams Expected To Sign With Cavs For Remainder Of Season
Derrick Williams is currently on his second 10-day contract.

Shams Charania/The Verical

Deron Williams Commits To Signing With Cavaliers
Deron Williams also considered signing with the Jazz.

Shams Charania/The Vertical

Mavericks Sign Ben Bentil To 10-Day Contract
Dallas also considered Pierre Jackson and Manny Harris for their open roster spots.

Marc Stein/ESPN

Lakers' Players Starting Over To Impress New Front Office
Magic Johnson was on the road with the Lakers in Oklahoma City over the past two days.

Baxter Holmes/ESPN

Anthony Morrow Will Stop Wearing Derrick Rose's No. 1 After Criticism From Fans
Anthony Morrow and Michael Carter-Williams each briefly wore No. 1 this season with the Bulls.

Nick Friedell/ESPN

Pelicans Waive Omri Casspi, Sign Reggie Williams
Reggie Williams was previously with the Pelicans this season, appearing in five games.

Shams Charania/The Vertical

Mavericks To Sign Quinn Cook To 10-Day Contract
The Mavericks waived Deron Williams shortly after Thursday's trade deadline.

Chris Reichert/The Step Back

Kevin Love Confident He'll Be Back From 'Very Minor' Surgery In Time For Playoffs
Kevin Love is sticking to the six-week timeline the team has provided for his recovery.

Dave McMenamin/ESPN

Warriors Reach Out To TNT About Shaq's Coverage Of JaVale McGee
JaVale McGee has been a frequent target of Shaquille O'Neal over the years, but the network aired a piece devoted exclusively to McGee bloopers on Thursday.

Chris Haynes, Marc Stein/ESPN

Cavs Were On 'Pins And Needles' About Celtics Trading For Either George, Butler
The Cavaliers were monitoring the Boston Celtics efforts to acquire either Paul George or Jimmy Butler at the deadline.

Brian Windhorst/ESPN

Clippers In Talks With Rams On Arena In Inglewood
The Clippers' lease runs through 2024 and Steve Ballmer has long had interest in his own arena.

Nathan Fenno, Sam Farmer/Los Angeles Times

Omri Casspi Out 4-6 Weeks With Fractured Thumb
In his Pelicans debut, Omri Casspi recorded 12 points and two rebounds in 24 minutes off the bench.

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Lakers Advised Not To 'Gut' Team To Trade For Paul George
If Paul George doesn't qualify for the supermax contract, the Pacers can sign him to a five-year, $180 million deal while a rival team can sign him to a four-year, $132 million deal.

Adrian Wojnarowski/The Vertical