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Three Question Playoff Preview: Hawks Vs. Celtics

by Brett Koremenos

Apr 15, 2016 6:20 PM

On the Jeff Teague/Amir Johnson battle on switches, Avery Bradley's offensive production and whether we should be bracing for an ugly, low-scoring series. Read more »

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Injury Reveals Just How True Value Of Jae Crowder To Celtics

by Andrew Perna

Mar 22, 2016 4:04 PM

While Isaiah Thomas was the Celtics' lone All-Star, a recent injury to Jae Crowder has revealed who is truly the team's most valuable player. Read more »

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The Maximum Available 2016 Cap Space For All 30 NBA Teams, Version 2.0

by Keith P Smith

Mar 11, 2016 4:51 PM

Several teams will start the summer assured of having cap space. They'll be joined by several more as roster decisions are made leading up to the summer with more max contract slots available than ever before. Read more »

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The Inactivity Of The Raptors, Celtics

by Brett Koremenos

The Raptors and Celtics may look smart for sitting out this year's deadline as it puts them in the same philosophical state as the NBA's model franchise: the Spurs. Read more »
Eastern Conference: Buyers & Sellers

by Keith P Smith

With the trade deadline quickly approaching, we look at which teams in the Eastern Conference will be buying or selling, or could even do either. Read more »
Marcus Smart And Boston's Playoff Chances This Season

by Matt Lurie

Getting the Celtics to a higher level of play this season will be largely based on the progression of Marcus Smart and how Stevens can put him in the right spots on offense. Read more »
Thankfully Boston Has The Brooklyn Lifeline

by Jonathan Tjarks

The Celtics are trying to make the jump from good to great - the hardest leap to make in the NBA - without any of the pieces on the roster necessary to make that possible. You can't follow the Hawks' blueprint without having the Hawks' big men. Read more »
How Losing In 2008 Spurred Kobe, Lakers To Two Titles

by Andrew Perna

The Lakers won back-to-back titles in 2009 and 2010; something Kobe Bryant doesn't think would have happened had it not been for the pain inflicted by the Celtics. Read more »
2015 Year-End NBA Team Portfolio Rankings

by Christopher Reina

The only considerations are talent, age, cap flexibility and future draft picks with the goal being to eventually compete for and win the NBA Finals. Read more »
How Brad Stevens Brought Defense To Boston In Year 3

by Brett Koremenos

Along with the Warriors, the Celtics are showing us that it doesn't take intimidating rim protectors to build an elite defense. With a sound scheme, a focus on fundamentals and an enviable collection of perimeter defenders, the Celtics are third in the NBA in defense. Read more »
The Celtics' Full Trade Arsenal

by Keith P Smith

Four of the Celtics' top-10 assets are future draft picks from other teams. Read more »
The Wait For James Young Continues

by Andrew Perna

James Young told the media that he doesn't know if the Celtics plan to dispatch him to Maine this season, but that certainly seems to be the path he's on. Read more »
Why Isaiah Thomas Could Become An All-Star

by Michael Pina

Disassociate all of Isaiah Thomas's statistics from his contentious persona, preposterous physical features. What you have is one of the most devastating offensive instruments in the NBA. Read more »
Jared Sullinger's Offseason Included Intervention

by Andrew Perna

Jared Sullinger spent the offseason working out with John Lucas in Houston to address his fitness issues. Read more »
NBA Season Preview: Boston Celtics

by Brett Koremenos

Brad Stevens has shown a unique ability to mix and match his in-game matchups and put his team in the best position to succeed. But this group, especially with their defensive limitations, will test Boston's pragmatic head coach. Read more »
Offseason Review: Boston Celtics

by Keith P Smith

Overall the Celtics had a nice offseason, but this roster is far from complete. They have a lot of players who are best served to be somewhere from the 3rd to 8th best player on a contender. Read more »
The Second Chances Of Perry Jones, Jeremy Lamb

by Jonathan Tjarks

Perry Jones III and Jeremy Lamb were supposed to be part of a second wave of young players who would augment the Thunder core as they started making real money. That's how fast the worm can turn in the NBA - from a key part of the future to yesterday's news in a snap of the finger. Read more »
Ranking Boston's Draft Pick Arsenal

by Danny Leroux

The Celtics have a nice collection of players and picks but coalescing them into a smaller number of strong assets gets more unlikely each year. Here's a rundown of Danny Ainge's hand. Read more »
Analyzing The Exum vs. Smart Summer League Duel

by Cameron Schott

While Marcus Smart and Dante Exum can still improve as jump shooters, both showed why they were such high draft picks on Monday. The sophomores already showed improvement from their rookie seasons and - if they can continue their development - can become valuable NBA point guards with rare size and talent. Read more »
Grading The Deal: Celtics Sign Amir Johnson To Two-Year, $24M Deal

by Andrew Perna

Amir Johnson on a two-year, $24 million deal is an underwhelming first signing for the Celtics as Danny Ainge continues to accumulate role players without a franchise defining player. Read more »