Golden State Warriors WiretapGolden State Warriors Wiretap

Gregg Popovich: I Get Very Envious Of Warriors

Feb 12, 2016 1:27 PM

Gregg Popovich offered extremely high praise of the Golden State Warriors.

"I've spent more time thinking about Golden State than I have any other team I've ever thought about in my whole career," Popovich told ESPN Radio on Friday. "Because they are really fun. I'd go buy a ticket and go watch them play. And when I see them move the ball, I get very envious. When I see them shoot uncontested shots more than anybody else in the league, it's inspiring. It's just great basketball.

"So I'm actually enjoying them very much. You try to solve them, but they're in a sense unsolvable because it's a particular mix of talent that they have. It's not just that Steph [Curry] can make shots or that Klay can make shots or that Draymond Green is versatile. Everybody on the court can pass, catch and shoot. And they all get it."

"They're for real," Popovich added. "They're talented. But they're also very, very smart."

Marc Stein/ESPN

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Some Warriors Think They'll Sign Kevin Durant In Free Agency

Feb 12, 2016 12:23 PM

The Golden State Warriors are considered the most likely destination for Kevin Durant should he leave the Oklahoma City Thunder in the offseason.

"He is definitely not out of Oklahoma City. If they win it this year, most likely he stays.

"There are people in Golden State who think they're getting him. There are people in management and I think some players too. Kevin Durant likes the way they play. He likes their style, he likes the fact they play unselfishly. He sees himself fitting into that group."

Broussard says Durant's attraction to the Warriors goes beyond just improving his odds of winning a championship and to the way the Warriors play the game.

"'This is the style I'd like to play for the rest of my career,'" said Broussard in an attempt to illustrate Durant's thinking.

Chris Broussard/ESPN

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Stephen Curry Has Best Pre-ASG PER Since Jordan In 87-88

Feb 11, 2016 5:39 PM

Stephen Curry heads into the All-Star Game with a NBA-leading PER of 32.0, which is the best pre-ASG mark since Michael Jordan's 32.4 PER in the 1987-88 season.

Curry is the clear frontrunner for MVP at this point in the season.


15-16: Stephen Curry: 32.0

14-15: Anthony Davis: 31.6 / 28.8 / 30.7

13-14: Kevin Durant: 30.2 / 28.2 / 29.5

12-13: LeBron James: 31.1 / 32.3 / 31.5

11-12: LeBron James: 31.5 / 30.0 / 30.8

10-11: LeBron James: 26.4 / 29.3 / 27.4

09-10: LeBron James: 31.0 / 31.2 / 31.1

08-09: LeBron James: 31.4 / 32.1 / 31.7

07-08: LeBron James: 29.3 / 28.6 / 29.0

06-07: Dwyane Wade: 29.1 / 18.2 / 28.1

05-06: LeBron James: 28.6 / 27.0 / 27.8

04-05: Kevin Garnett: 27.6 / 29.3 / 28.1

03-04: Kevin Garnett: 29.0 / 30.3 / 29.5

02-03: Tracy McGrady: 28.3 / 33.2 / 30.3

01-02: Shaquille O’Neal: 29.1 / 30.1 / 29.6

00-01: Shaquille O’Neal: 27.8 / 33.2 / 30.3

99-00: Shaquille O’Neal: 29.7 / 31.8 / 30.5

98-99: Shaquille O’Neal: 30.5 (no All-Star Game)

97-98: Shaquille O’Neal: 29.3 / 28.3 / 28.6

96-97: Michael Jordan: 29.0 / 25.9 / 27.7

95-96: David Robinson: 28.9 / 30.2 / 29.5

94-95: David Robinson: 28.6 / 29.6 / 29.0

93-94: David Robinson: 29.3 / 32.3 / 30.6

92-93: Michael Jordan: 29.0 / 31.3 / 29.8

91-92: David Robinson: 27.5 / 26.7 / 27.2

90-91: Michael Jordan: 31.2 / 32.0 / 31.5

89-90: Michael Jordan: 29.3 / 33.4 / 31.0

88-89: Michael Jordan: 31.7 / 30.3 / 31.1

87-88: Michael Jordan: 32.4 / 30.9 / 31.7

86-87: Michael Jordan: 27.5 / 32.4 / 29.7

85-86: Magic Johnson: 24.6 / 22.7 / 23.7

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Steve Kerr Still Having Complications From Spinal Fluid Leak

Feb 11, 2016 11:53 AM

Steve Kerr felt ill after Tuesday's win over the Houston Rockets, but he traveled with the team to Phoenix and was able to coach in Wednesday's 112-104 victory over the Suns.

"I still have symptoms from everything I've been dealing with," Kerr said. "I wish everything was clear and gone away, but at times it's not, and I have to deal with stuff."

Kerr is dealing with headaches and pain related to the spinal fluid leak from his back surgeries.

The Warriors have an 11-0 record since Kerr returned on Jan. 22 and a 48-4 record overall.

"Nobody has ever done it, right?" Kerr said after Wednesday's game. "Fifty-two games in, to have only lost four games is remarkable. It speaks to the talent and chemistry of the players. We have a deep roster, and they love playing together, they enjoy winning, and they are good at it."

Ramona Shelburne/ESPN

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Stephen Curry, Warriors Credit Ankle Scares For Reaching MVP Level

Feb 10, 2016 6:03 PM

Stephen Curry signed a four-year, $44 million extension with the Golden State Warriors in 2012, which was seen as a gamble on the team's part at the time due to his ankle issues and is now the best contract in the NBA by a near absurd margin.

"I wish we could've paid Steph more," Bob Myers says with a grin.

"So we decided to bet on a couple of things," Myers explains. "We bet on who he is as a human being. We bet on his ability. We bet on the fact that he was the type of player who'd do everything within his power to come back and be smart and be diligent."

Curry changed his physical approach to the game after a series of ankle issues that helped make him the MVP.

"The ankle thing made him work smarter, to counteract him ever being put in that position again," Lacob says. "If he hadn't had it, maybe he wouldn't have the same core strength."

Adds Myers, nodding, "It made Steph what he is now."

Curry's ankle injuries and his reaction to them actually helped him have an extraordinary career.

"I think so," Curry matter-of-factly replies. "It definitely drove home my work ethic. Post-surgery, it's kept me driven about taking advantage of every day. There was a time when I was just worried about playing basketball, much less playing at a high level. Now I try to have as much fun out there as possible. You don't enjoy the surgery and the rehab process. But I enjoy how I came out of it, for sure."

Pablo S. Torre/ESPN

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Festus Ezeli To Undergo Left Knee Surgery

Feb 8, 2016 3:13 PM

Festus Ezeli will undergo exploratory surgery on his left knee.

Ezeli will be a restricted free agent this offseason.

Ezeli missed the entire 13-14 season with right knee surgery.

RealGM Staff Report

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Luke Walton, Brian Shaw Considered Top Long-Term Candidates For Knicks

Feb 8, 2016 11:16 AM

Brian Shaw and Luke Walton are considered the top long-term candidates for the New York Knicks to replace Derek Fisher.

Fisher was fired by the Knicks on Monday.

Walton had an excellent run with the Golden State Warriors on an interim basis and is familiar with Phil Jackson and the triangle offense.

Shaw was fired last season by the Denver Nuggets.

Tom Thibodeau is also currently a coaching free agent.

ESPN's Marc Stein reports Walton is determined to see out this season with the Warriors as an assistant coach and not entertain head coaching opportunities until the offseason.

Brian Windhorst/ESPN

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Kevin Durant: Focus On Basketball, Haven't Thought About Free Agency

Feb 6, 2016 9:00 PM

Kevin Durant was asked about his free agency ahead of Saturday's game against the Golden State Warriors.

An Adrian Wojnarowski report this week linked Durant to the Warriors should he decide to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty that’s going on, because I haven’t really thought that far,” Durant said. “I’m just trying to focus on playing basketball. I’m locked in on trying to be better every single day and trying to come in and help my teammates every single day. I think that’s what my thought process is always focused on.

“Once that time comes, I’ll make that decision. I’ll sit down and talk to my closest friends and family and figure it out, but right now, I’m just trying to be the best basketball player I can be every single day. I have to be at a high level to lead every day at practices, shootarounds and games, and that’s a tough task. I can’t focus on anything else, other than that.”

Steve Kerr was also asked about the Durant report.

“I don’t know why anybody would talk about anything but the fact that we’re 45-4 and have a hell of a team,” said Kerr. “Why would anybody talk about some different team, future stuff and other players?

“Focus on our team. We’re pretty good.”

Rusty Simmons/San Francisco Chronicle

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Harrison Barnes Calls Kevin Durant Report 'Part Of The Business'

Feb 2, 2016 7:11 PM

Harrison Barnes seemed genuinely surprised to hear the Golden State Warriors intend to pursue Kevin Durant to replace him this offseason.

“Oh man, that’s part of the business,” Barnes said on a phone call before the team’s plane left New York for Washington, D.C. “He’s a great player. If that’s the move they want to make, you know, hopefully, it works out.”

Barnes will be a restricted free agent this offseason after he was unable to agree upon an extension with the Warriors.

“It’s always something, right?” Barnes said. “The first summer it was Dwight (Howard). The next summer it was Kevin Love. Every single year, there’s always been somebody who the Warriors wanted or somebody who wanted to come here. That’s part of the business. That stuff happens.

“If it happens, great. If it doesn’t, great. At the end of the day, I’ll still get the chance to be in NBA and still get to play.”

Rusty Simmons/San Francisco Chronicle

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Suns Interested In Hiring Steve Nash As Head Coach

Feb 1, 2016 1:14 PM

The Phoenix Suns have strong interest in hiring Steve Nash for their recent head coaching vacancy.

Nash is not ready to jump into coaching on a full-time basis at this time.

Nash signed with the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency in 2012 and retired last season.

Nash was hired by the Golden State Warriors as a part time consultant last offseason. Nash is also general manager of the Canada National Team.

Marc Stein/ESPN

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Festus Ezeli Undergoes MRI On Left Knee, Results Inconclusive
Festus Ezeli missed the 2013-14 after surgery on his right knee.

Rusty Simmons/San Francisco Chronicle

Stephen Curry: Spurs Are The Standard
The Spurs have a +15.4 Efficiency Differential compared to +12.1 for the Warriors.

Rusty Simmons/San Francisco Chronicle

Warriors Enjoying Luke Walton, Anticipate He'll Soon Be Head Coach Candidate
Luke Walton is expected to be a candidate for head coaching jobs after he did so well filling in for Steve Kerr on an interim basis.

Rusty Simmons/San Francisco Chronicle

Steve Kerr Returning To Bench Friday Against Pacers
Steve Kerr has missed the entire season to date as he recovers from complications following his back injury.

RealGM Staff Report

Kawhi Leonard, Carmelo Anthony Get Final ASG Starter Spots
Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard are the five starters for the Western Conference in the 2016 NBA All-Star Game.

RealGM Staff Report

Steve Kerr Has Ramped Up Involvement, Warriors Optimistic On Return
Steve Kerr started a leave of absence on Oct. 1.

Rusty Simmons/San Francisco Chronicle

Stephen Curry No. 1 On Jersey Sales List, Kristaps Porzingis No. 4
The Warriors once again emerged as the top-selling team, followed by the Bulls at No. 2, the Cavaliers at No. 3, the Lakers at No. 4 and the Knicks at No. 5.

RealGM Staff Report

Warriors Score Season High 139.2 Points Per 100 Poss. Against Cavs
During last year's Finals, the Warriors scored 105.8 points per 100 possessions.

RealGM Staff Report

Cavs Feel Stephen Curry's Champagne Quote 'Disrespectful'
The Warriors won the championship last season at the Cavaliers, making Quicken Loans Arena a special place for the team.

Diamond Leung/San Jose Mercury News

Warriors Push Back San Francisco Arena Opening To 2019
The Warriors claim the California Environmental Quality Act lawsuit is a last resort brought on by what they are calling an "anonymous SuperPAC."


Kobe Bryant To Warriors: Make History
Kobe Bryant was asked if it is a passing of the torch to the Warriors.

Baxter Holmes/ESPN

Michael Malone: Curry Is NBA's MVP But Draymond Green Might Be Warriors'
Draymond Green is currently a projected starter for the Western Conference in the All-Star Game.

Rusty Simmons/San Francisco Chronicle.

Draymond Green May Sit Next Two Games
Draymond Green didn't practice on Tuesday.

Rusty Simmons/San Francisco Chronicle

Stephen Curry To Channel Messi With New Shin Guards
Stephen Curry plans to play on Friday after being fitted for new shin guards.

Rusty Simmons/San Francisco Chronicle

Brandon Jennings Believes Draymond Green Better Than Blake Griffin
Brandon Jennings continued his campaign for Draymond Green to start for the Western Conference in the All-Star Game, Tweeting he's better than Blake Griffin.

RealGM Staff Report

Lawsuit Filed Against Warriors' Arena In San Francisco
The group argues that the city failed to properly consider alternative locations for the arena and environmental impacts on traffic, air quality and noise.

San Jose Mercury News

Klay Thompson Expected To Be Picked By Bucks In 2011
The Bucks traded the pick to the Kings, who picked Jimmer Fredette while they ended up with Tobias Harris at No. 19.

Tim Bontemps/Washington Post

Lowe, Windhorst Believe Mark Jackson Will Struggle To Get Another Head Coaching Job
Mark Jackson led the Warriors to the playoffs in two of his three seasons with the franchise.

Zach Lowe/ESPN

Stephen Curry Not Considering Sitting Four Weeks To Let Shin Heal
The Warriors have been experimenting with different shin pads to protect Stephen Curry.

Rusty Simmons/San Francisco Chroncile

Warriors, Spurs, Cavs, Thunder Have Only Played 3 Of 17 Scheduled Games Against Each Other
Games between the Warriors/Spurs, Warriors/Thunder and Cavs/Spurs have yet to happen despite approaching the midway point in the season.

RealGM Staff Report

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