Chicago Bulls WiretapChicago Bulls Wiretap

Bulls Seriously Considering Firing Tom Thibodeau

May 27, 2015 3:53 PM

The Chicago Bulls are giving serious consideration to firing Tom Thibodeau and absorbing the financial hit, according to sources.

The likelihood of the Bulls terminating the partnership with Thibodeau is reportedly growing with each passing day.

Sources say that the Bulls' dissatisfaction with Thibodeau has risen in the wake of Chicago's inability to win a second-round series.

Marc Stein/ESPN

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Source: Bulls Tried To Have Tom Thibodeau Hire Doug Collins As Assistant Coach

May 27, 2015 3:46 PM

The Chicago Bulls' front office reportedly attempted to have Tom Thibodeau hire an offensive-minded assistant coach.

The coach pushed to Thibodeau was Doug Collins, according to a source.

The Bulls nearly hired Collins as a head coach again in 2008 before hiring Vinny Del Negro.

Joe Cowley/Chicago Sun-Times

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Tom Thibodeau's Contract With Bulls Contains Offset Language

May 26, 2015 9:44 PM

Jerry Reinsdorf remains the wild card in the contentious battle between the Chicago Bulls' front office and Tom Thibodeau.

Both the front office and Thibodeau would like to part ways, but the Bulls don't want to fire him to have him coach another team next year without compensation.

Thibodeau's contract contain offset language, meaning the Bulls' financial commitment would be "offset" by the amount he would make if hired by another team.

Reinsdorf, according to several sources, was extremely upset with Thibodeau after Jeff Van Gundy criticized the organization during a January broadcast on ESPN for historically undermining coaches.

Reinsdorf, who has served as an occasional oasis for Thibodeau during his rocky relationship with management, discussed the incident with Thibodeau.

K.C. Johnson/Chicago Tribune

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Bulls Waiting For Coaching Vacancies To Fill Before Firing Tom Thibodeau

May 23, 2015 3:05 PM

The Chicago Bulls have been waiting for a team to offer a draft pick to hire Tom Thibodeau, but no such offer has materialized. 

The Orlando Magic and New Orleans Pelicans are two franchises that have had interest in Thibodeau for their head coaching vacancies.

The Bulls seem determined to hold on to Thibodeau until the NBA's job vacancies are filled, which would leave him out of coaching next season. Thibodeau has been unwilling to step down to give up any of the money owed to him over the remaining two seasons of his deal with the Bulls.

According to various reports, the Bulls would like to hire Fred Hoiberg.

Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo! Sports

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Wiggins, Noel, Mirotic, Clarkson, Payton On All-Rookie Team

May 18, 2015 2:43 PM

Andrew Wiggins, Nerlens Noel, Jordan Clarkson, Nikola Mirotic and Elfrid Payton have been named to the 14-15 NBA All-Rookie First Team.

On the second team are Marcus Smart, Zach LaVine, Bojan Bogdanovic, Jusuf Nurkic and Langston Galloway.

From Gary Neal and Landry Fields in 2011 to Marc Jackson in 2001, the All-Rookie First Team has had a surprising number of one-hit wonders.

RealGM Staff Report

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Report: Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler Had Tension With Roles On Offense

May 18, 2015 1:18 PM

Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler have had a growing tension over the past few weeks as the two figure out who will be the Chicago Bulls' primary scorer.

Butler was waved off by Rose on a few occasions in the first half of Game 6 before Rose allowed Butler to dominate the offense in the second half.

Butler will be a restricted free agent this offseason and figures to sign a max contract.

Dan Bernstein/CBS Chicago

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Thunder Interested In Monty Williams, Andy Greer, Nate Tibbets As Assistants

May 16, 2015 9:47 PM

Billy Donovan has targeted Monty Williams, Andy Greer and Nate Tibbetts to join his coaching staff with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Williams was recently fired by the New Orleans Pelicans, while Greer is currently an assistant with the Bulls and Tibbetts with the Blazers.

Brian Keefe is another possibility for the Thunder. Keefe left the Thunder last offseason to join Derek Fisher with the New York Knicks.

Keefe is well-regarded among Thunder management and players. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are among the players partial to Keefe.

Mike Brown passed on a chance to interview for a spot on Donovan's staff.

Donovan will keep Oklahoma City assistant Mark Bryant and Darko Rajakovic on staff, and make former Alabama coach Anthony Grant his No. 3 assistant coach, league sources said.

Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo! Sports

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Team-By-Team Points Per 100 Possessions (Games 1-6)

May 16, 2015 4:21 PM

All four Conference Semifinals have played six games with the Warriors, Cavaliers and Hawks eliminating the Grizzlies, Bulls and Wizards, while the Clippers and Rockets will meet in Game 7.

Points Per 100 Possessions (Game 1/Game 2/Game 3/Game 4/Game 5/Game 6)

Cavaliers: 109.0 / 122.4 / 109.1 / 95.9 / 119.4 / 118.7

Bulls117.3 / 105.1 / 112.5 / 93.7 / 113.8 / 92.2

Hawks: 106.1 / 113.4 / 108.7 / 111.7 / 84.7 / 100.8

Wizards112.6 / 96.3 / 110.8 / 106.4 / 83.6 / 97.5

Warriors112.6 / 94.7 / 96.9 / 107.1 / 113.2 / 118.3 

Grizzlies: 95.9 / 102.1 / 107.8 / 89.0 / 90.1 / 104.0

Rockets: 93.9 / 110.8 / 110.7 / 91.4 / 128.4 / 115.2

Clippers108.8 / 105.0 / 126.1 / 123.2 / 106.6  / 103.6

Series Points Per 100 Possessions (Offense/Defense)

Cavaliers: 110.5 / 104.2

Bulls: 104.2 / 110.5

Hawks: 103.3 / 100.3

Wizards: 100.3 / 103.3

Warriors: 106.6 / 97.8

Grizzlies: 97.8 / 106.6

Rockets: 105.8 / 111.5

Clippers: 111.5 / 105.8

RealGM Staff Report

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Bulls Unwilling To Let Tom Thibodeau Leave Without Compensation

May 15, 2015 10:15 PM

Tom Thibodeau has no plans of stepping away from the $9 million owed to him by the Chicago Bulls over the next two seasons.

Both Thibodeau and the Bulls appear to prefer a separation this offseason.

Gar Forman and John Paxson, however, are not willing to fire Thibodeau and allow him to leave without compensation. The Bulls are not even prepared to engage in compensation talks until they have a commitment from a replacement that excites them.

Fred Hoiberg is the Bulls' preferred choice, as he's seen of being capable of fixing their offense. Hoiberg is only two years into a 10-year, $20 million contract at Iowa State.

"He can leave whenever he wants," one front-office source said. "Why now?"


The New Orleans Pelicans, Denver Nuggets and Orlando Magic all have coaching vacancies.

Ken Berger/CBS Sports

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Bulls Interested In Fred Hoiberg, Adrian Griffin

May 14, 2015 11:44 PM

If the Chicago Bulls part ways with Tom Thibodeau this offseason, Fred Hoiberg has widely been expected to be their top candidate.

Adrian Griffin is another candidate the Bulls are likely to consider, who is an assistant with the Bulls.

Hoiberg has NBA experience as a player and front office executive to go with his college coaching career.

Marc Stein/ESPN

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Tom Thibodeau, Pelicans Have Mutual Interest
With the Bulls eliminated from the playoffs, the future of Tom Thibodeau becomes a pressing question for several franchises.

Marc Stein/ESPN

Joakim Noah Wins J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award
Joakim Noah has dedicated himself to helping children develop a stronger sense of self through his Noah’s Arc Foundation (NAF).

RealGM Staff Report

Team-By-Team Points Per 100 Possessions (Games 1-5)
All four Conference Semifinals have played five games with the Warriors, Cavaliers, Clippers and Hawks holding three games to two series leads over the Grizzlies, Bulls, Rockets and Wizards respectively.

RealGM Staff Report

Pau Gasol Hopes To Play In Game 6
Pau Gasol said previous hamstring injuries sidelined him for a month and 2-1/2 weeks but this one isn't as severe.

K.C. Johnson, Teddy Greenstein/Chicago Tribune

Pau Gasol Misses Game 5 With Strained Hamstring
Pau Gasol has a strained left hamstring.

K.C. Johnson/Chicago Tribune

Team-By-Team Points Per 100 Possessions (Games 1-4)
All four Conference Semifinals have played four games with the Cavaliers/Bulls, Hawks/Wizards and Warriors/Grizzlies tied at 2-2, and the Clippers holding a 3-1 series lead over the Rockets.

RealGM Staff Report

Eastern Conference Vet: Bulls Adhere Strictly To Called Plays
The Cavaliers had runs of 16-0 and 16-2 in the first and second halves of their Game 4 win over the Bulls.

Michael Wilbon/ESPN

Blatt Tried To Call Timeout; Have LeBron Take Ball Out On Final Play
David Blatt made two potentially disastrous coaching mistakes in the final seconds of the Cavaliers' 86-84 win in Game 4 at the Bulls.

RealGM Staff Report

LeBron Accuses Noah Of Crossing Line With Trash Talking
LeBron James and Joakim Noah received double technical fouls during the third quarter of Game 3.

Chris Haynes/Cleveland Plain Dealer

Lakers Plan To Pursue Jimmy Butler
Jimmy Butler will be a restricted free agent this summer after the Bulls were unable to sign him to an extension.

Shams Charania/RealGM

Pau Gasol Leaves Game 3 With Hamstring Strain
Pau Gasol left the third quarter of Game 3 with a left hamstring strain.

RealGM Staff Report

NBA Fines Joakim Noah $25,000 For Pushing Fan
Joakim Noah pushed the fan when walking to the tunnel.

RealGM Staff Report

Jimmy Butler Wins NBA's Most Improved Player Ahead Of Green, Gobert
Jimmy Butler received 92 of 129 first-place votes and 535 total points.

RealGM Staff Report

Team-By-Team Points Per 100 Possessions (Games 1, 2)
All four Conference Semifinals series are tied at 1-1 after the first two games.

RealGM Staff Report

Jimmy Butler Wins NBA's Most Improved Player Award
Jimmy Butler took a big step forward before hitting restricted free agency.

Marc Stein/ESPN

Derrick Rose Pain-Free After Suffering Stinger In Shoulder
Derrick Rose said he has no pain after suffering a stinger in his right shoulder late in the Bulls' Game 1 win over the Cavaliers.

K.C. Johnson/Chicago Tribune

LeBron: Kyrie, Myself Need To Change Mindset With Love Out
David Blatt said the entire Cavaliers team must step up.

Chris Haynes/Cleveland Plain Dealer

Magic Waiting On Tom Thibodeau Situation With Bulls To Be Resolved
Tom Thibodeau has two years remaining on his contract with the Bulls.

Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo! Sports

Fred Hoiberg Believed To Be Bulls' Preferred Replacement For Thibodeau
Fred Hoiberg played for the Bulls from 1999 until 2003.

Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo! Sports

Mike Dunleavy Jr. Dodges Suspension From NBA
Mike Dunleavy Jr. will not be suspended by the NBA for his hit on Michael Carter-Williams.

Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo! Sports

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