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Marcus Smart And Boston's Point Guard Quest

by Dave DuFour

Aug 26, 2016 6:29 PM

If Marcus Smart can improve his shooting to league average, with all of his other qualities taken into account, he could evolve into just the All-Star Boston is looking for and not just a one-way defensive stopper. Read more »

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2016 NBA Offseason Review: Atlantic Division

by Keith P Smith

Aug 22, 2016 8:30 PM

On the Raptors and Celtics trying to take the next step as playoff contenders, the Knicks working on building around Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis, while the 76ers and Nets look long-term. Read more »

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Why The Celtics Should Hunker Down, Not Disrupt Asset Base

by Michael Pina

Jul 26, 2016 7:26 PM

At the cost of well-crafted continuity and an undeniably positive culture, would moving, say, two or three rotation players and both Brooklyn picks for Superstar X vault them ahead of the Cavaliers and Warriors? It would not. Read more »

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Al Horford's Two-Way Impact On The Celtics

by Keith P Smith

Al Horford is already the best big on the roster by far and his fit on both ends of the floor should vastly upgrade the Boston interior while also complementing their existing bigs on the roster. Read more »
Russell Westbrook As Antihero On An Anti-Superteam

by Christopher Reina

Russell Westbrook playing as the unequivocal alpha and omega with a finely crafted set of elite role players is perhaps the ultimate fulfillment of his basketball destiny. Perhaps it is also the ultimate fulfillment of this asset-rich Celtics' era. Read more »
Grading The Deal: Kevin Durant Leaves Oklahoma City For The Warriors

by Christopher Reina

Signing Kevin Durant with an existing team so young and talented that just won a record-breaking 73 regular season games is an NBA miracle. Durant's legacy will now be playing within the greatest offense in the history of basketball and however many titles they win. Read more »
With Monumental Disappointment In Sight, Celtics Sign Al Horford To Keep Big Dreams Alive

by Andrew Perna

From the early moments of the 2013 offseason until this spring three years later, there were stark parallels between the 76ers and Celtics despite vastly different on-court results. It finally changed with Boston signing Al Horford. Read more »
Grading The Deal: Al Horford Chooses Boston

by Christopher Reina

Al Horford quintessentially demonstrates the sum of being pretty good at everything makes you really good in the aggregate. This is also the type of team the Celtics have been over the past two seasons. By landing an All-Star without losing any assets, they've accomplished the first step in becoming great. Read more »
Grading The Deal: Portland's $70M Gamble On Evan Turner

by Christopher Reina

The versatility that made Evan Turner look like a potential future All-Star as the second overall pick in 2010 settled nicely as a complementary piece with the Celtics. Read more »
The Trade Value Of Russell Westbrook

by Michael Pina

What could the Thunder trade Russell Westbrook for in the final year of his contract if Kevin Durant signs elsewhere? We look at the seven teams who need a point guard and have an attractive package to offer. Read more »
Leroux's 2016 NBA Draft Review

by Danny Leroux

Headlined by the great drafts from the 76ers and Nuggets, we go team-by-team to breakdown how every GM did based on the opportunities available to them. Read more »
Danny Ainge's Immaculately Appointed Used Car Lot

by Colin McGowan

All Celtics' talk has a provisional tone since every player is on the market. Every possibility is in play and they have the pieces to sort out the logistics of just about any transaction. And yet, the Celtics do have to become an actual basketball team sometime. Read more »
2016 Offseason Preview: Boston Celtics

by Keith P Smith

Having a lot of assets is great on paper, but what really matters is how you use them. This offseason the Celtics have more to work with than just about anyone and it is up to Danny Ainge to take them from a nice team on the way up to title contention. Read more »
Three Question Playoff Preview: Hawks Vs. Celtics

by Brett Koremenos

On the Jeff Teague/Amir Johnson battle on switches, Avery Bradley's offensive production and whether we should be bracing for an ugly, low-scoring series. Read more »
Injury Reveals Just How True Value Of Jae Crowder To Celtics

by Andrew Perna

While Isaiah Thomas was the Celtics' lone All-Star, a recent injury to Jae Crowder has revealed who is truly the team's most valuable player. Read more »
The Maximum Available 2016 Cap Space For All 30 NBA Teams, Version 2.0

by Keith P Smith

Several teams will start the summer assured of having cap space. They'll be joined by several more as roster decisions are made leading up to the summer with more max contract slots available than ever before. Read more »
The Inactivity Of The Raptors, Celtics

by Brett Koremenos

The Raptors and Celtics may look smart for sitting out this year's deadline as it puts them in the same philosophical state as the NBA's model franchise: the Spurs. Read more »
Eastern Conference: Buyers & Sellers

by Keith P Smith

With the trade deadline quickly approaching, we look at which teams in the Eastern Conference will be buying or selling, or could even do either. Read more »
Marcus Smart And Boston's Playoff Chances This Season

by Matt Lurie

Getting the Celtics to a higher level of play this season will be largely based on the progression of Marcus Smart and how Stevens can put him in the right spots on offense. Read more »
Thankfully Boston Has The Brooklyn Lifeline

by Jonathan Tjarks

The Celtics are trying to make the jump from good to great - the hardest leap to make in the NBA - without any of the pieces on the roster necessary to make that possible. You can't follow the Hawks' blueprint without having the Hawks' big men. Read more »