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Ties Broken For 2014 NBA Draft Selection Order

The NBA broke five ties for teams with identical records to help determine the selection order for the 2014 NBA Draft.

The Utah Jazz won a tiebreaker over the Boston Celtics.

The Brooklyn Nets won a tiebreaker the Washington Wizards. The Celtics will receive the pick from the Nets, while the Phoenix Suns receive the Wizards' pick.

The Chicago Bulls on a tiebreaker over the Toronto Raptors.

The Portland Trail Blazers won a tiebreaker with the Miami Heat and Houston Rockets. The Rockets then won a tiebreaker with the Heat.

Milwaukee 15-67 (.183) // 250
Philadelphia 19-63 (.232) // 199
Orlando 23-59 (.280) // 156
Utah 25-57 (.305) // 104
Boston 25-57 (.305) // 103
LA Lakers 27-55 (.329) // 63
Sacramento 28-54 (.341) // 43
Detroit (1) 29-53 (.354) // 28
Cleveland 33-49 (.402) // 17
New Orleans (2) 34-48 (.415) // 11
Denver (3) 36-46 (.439) // 8
New York (To Denver or to Orlando via Denver) 37-45 (.451) // 7
Minnesota (4) 40-42 (.488) // 6
Phoenix 48-34 (.585) // 5

The order for the remainder of the first round picks is as follows:
15. Atlanta 38-44 (.463)
16. Charlotte (To Chicago) 43-39 (.524)
17. Brooklyn (To Boston) 44-38 (.537)
18. Washington (To Phoenix) 44-38 (.537)
19. Chicago 48-34 (.585)
20. Toronto 48-34 (.585)
21. Dallas (To Oklahoma City via Houston and LA Lakers) 49-33 (.598)
22. Memphis 50-32 (.610)
23. Golden State (To Utah) 51-31 (.622)
24. Portland (To Charlotte) 54-28 (.659)
25. Houston 54-28 (.659)
26. Miami 54-28 (.659)
27. Indiana (To Phoenix) 56-26 (.683)
28. LA Clippers 57-25 (.695)
29. Oklahoma City 59-23 (.720)
30. San Antonio 62-20 (.756)

2014 Second Round Draft Choice Order
31. Milwaukee
32. Philadelphia
33. Orlando (To Cleveland)
34/35. Boston (To Dallas)
34/35. Utah
36. LA Lakers (To Milwaukee via Minnesota and Phoenix)
37. Sacramento (To Toronto)
38. Detroit
39. Cleveland (To Philadelphia)
40. New Orleans (To Minnesota)
41. Denver
42. New York (To Houston)
43. Atlanta
44. Minnesota
45. Charlotte
46. Washington
47. Brooklyn (To Philadelphia via Dallas and Boston)
48. Toronto (To Milwaukee via Phoenix)
49. Chicago
50. Phoenix
51. Dallas
52. Memphis (To Philadelphia via Cleveland)
53. Golden State (To Minnesota)
54. Houston (To Philadelphia via Milwaukee)
55. Miami
56. Portland (To Denver)
57. Indiana
58. LA Clippers (To San Antonio via New Orleans)
59. Oklahoma City (To Toronto via New York)
60. San Antonio

Via RealGM Staff Report

Joel Anthony To Exercise 14-15 Player Option With Celtics

Joel Anthony will exercise his player option with the Boston Celtics for the 14-15 NBA season.

Anthony will earn $3.8 million and become an unrestricted free agent in 2015.

Anthony was traded to the Celtics by the Miami Heat in January.

Via Chris Haynes/Comcast

Spurs, Clippers, Thunder, Heat, Warriors Finish In Top-5 In Efficiency Differential

The San Antonio Spurs finished the 13-14 regular season with the best efficiency differential in the NBA with a mark of +8.1. The Spurs scored 110.5 points per 100 possession while allowing 102.4 points per 100 possessions.

The Los Angeles Clippers ranked second, followed by the Oklahoma City Thunder, Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors. 

The Indiana Pacers, Houston Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers, Toronto Raptors and Phoenix Suns round out the top-10.

Click here for the full list.

Via RealGM Staff Report

Lakers, Knicks, Celtics Miss Playoffs In Same Season For First Time

The Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks and Boston Celtics have all been eliminated from playoff contention, which is the first time that has happened in the same season in NBA history.

The Celtics and Knicks both missed the playoffs during the 06-07 season.

The Celtics and Lakers have the most championships in NBA history.

Via Matthew Schmidt/Bleacher Report

Rajon Rondo Hopes To Be Made Aware Of Celtics' Offseason Plans

Rajon Rondo has not asked Boston Celtics management to be part of the decision-making process, but he hopes to be aware about the direction of the team.

“I want to be aware of what’s going on, especially if I’m part of the future here,” Rondo said. “And being the point guard, I would like to know what the team has in store or wants to do or the moves they want to make. I think I’ll be around in Boston this summer and I’ll look forward to what’s going to happen. I’m very excited.”

Rondo views the upcoming summer as critical to his complete return from a torn ACL. He has averaged 11.8 points, 9.7 assists and 5.3 rebounds in 29 games this season.

“Next year will be fun, it will be a fresh start,” Rondo said. “I’ll be able to go through training camp and my conditioning will be better than ever and I’ll have a full summer to train at full speed, at full strength. [Last] summer I wasn’t able to train. This summer will be a fun summer, probably the best summer of my career. I’m looking forward to it, something to take out of it. Not making the playoffs, I’ll have a lot more time to train and get better.”

Via Gary Washburn/Boston Globe

Celtics Have Held Preliminary Discussions On Potentially Re-Signing Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries has settled into his role with the Boston Celtics and has enjoyed playing in the city. 

Humphries will be a free agent in July, but agent Arn Tellem and Danny Ainge have held preliminary talks with the understanding the team cannot predict its future now.

Humphries believes in the Celtics' future, citing the roster and Brad Stevens.

“Look at the direction we’re heading in,” Humphries said. “Obviously this year there was disappointment. But Brad’s a winner, Ainge has proven to be a winner on multiple levels. The organization and fans are great. The chance to be part of a playoff team here will be great. I think it’s possible. Ultimately it comes down to what the players do, but it’s one of those things where you get comfortable somewhere, and hopefully you can be there for a while and have success.”

Via Mark Murphy/Boston Herald

Joel Anthony Unsure On $3.8M Player Option With Celtics For 14-15

Joel Anthony has a $3.8 million player option on his contract with the Boston Celtics that he's expected to exercise even if he said publicly he is unsure of his decision.

“When the season’s over, I’ll talk with my agent and look to see what we’re going to do,” he said. 

Anthony has played sparingly since being traded to the Boston Celtics.

“The team, obviously we haven’t had the success that we wanted on the court but off the court it’s been a great situation,” Anthony said. “You don’t always have that when teams are in this type of situation. That’s made it a lot easier being in a good locker room with a good group of guys.”

Via Gary Washburn/Boston Globe

RealGM Radio: Jared Weiss, Andrew Perna Discuss Celtics

In part two of this week's episode, host Daniel Leroux (@DannyLeroux) begins The Eliminated series by going in depth on the Celtics with Jared Weiss (@CLNS_JaredWeiss) of CLNS Radio and Celticsblog as well as Andrew Perna (@Andrew_Perna) of RealGM in the first three-person podcast on RealGM Radio.

They discuss Rajon Rondo's place on the team, the major off-season decisions, how Brad Stevens has done as coach, and the longer term future of the franchise.

Click here to listen or download.

You can also click here to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Via RealGM Staff Report

Ainge: Analytics Sometimes Leads To Shortcuts

The NBA is currently undergoing a transition in which advanced analytics are being more heavily involved in decision-making, but most agree that it can't replace the human element of actual scouting.

“Sometimes with the analytics and all the other information that’s out there, it sometimes leads to shortcuts that coaches can’t do,” Ainge said. “Coaches need to watch their teams, watch the film, communicate with their players, get the players to play fundamentally sound.

“I think sometimes numbers lead to shortcuts. We’re trying to make sure that that doesn’t happen.”

Brad Stevens is noted for having an analytical approach, but he believes in the importance of watching film. 

“The biggest thing is more what you can pick up on the film,” said Stevens.

Rajon Rondo appreciates Ainge's approach.

“I think that’s why Danny is one of the best GMs around,” Rondo said. “He’s a player that played the game. It’s not just about business aspect — well, then again, it is — but you still have to have a feel for the game, have a feel for players, know personnel.

“You just can’t look at a number and say, ‘OK, this guy is shooting 50 percent from the field, 90 percent from the free throw line, put him on this team and have a great season.’ It doesn’t work like that.

“You’ve got to know personalities. I think you’ve got to know the locker room. I think that’s why [Heat president] Pat Riley has done a great job. I don’t know who the GM is for the Spurs, but [him, too].”

Via Baxter Holmes/Boston Globe

Walter McCarthy Interested In Boston College Job

Walter McCarthy is interested in the Boston College coaching job.

McCarthy is considered an intriguing candidate due to the potential he has in recruiting in the Boston area.

McCarthy is currently an assistant coach with the Boston Celtics.

Via Gary Washburn/Boston Globe

Boston Celtics Archives

Rajon Rondo Steadily Assuming Complete Leadership Role

Danny Ainge said he does not like to name any player -- including Rajon Rondo -- as "the face of the franchise."

Jerryd Bayless Prioritizes Re-Signing With Celtics

Jerryd Bayless will be a free agent at season's end.

Chris Babb To Sign Multi-Year Deal With Celtics

Chris Babb will sign with the Celtics for the rest of the season.

Chris Babb Signs Second 10-Day Contract With Celtics

Chris Babb has appeared in four games for the Celtics.

Josh Smith, Rondo Casually Discuss One Day Playing On Same Team Again

Rajon Rondo and Josh Smith were teammates as Oak Hill.

Vitor Faverani Out For Season After Knee Surgery

Vitor Faverani underwent left knee arthroscopy to repair a torn lateral meniscus.

Rajon Rondo Improving Shooting Fundamentals Working With Adams

Rajon Rondo and Ron Adams also examined every aspect of his shooting motion.

Ainge: You Win With Great Players, But Analytics Can Provide Edge

The Celtics have one of the most interesting front offices in the NBA with a basketball lifer in Danny Ainge working side-by-side with people from more of an analytics background.

Gerald Wallace Undergoes Knee, Ankle Surgeries, Out For Season

Gerald Wallace appeared in 58 games for the Celtics this season and averaged 5.1 points, 3.7 rebounds, 2.5 assists and 1.3 steals in 24.4 minutes per game.

Celtics Don't Plan To Buy Out Keith Bogans

Keith Bogans has appeared in only six games this season.

Gerald Wallace Out For Remainder Of Season With Torn Meniscus

Brad Stevens said Gerald Wallace has played with pain for some time.

Chris Babb To Sign 10-Day Contract With Celtics

Chris Babb is expected to sign the deal on Friday or Saturday.

Roddy Beaubois, Celtics Discussing 10-Day Deal

Roddy Beaubois hasn't played this season coming back from injury.

Rajon Rondo Didn't Receive Permission To Skip Trip To Sacramento

Rajon Rondo did not receive permission from the team to remain in Los Angeles for a birthday celebration.

Rockets Interested In Trading For Rajon Rondo

Darryl Morey and Danny Ainge are former colleagues in the Celtics' front office, which could help facilitate a trade.

Report: Rajon Rondo Wouldn't Re-Sign With Raptors If Dealt

Rajon Rondo can become a free agent in 2015.

Rondo Believes He Has Yet To Reach Peak As Trade Rumors Get More Serious

Rajon Rondo turns 28 this Saturday and he believes he is still getting better.

Knicks Attempt To Engage Celtics On Rajon Rondo Trade Talks

The Knicks' long-term target at point guard is believed to be Rajon Rondo.

Celtics Fielding Calls As Both Buyers, Sellers

The Celtics are widely perceived as sellers ahead of the deadline, but Danny Ainge believes that they could be buyers.

Kings Offered Celtics Isaiah Thomas, Ben McLemore, Picks For Rajon Rondo

The deal did not go through due to Rajon Rondo's disinterest in signing a long-term contract with the Kings.
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