Los Angeles Clippers Depth Charts

2015-2016 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Chris Paul
12.0p 5.0r 9.0a
J.J. Redick
5.0p 1.0r 1.0a
Paul Pierce
5.0p 1.0r 1.0a
Blake Griffin
11.0p 5.0r 2.0a
DeAndre Jordan
15.0p 12.0r 0.0a
Rotation Austin Rivers
10.0p 0.0r 0.0a
L. Stephenson
6.0p 2.0r 2.0a
Wesley Johnson
5.0p 1.0r 2.0a
Josh Smith
13.0p 8.0r 2.0a
Rotation Pablo Prigioni
5.0p 1.0r 1.0a
Jamal Crawford
9.0p 0.0r 2.0a
Lim PT   C.J. Wilcox
3.0p 0.0r 0.0a
Branden Dawson
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
L. Mbah a Moute
4.0p 3.0r 0.0a
Cole Aldrich
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
Lim PT       Chuck Hayes
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a

* Depth Charts are updated daily throughout the season. The stats are based upon the last 5 games played.

2015-2016 Clippers Leaders

3P% N/A N/A

2014-2015 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Chris Paul
12.8p 2.6r 8.6a
J.J. Redick
12.8p 1.0r 1.8a
Matt Barnes
2.0p 1.8r 1.6a
Blake Griffin
21.6p 5.6r 2.0a
DeAndre Jordan
8.8p 10.0r 2.0a
Rotation   Jamal Crawford
19.0p 0.8r 3.0a
Hedo Turkoglu
3.7p 0.7r 0.0a
Glen Davis
4.0p 2.3r 1.0a
Spencer Hawes
12.3p 5.8r 1.3a
Rotation   C.J. Wilcox
1.4p 0.8r 0.2a
  Ekpe Udoh
0.5p 2.5r 0.3a
Lim PT Austin Rivers
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
  Dahntay Jones
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
Lim PT Lester Hudson
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
  J. Hamilton
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a

2014-2015 Clippers Leaders

MPG Blake Griffin 35.2
FG% DeAndre Jordan .710
3P% J.J. Redick .437
FT% J.J. Redick .901
ORPG DeAndre Jordan 4.8
DRPG DeAndre Jordan 10.1
RPG DeAndre Jordan 15.0
APG Chris Paul 10.2
BPG DeAndre Jordan 2.2
SPG Chris Paul 1.9
PPG Blake Griffin 21.9

2013-2014 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Chris Paul
19.1p 4.3r 10.7a
Jared Dudley
6.9p 2.2r 1.4a
Matt Barnes
9.9p 4.6r 2.0a
Blake Griffin
24.1p 9.5r 3.9a
DeAndre Jordan
10.4p 13.6r 0.9a
Rotation D. Collison
11.4p 2.4r 3.7a
Jamal Crawford
18.6p 2.3r 3.2a
Danny Granger
8.0p 2.3r 0.7a
Hedo Turkoglu
3.0p 2.3r 0.9a
Glen Davis
4.2p 3.0r 0.3a
Rotation   J.J. Redick
15.2p 2.1r 2.2a
Rotation   Willie Green
5.0p 1.4r 0.9a
Lim PT   Reggie Bullock
2.7p 1.3r 0.3a
    Ryan Hollins
2.3p 1.5r 0.1a

2013-2014 Clippers Leaders

MPG Blake Griffin 35.8
FG% DeAndre Jordan .676
3P% Darren Collison .376
FT% Jamal Crawford .866
ORPG DeAndre Jordan 4.0
DRPG DeAndre Jordan 9.5
RPG DeAndre Jordan 13.6
APG Chris Paul 10.7
BPG DeAndre Jordan 2.5
SPG Chris Paul 2.5
PPG Blake Griffin 24.1

2012-2013 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Chris Paul
16.9p 3.7r 9.7a
Willie Green
6.3p 1.3r 0.8a
Caron Butler
10.4p 2.9r 1.0a
Blake Griffin
18.0p 8.3r 3.7a
DeAndre Jordan
8.8p 7.2r 0.3a
Rotation Eric Bledsoe
8.5p 3.0r 3.1a
Jamal Crawford
16.5p 1.7r 2.5a
Matt Barnes
10.3p 4.6r 1.5a
Lamar Odom
4.0p 5.9r 1.7a
Ryan Hollins
3.4p 2.3r 0.2a
Rotation   C. Billups
8.4p 1.5r 2.2a
Grant Hill
3.2p 1.7r 0.9a
  Ronny Turiaf
1.9p 2.3r 0.5a
Lim PT Maalik Wayns
3.3p 0.3r 1.2a
    DaJuan Summers
1.0p 1.0r 0.5a

2012-2013 Clippers Leaders

MPG Chris Paul 33.4
FG% DeAndre Jordan .643
3P% Willie Green .428
FT% Chris Paul .885
ORPG DeAndre Jordan 2.6
DRPG Blake Griffin 6.0
RPG Blake Griffin 8.3
APG Chris Paul 9.7
BPG DeAndre Jordan 1.4
SPG Chris Paul 2.4
PPG Blake Griffin 18.0

2011-2012 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Chris Paul
19.8p 3.6r 9.1a
Randy Foye
11.0p 2.1r 2.2a
Caron Butler
12.0p 3.7r 1.2a
Blake Griffin
20.7p 10.9r 3.2a
DeAndre Jordan
7.4p 8.3r 0.3a
Rotation Eric Bledsoe
3.3p 1.6r 1.7a
C. Billups
15.0p 2.5r 4.0a
Bobby Simmons
2.9p 2.0r 0.4a
Reggie Evans
1.9p 4.8r 0.3a
Kenyon Martin
5.2p 4.3r 0.4a
Rotation   Mo Williams
13.2p 1.9r 3.1a
Ryan Gomes
2.3p 1.9r 0.4a
Rotation   Nick Young
9.7p 1.6r 0.5a
Lim PT   Travis Leslie
1.4p 0.9r 0.5a
  Trey Thompkins
2.4p 1.0r 0.1a

2011-2012 Clippers Leaders

MPG Chris Paul 36.3
FG% DeAndre Jordan .632
3P% Mo Williams .389
FT% Mo Williams .900
ORPG Blake Griffin 3.3
DRPG Blake Griffin 7.6
RPG Blake Griffin 10.9
APG Chris Paul 9.1
BPG DeAndre Jordan 2.0
SPG Chris Paul 2.5
PPG Blake Griffin 20.7

2010-2011 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Eric Bledsoe
6.7p 2.8r 3.6a
Eric Gordon
22.3p 2.9r 4.4a
Ryan Gomes
7.2p 3.3r 1.6a
Blake Griffin
22.5p 12.1r 3.8a
DeAndre Jordan
7.1p 7.2r 0.5a
Rotation Mo Williams
15.2p 2.5r 5.6a
Randy Foye
9.8p 1.6r 2.7a
A. Aminu
5.6p 3.3r 0.7a
Craig Smith
5.4p 2.4r 0.6a
Chris Kaman
12.4p 7.0r 1.4a
Rotation     Jamario Moon
3.5p 2.5r 0.4a
  Ike Diogu
5.8p 3.2r 0.1a
Rotation         Brian Cook
4.8p 2.4r 0.4a
Lim PT Willie Warren
1.9p 0.6r 1.4a

2010-2011 Clippers Leaders

MPG Blake Griffin 37.9
FG% DeAndre Jordan .686
3P% Ryan Gomes .341
FT% Al-Farouq Aminu .773
ORPG Blake Griffin 3.3
DRPG Blake Griffin 8.8
RPG Blake Griffin 12.1
APG Blake Griffin 3.8
BPG DeAndre Jordan 1.8
SPG Eric Bledsoe 1.1
PPG Blake Griffin 22.5

2009-2010 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Baron Davis
15.3p 3.5r 8.0a
Eric Gordon
16.9p 2.6r 3.0a
Rasual Butler
11.9p 2.9r 1.4a
Drew Gooden
14.8p 9.4r 0.9a
Chris Kaman
18.5p 9.3r 1.6a
Rotation Steve Blake
6.8p 2.4r 6.1a
  Travis Outlaw
8.7p 3.6r 1.1a
Craig Smith
7.8p 3.8r 1.1a
DeAndre Jordan
4.8p 5.0r 0.3a
Rotation Mardy Collins
2.6p 1.2r 1.0a
Lim PT Bobby Brown
3.0p 0.9r 1.8a
  Steve Novak
2.1p 0.6r 0.1a
Brian Skinner
1.6p 1.7r 0.0a

2009-2010 Clippers Leaders

MPG Chris Kaman 34.3
FG% DeAndre Jordan .605
3P% Steve Blake .437
FT% Drew Gooden .921
ORPG Drew Gooden 3.5
DRPG Marcus Camby 8.8
RPG Marcus Camby 12.1
APG Baron Davis 8.0
BPG Marcus Camby 1.9
SPG Baron Davis 1.7
PPG Chris Kaman 18.5

2008-2009 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Baron Davis
14.9p 3.7r 7.7a
Eric Gordon
16.1p 2.6r 2.8a
Al Thornton
16.8p 5.2r 1.5a
Zach Randolph
20.9p 9.4r 2.3a
Marcus Camby
10.3p 11.1r 2.0a
Rotation Mike Taylor
5.7p 1.7r 2.1a
Fred Jones
7.3p 2.4r 3.6a
Ricky Davis
6.4p 1.7r 2.3a
Steve Novak
6.9p 1.8r 0.6a
Chris Kaman
12.0p 8.0r 1.5a
Rotation   Mardy Collins
5.9p 2.5r 2.6a
    Brian Skinner
4.2p 4.0r 0.5a
Rotation         DeAndre Jordan
4.3p 4.5r 0.2a
Lim PT   Alex Acker
3.5p 1.2r 0.6a

2008-2009 Clippers Leaders

MPG Al Thornton 37.4
FG% Eric Gordon .456
3P% Steve Novak .416
FT% Steve Novak .913
ORPG Al Thornton 1.7
DRPG Al Thornton 3.5
RPG Al Thornton 5.2
APG Eric Gordon 2.8
BPG Al Thornton 0.9
SPG Eric Gordon 1.0
PPG Al Thornton 16.8

2007-2008 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Brevin Knight
4.6p 1.9r 4.4a
Quinton Ross
4.1p 2.3r 1.2a
Corey Maggette
22.1p 5.6r 2.7a
Tim Thomas
12.4p 5.1r 2.7a
Chris Kaman
15.7p 12.7r 1.9a
Rotation Smush Parker
6.4p 1.7r 3.6a
Cuttino Mobley
12.8p 3.6r 2.6a
Al Thornton
12.7p 4.5r 1.2a
Elton Brand
17.6p 8.0r 2.0a
Rotation Dan Dickau
5.3p 1.4r 2.6a
    Josh Powell
5.5p 5.2r 0.7a
Rotation       Nick Fazekas
4.7p 3.9r 0.5a
Lim PT     M. Williams
1.0p 1.2r 0.3a
  Paul Davis
2.5p 2.1r 0.5a

2007-2008 Clippers Leaders

MPG Corey Maggette 35.7
FG% Corey Maggette .458
3P% Quinton Ross .429
FT% Sam Cassell .891
ORPG Al Thornton 1.2
DRPG Corey Maggette 4.5
RPG Corey Maggette 5.6
APG Sam Cassell 4.7
BPG Al Thornton 0.5
SPG Brevin Knight 1.4
PPG Corey Maggette 22.1

2006-2007 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters S. Livingston
9.3p 3.4r 5.1a
Cuttino Mobley
13.8p 3.4r 2.5a
Quinton Ross
5.2p 2.3r 1.1a
Elton Brand
20.5p 9.3r 2.9a
Chris Kaman
10.1p 7.8r 1.1a
Rotation Jason Hart
9.0p 3.6r 4.0a
  Corey Maggette
16.9p 5.9r 2.8a
Tim Thomas
11.0p 5.0r 2.3a
Rotation Sam Cassell
12.3p 2.9r 4.7a
Rotation Daniel Ewing
2.9p 1.2r 1.5a
Lim PT Will Conroy
0.0p 1.3r 2.0a
  Y. Korolev
1.2p 0.3r 0.4a
J. Singleton
1.6p 2.0r 0.3a
Aaron Williams
2.0p 2.2r 0.2a
Lim PT         Paul Davis
1.6p 1.4r 0.2a

2006-2007 Clippers Leaders

MPG Elton Brand 38.5
FG% Elton Brand .533
3P% Elton Brand 1.000
FT% Cuttino Mobley .837
ORPG Elton Brand 3.4
DRPG Elton Brand 6.0
RPG Elton Brand 9.3
APG Elton Brand 2.9
BPG Elton Brand 2.2
SPG Cuttino Mobley 1.2
PPG Elton Brand 20.5

2005-2006 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Sam Cassell
17.2p 3.7r 6.3a
Cuttino Mobley
14.8p 4.3r 3.0a
Quinton Ross
4.7p 2.5r 1.2a
Elton Brand
24.7p 10.0r 2.6a
Chris Kaman
11.9p 9.6r 1.0a
Rotation S. Livingston
5.8p 3.0r 4.5a
  Corey Maggette
17.8p 5.3r 2.1a
V. Radmanovic
10.7p 5.7r 2.1a
Zeljko Rebraca
4.7p 2.2r 0.3a
Rotation Daniel Ewing
3.8p 1.3r 1.3a
    J. Singleton
3.4p 3.3r 0.5a
Rotation       Vin Baker
3.4p 2.4r 0.5a
Lim PT     Y. Korolev
1.1p 0.5r 0.4a
Walter McCarty
2.4p 1.9r 0.6a
Boniface Ndong
2.3p 1.7r 0.3a

2005-2006 Clippers Leaders

MPG Elton Brand 39.2
FG% Chris Wilcox .536
3P% Vladimir Radmanovic .418
FT% Sam Cassell .863
ORPG Elton Brand 3.0
DRPG Chris Kaman 7.2
RPG Elton Brand 10.0
APG Sam Cassell 6.3
BPG Elton Brand 2.5
SPG Cuttino Mobley 1.2
PPG Elton Brand 24.7

2004-2005 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Marko Jaric
9.9p 3.2r 6.1a
Corey Maggette
22.2p 6.0r 3.4a
Bobby Simmons
16.4p 5.9r 2.7a
Elton Brand
20.0p 9.5r 2.6a
Chris Kaman
9.1p 6.7r 1.2a
Rotation S. Livingston
7.4p 3.0r 5.0a
Kerry Kittles
6.3p 2.9r 1.8a
    Chris Wilcox
7.9p 4.2r 0.7a
Rotation Rick Brunson
5.5p 2.3r 5.1a
Quinton Ross
5.1p 2.7r 1.4a
    Zeljko Rebraca
5.8p 3.2r 0.4a
Rotation L. Chalmers
3.1p 0.9r 1.4a
      Mikki Moore
5.4p 3.3r 0.6a
Lim PT         M. N'Diaye
1.8p 1.6r 0.1a

2004-2005 Clippers Leaders

MPG Bobby Simmons 37.3
FG% Elton Brand .503
3P% Bobby Simmons .435
FT% Bobby Simmons .846
ORPG Elton Brand 3.7
DRPG Elton Brand 5.9
RPG Elton Brand 9.5
APG Rick Brunson 5.1
BPG Elton Brand 2.1
SPG Bobby Simmons 1.4
PPG Elton Brand 20.0

2003-2004 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Marko Jaric
8.5p 3.0r 4.8a
Q. Richardson
17.2p 6.4r 2.1a
Corey Maggette
20.7p 5.9r 3.1a
Elton Brand
20.0p 10.3r 3.3a
Chris Kaman
6.1p 5.6r 1.0a
Rotation Eddie House
6.8p 2.3r 2.5a
  Bobby Simmons
7.8p 4.7r 1.7a
Chris Wilcox
8.6p 4.7r 0.8a
Peja Drobnjak
6.3p 3.2r 0.6a
Rotation Keyon Dooling
6.2p 1.4r 2.2a
  Matt Barnes
4.5p 4.0r 1.3a
  Melvin Ely
3.7p 2.4r 0.5a
Rotation Doug Overton
3.9p 1.5r 2.4a

2003-2004 Clippers Leaders

MPG Corey Maggette 36.0
FG% Chris Kaman .460
3P% Corey Maggette .329
FT% Corey Maggette .848
ORPG Chris Kaman 1.5
DRPG Corey Maggette 4.6
RPG Corey Maggette 5.9
APG Corey Maggette 3.1
BPG Chris Kaman 0.9
SPG Corey Maggette 0.9
PPG Corey Maggette 20.7

2002-2003 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Andre Miller
13.6p 4.0r 6.7a
Corey Maggette
16.8p 5.0r 1.9a
Lamar Odom
14.6p 6.7r 3.6a
Elton Brand
18.5p 11.3r 2.5a
Sean Rooks
4.2p 3.1r 1.0a
Rotation Keyon Dooling
6.4p 1.3r 1.6a
  Q. Richardson
9.4p 4.8r 0.9a
Chris Wilcox
3.7p 2.3r 0.5a
M. Olowokandi
12.3p 9.1r 1.3a
Rotation     E. Piatkowski
9.7p 2.5r 1.1a
  Cherokee Parks
6.3p 4.4r 0.7a
Rotation     Marko Jaric
7.4p 2.4r 2.9a
  Melvin Ely
4.5p 3.3r 0.3a
Rotation     T. Fowlkes
4.4p 2.8r 0.6a
  Zhizhi Wang
4.4p 1.9r 0.2a

2002-2003 Clippers Leaders

MPG Andre Miller 36.4
FG% Sean Rooks .421
3P% Andre Miller .213
FT% Sean Rooks .810
ORPG Andre Miller 1.1
DRPG Andre Miller 2.9
RPG Andre Miller 4.0
APG Andre Miller 6.7
BPG Sean Rooks 0.6
SPG Andre Miller 1.2
PPG Andre Miller 13.6

2001-2002 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Jeff McInnis
14.6p 2.6r 6.2a
E. Piatkowski
8.8p 2.6r 1.6a
Corey Maggette
11.4p 3.7r 1.8a
Elton Brand
18.2p 11.6r 2.4a
M. Olowokandi
11.1p 8.9r 1.1a
Rotation Earl Boykins
4.1p 0.8r 2.1a
  Q. Richardson
13.3p 4.1r 1.6a
Lamar Odom
13.1p 6.1r 5.9a
Sean Rooks
3.0p 2.0r 0.4a
Rotation Keyon Dooling
4.1p 0.2r 0.9a
  T. Fowlkes
3.4p 2.9r 0.8a
Darius Miles
9.5p 5.5r 2.2a
Lim PT Doug Overton
2.2p 0.7r 0.7a
    Harold Jamison
2.2p 1.6r 0.2a
Obinna Ekezie
1.9p 1.2r 0.1a

2001-2002 Clippers Leaders

MPG Elton Brand 37.8
FG% Elton Brand .527
3P% Eric Piatkowski .466
FT% Eric Piatkowski .894
ORPG Elton Brand 5.0
DRPG Michael Olowokandi 6.8
RPG Elton Brand 11.6
APG Jeff McInnis 6.2
BPG Elton Brand 2.0
SPG Elton Brand 1.0
PPG Elton Brand 18.2

2000-2001 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Jeff McInnis
12.9p 2.7r 5.5a
Lamar Odom
17.2p 7.8r 5.2a
E. Piatkowski
10.6p 3.0r 1.2a
Cherokee Parks
4.8p 3.6r 0.8a
M. Olowokandi
8.5p 6.4r 0.6a
Rotation Keyon Dooling
5.9p 1.2r 2.3a
  Darius Miles
9.4p 5.9r 1.2a
Derek Strong
4.2p 3.9r 0.3a
Sean Rooks
5.4p 3.7r 0.9a
Rotation Earl Boykins
6.5p 1.1r 3.2a
  Corey Maggette
10.0p 4.2r 1.2a
Brian Skinner
4.1p 4.3r 0.5a
Rotation     Q. Richardson
8.1p 3.4r 0.8a
Lim PT         Z. Hamilton
3.0p 2.7r 0.0a

2000-2001 Clippers Leaders

MPG Lamar Odom 37.3
FG% Darius Miles .505
3P% Sean Rooks .500
FT% Eric Piatkowski .873
ORPG Michael Olowokandi 2.0
DRPG Lamar Odom 6.3
RPG Lamar Odom 7.8
APG Jeff McInnis 5.5
BPG Lamar Odom 1.6
SPG Lamar Odom 1.0
PPG Lamar Odom 17.2

1999-2000 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Derek Anderson
16.9p 4.0r 3.4a
Mo Taylor
17.1p 6.5r 1.6a
Lamar Odom
16.6p 7.8r 4.2a
Tyrone Nesby
13.3p 3.8r 1.7a
M. Olowokandi
9.8p 8.2r 0.5a
Rotation Jeff McInnis
7.2p 2.9r 3.6a
C. Jones
3.4p 1.1r 1.7a
E. Piatkowski
8.7p 3.0r 1.1a
E. Bohannon
2.4p 2.7r 0.5a
Brian Skinner
5.4p 6.1r 0.3a
Rotation Eric Murdock
5.6p 1.9r 2.7a
      Pete Chilcutt
3.0p 3.3r 0.7a
Rotation         Keith Closs
4.2p 3.1r 0.4a
Lim PT         Anthony Avent
1.7p 1.5r 0.2a

1999-2000 Clippers Leaders

MPG Lamar Odom 36.4
FG% Lamar Odom .438
3P% Eric Piatkowski .383
FT% Eric Piatkowski .850
ORPG Michael Olowokandi 2.4
DRPG Michael Olowokandi 5.8
RPG Michael Olowokandi 8.2
APG Lamar Odom 4.2
BPG Michael Olowokandi 1.8
SPG Lamar Odom 1.2
PPG Lamar Odom 16.6

1998-1999 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Darrick Martin
8.0p 1.3r 3.9a
E. Piatkowski
10.5p 2.9r 1.1a
Tyrone Nesby
10.1p 3.5r 1.6a
Mo Taylor
16.8p 5.3r 1.5a
M. Olowokandi
8.9p 7.9r 0.6a
Rotation S. Douglas
8.2p 1.9r 4.1a
C. Smith
3.7p 1.0r 0.6a
Lamond Murray
12.2p 3.9r 1.2a
  L. Wright
6.6p 7.5r 0.7a
Rotation Troy Hudson
6.8p 2.2r 3.7a
  Rodney Rogers
7.4p 3.8r 1.6a
  Brian Skinner
4.1p 2.5r 0.0a
Rotation P. Richardson
2.5p 1.2r 2.7a
Lim PT         S. Vrankovic
1.0p 3.0r 0.0a
Lim PT         Keith Closs
2.1p 1.7r 0.0a

1998-1999 Clippers Leaders

MPG Mo Taylor 32.7
FG% Mo Taylor .461
3P% Eric Piatkowski .394
FT% Eric Piatkowski .863
ORPG Lorenzen Wright 3.0
DRPG Michael Olowokandi 5.3
RPG Michael Olowokandi 7.9
APG Darrick Martin 3.9
BPG Michael Olowokandi 1.2
SPG Tyrone Nesby 1.5
PPG Mo Taylor 16.8

1997-1998 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Darrick Martin
10.3p 2.0r 4.0a
Rodney Rogers
15.1p 5.6r 2.7a
Lamond Murray
15.4p 6.1r 1.8a
L. Wright
9.0p 8.8r 0.8a
S. Vrankovic
3.0p 4.0r 0.6a
Rotation P. Richardson
4.2p 1.4r 3.3a
C. Smith
4.7p 0.8r 0.8a
E. Piatkowski
11.3p 3.5r 1.3a
Loy Vaught
6.8p 5.9r 0.6a
Ike Austin
15.2p 8.7r 3.4a
Rotation James Robinson
7.7p 1.6r 1.9a
    Mo Taylor
11.5p 4.2r 0.7a
Keith Closs
4.0p 2.9r 0.3a
Lim PT   James Collins
2.6p 0.6r 0.1a

1997-1998 Clippers Leaders

MPG Ike Austin 34.4
FG% Lamond Murray .481
3P% Darrick Martin .365
FT% Darrick Martin .848
ORPG Ike Austin 3.1
DRPG Ike Austin 5.7
RPG Ike Austin 8.7
APG Darrick Martin 4.0
BPG Ike Austin 0.8
SPG Lamond Murray 1.5
PPG Lamond Murray 15.4

1996-1997 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Darrick Martin
10.9p 1.4r 4.1a
Malik Sealy
13.5p 3.0r 2.1a
Rodney Rogers
13.2p 5.1r 2.7a
Loy Vaught
14.9p 10.0r 1.3a
L. Wright
7.3p 6.1r 0.6a
Rotation P. Richardson
5.6p 1.7r 2.9a
Brent Barry
7.5p 1.9r 2.6a
Lamond Murray
7.4p 3.1r 0.8a
Bo Outlaw
7.6p 5.5r 1.9a
S. Roberts
9.5p 5.1r 0.5a
Rotation   Terry Dehere
6.4p 1.3r 2.2a
E. Piatkowski
6.0p 1.6r 0.8a
  K. Duckworth
4.0p 2.3r 0.6a
Lim PT         D. Schintzius
2.3p 1.5r 0.3a
Lim PT         Rich Manning
3.1p 1.6r 0.1a

1996-1997 Clippers Leaders

MPG Loy Vaught 34.6
FG% Bo Outlaw .609
3P% Darrick Martin .389
FT% Malik Sealy .876
ORPG Loy Vaught 2.7
DRPG Loy Vaught 7.3
RPG Loy Vaught 10.0
APG Darrick Martin 4.1
BPG Bo Outlaw 1.7
SPG Malik Sealy 1.6
PPG Loy Vaught 14.9

1995-1996 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters P. Richardson
11.7p 2.5r 5.4a
Malik Sealy
11.5p 3.9r 1.9a
Rodney Rogers
11.6p 4.3r 2.5a
Loy Vaught
16.2p 10.1r 1.4a
Bison Dele
15.8p 7.6r 1.9a
Rotation   Terry Dehere
12.4p 1.7r 4.3a
Lamond Murray
8.4p 3.2r 1.1a
Bo Outlaw
3.6p 2.5r 0.6a
S. Roberts
7.0p 3.2r 0.8a
Rotation   Brent Barry
10.1p 2.1r 2.9a
E. Piatkowski
4.6p 1.6r 0.7a
  Antonio Harvey
2.9p 2.9r 0.2a
Lim PT         Keith Tower
2.4p 1.5r 0.1a

1995-1996 Clippers Leaders

MPG Loy Vaught 37.1
FG% Bo Outlaw .575
3P% Terry Dehere .440
FT% Brent Barry .810
ORPG Loy Vaught 2.5
DRPG Loy Vaught 7.5
RPG Loy Vaught 10.1
APG Terry Dehere 4.3
BPG Bo Outlaw 1.1
SPG Brent Barry 1.2
PPG Loy Vaught 16.2

1994-1995 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters P. Richardson
10.9p 3.3r 7.9a
Malik Sealy
13.0p 3.6r 1.8a
Lamond Murray
14.1p 4.4r 1.6a
T. Massenburg
9.3p 5.7r 0.8a
Loy Vaught
17.5p 9.7r 1.7a
Rotation   Terry Dehere
10.4p 1.9r 2.8a
E. Piatkowski
7.0p 1.6r 1.0a
Bo Outlaw
5.2p 3.9r 1.0a
Elmore Spencer
6.9p 3.4r 1.3a
Rotation   Gary Grant
6.2p 1.1r 2.8a
    Michael Smith
5.3p 1.9r 0.7a
Rotation         Eric Riley
4.4p 2.8r 0.3a
Lim PT Randy Woods
2.0p 0.7r 2.2a
Harold Ellis
3.7p 1.3r 0.6a

1994-1995 Clippers Leaders

MPG Loy Vaught 37.1
FG% Bo Outlaw .523
3P% Eric Piatkowski .374
FT% Terry Dehere .784
ORPG Loy Vaught 3.3
DRPG Loy Vaught 6.4
RPG Loy Vaught 9.7
APG Pooh Richardson 7.9
BPG Bo Outlaw 1.9
SPG Pooh Richardson 1.6
PPG Loy Vaught 17.5

1993-1994 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Mark Jackson
10.9p 4.4r 8.6a
Ron Harper
20.1p 6.1r 4.6a
D. Wilkins
29.1p 7.0r 2.2a
Loy Vaught
11.7p 8.7r 1.0a
Elmore Spencer
8.9p 5.5r 1.0a
Rotation   Gary Grant
7.5p 1.8r 3.7a
Tom Tolbert
3.8p 2.2r 0.6a
Bo Outlaw
6.9p 5.7r 1.0a
S. Roberts
7.4p 6.6r 0.8a
Rotation   Harold Ellis
8.7p 3.1r 0.6a
  John Williams
5.6p 3.7r 2.9a
Bob Martin
2.1p 2.2r 0.3a
Rotation   Terry Dehere
5.3p 1.1r 1.2a
Lim PT Randy Woods
3.6p 0.7r 1.8a

1993-1994 Clippers Leaders

MPG Ron Harper 38.1
FG% Loy Vaught .537
3P% Ron Harper .301
FT% Gary Grant .855
ORPG Loy Vaught 2.9
DRPG Loy Vaught 5.8
RPG Loy Vaught 8.7
APG Mark Jackson 8.6
BPG Elmore Spencer 1.7
SPG Ron Harper 1.9
PPG Dominique Wilkins 29.1

1992-1993 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Mark Jackson
14.4p 4.7r 8.8a
Ron Harper
18.0p 5.3r 4.5a
Ken Norman
15.0p 7.5r 2.2a
Danny Manning
22.8p 6.6r 2.6a
S. Roberts
11.3p 6.2r 0.8a
Rotation   Gary Grant
6.6p 1.9r 4.8a
K. Vandeweghe
6.2p 1.2r 0.6a
John Williams
6.6p 4.3r 1.9a
Rotation   Lester Conner
2.4p 1.6r 2.1a
  Loy Vaught
9.4p 6.2r 0.7a
Rotation   Jaren Jackson
3.9p 1.1r 1.0a
Lim PT Randy Woods
1.7p 0.3r 1.0a
      Elmore Spencer
2.4p 1.4r 0.2a

1992-1993 Clippers Leaders

MPG Mark Jackson 38.0
FG% Stanley Roberts .527
3P% Ron Harper .280
FT% Mark Jackson .803
ORPG Ken Norman 2.8
DRPG Ken Norman 4.8
RPG Ken Norman 7.5
APG Mark Jackson 8.8
BPG Stanley Roberts 1.8
SPG Ron Harper 2.2
PPG Danny Manning 22.8

1991-1992 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Gary Grant
7.8p 2.4r 6.9a
Ron Harper
18.2p 5.5r 5.1a
Danny Manning
19.3p 6.9r 3.5a
Loy Vaught
7.6p 6.5r 0.9a
Olden Polynice
8.1p 7.1r 0.6a
Rotation   Doc Rivers
10.9p 2.5r 3.9a
  C. Smith
14.6p 6.1r 1.1a
James Edwards
9.7p 2.8r 0.7a
Rotation   Danny Young
5.3p 1.5r 3.5a
  Ken Norman
12.1p 5.8r 1.6a
Lim PT   Bo Kimble
3.3p 0.9r 0.5a
    LeRon Ellis
1.5p 0.8r 0.0a

1991-1992 Clippers Leaders

MPG Ron Harper 38.3
FG% Danny Manning .542
3P% Loy Vaught .800
FT% Gary Grant .815
ORPG Danny Manning 2.8
DRPG Olden Polynice 4.5
RPG Olden Polynice 7.1
APG Gary Grant 6.9
BPG Danny Manning 1.5
SPG Ron Harper 1.9
PPG Danny Manning 19.3

1990-1991 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Gary Grant
8.7p 3.1r 8.6a
Ron Harper
19.6p 4.8r 5.4a
Danny Manning
15.9p 5.8r 2.7a
Ken Norman
17.4p 7.1r 2.3a
C. Smith
20.0p 8.2r 1.8a
Rotation W. Garland
8.2p 2.9r 4.6a
Jeff Martin
7.1p 1.8r 0.9a
  Loy Vaught
5.5p 4.8r 0.5a
Olden Polynice
12.3p 9.1r 0.8a
Rotation Tom Garrick
3.9p 1.9r 3.3a
Bo Kimble
6.9p 1.9r 1.2a
Lim PT       Ken Bannister
2.4p 2.0r 0.2a
Mike Smrek
1.0p 1.9r 0.3a

1990-1991 Clippers Leaders

1989-1990 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Gary Grant
13.1p 4.4r 10.0a
Ken Norman
16.1p 6.7r 2.3a
Danny Manning
16.3p 5.9r 2.6a
C. Smith
21.1p 6.7r 1.5a
B. Benjamin
13.5p 9.3r 2.2a
Rotation W. Garland
10.9p 3.7r 5.2a
Ron Harper
23.0p 5.6r 4.8a
Michael Young
4.9p 1.9r 0.5a
Ken Bannister
4.0p 2.2r 0.3a
Joe Wolf
4.8p 3.0r 0.8a
Rotation Tom Garrick
7.0p 2.2r 4.0a
Jeff Martin
6.3p 2.3r 0.6a
Rotation David Rivers
4.2p 1.6r 3.0a
Lim PT   Jay Edwards
1.8p 0.5r 1.0a
Lim PT   Steve Harris
2.1p 0.7r 0.1a

1989-1990 Clippers Leaders

1988-1989 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Quintin Dailey
16.1p 3.0r 2.2a
Gary Grant
11.9p 3.4r 7.1a
Ken Norman
18.1p 8.3r 3.5a
C. Smith
16.3p 6.5r 1.4a
B. Benjamin
16.4p 8.8r 2.0a
Rotation Norm Nixon
6.8p 1.5r 6.3a
  R. Williams
10.2p 2.8r 1.6a
Danny Manning
16.7p 6.6r 3.1a
Joe Wolf
5.8p 4.1r 1.7a
Rotation Tom Garrick
6.4p 2.2r 3.4a
    Ken Bannister
8.2p 3.7r 0.3a
Rotation Kevin Williams
3.8p 2.2r 1.9a
    Eric White
4.3p 1.9r 0.5a
Lim PT   G. Gondrezick
3.9p 1.3r 1.3a
  Rob Lock
1.5p 1.6r 0.2a

1988-1989 Clippers Leaders

MPG Ken Norman 37.8
FG% Benoit Benjamin .541
3P% Gary Grant .227
FT% Tom Garrick .803
ORPG Ken Norman 3.1
DRPG Benoit Benjamin 6.7
RPG Benoit Benjamin 8.8
APG Gary Grant 7.1
BPG Benoit Benjamin 2.8
SPG Gary Grant 2.0
PPG Ken Norman 18.1

1987-1988 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Larry Drew
10.3p 1.6r 5.2a
D. Valentine
7.1p 2.0r 4.8a
Mike Woodson
18.0p 2.4r 3.4a
Michael Cage
14.5p 13.0r 1.5a
B. Benjamin
13.0p 8.0r 2.6a
Rotation Steve Burtt
9.0p 1.4r 2.0a
Quintin Dailey
13.4p 2.3r 1.6a
R. Williams
10.4p 3.4r 1.7a
Joe Wolf
7.6p 4.5r 2.3a
Greg Kite
5.1p 6.0r 1.1a
Rotation       Ken Norman
8.6p 4.0r 1.2a
Rotation       Eric White
10.5p 3.6r 0.5a
Rotation       Earl Cureton
4.3p 3.9r 0.9a

1987-1988 Clippers Leaders

MPG Michael Cage 36.9
FG% Michael Cage .470
3P% Darnell Valentine .455
FT% Mike Woodson .868
ORPG Michael Cage 5.2
DRPG Michael Cage 7.9
RPG Michael Cage 13.0
APG Larry Drew 5.2
BPG Michael Cage 0.8
SPG Darnell Valentine 1.5
PPG Mike Woodson 18.0

1986-1987 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters D. Valentine
11.2p 2.3r 6.9a
Mike Woodson
17.1p 2.2r 2.6a
Rory White
9.2p 2.9r 1.2a
Michael Cage
15.7p 11.5r 1.6a
B. Benjamin
11.5p 8.1r 1.9a
Rotation Larry Drew
12.4p 1.7r 5.4a
M. Johnson
16.6p 3.3r 2.8a
  Earl Cureton
7.7p 6.4r 1.5a
Tim Kempton
4.4p 2.9r 0.8a
Rotation   Kenny Fields
8.7p 3.3r 1.4a
Rotation   Quintin Dailey
10.6p 1.7r 1.6a
Rotation   L. Gordon
7.5p 1.8r 2.0a
Lim PT       S. Johnson
2.6p 1.5r 0.2a

1986-1987 Clippers Leaders

MPG Michael Cage 36.5
FG% Cedric Maxwell .519
3P% Lancaster Gordon .292
FT% Mike Woodson .828
ORPG Michael Cage 4.4
DRPG Michael Cage 7.1
RPG Michael Cage 11.5
APG Cedric Maxwell 3.5
BPG Benoit Benjamin 2.6
SPG Mike Woodson 1.4
PPG Mike Woodson 17.1

1985-1986 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Norm Nixon
14.6p 2.7r 8.6a
M. Johnson
20.3p 5.5r 3.8a
Cedric Maxwell
14.1p 8.2r 2.8a
Kurt Nimphius
12.0p 5.9r 0.7a
B. Benjamin
11.1p 7.6r 1.0a
Rotation F. Edwards
9.0p 1.2r 3.5a
Derek Smith
23.5p 3.7r 2.8a
  Rory White
11.7p 2.4r 1.0a
Rotation D. Valentine
5.9p 1.6r 3.1a
J. Bridgeman
8.8p 2.1r 1.9a
  Michael Cage
6.7p 5.3r 1.0a
Rotation   L. Gordon
5.2p 1.1r 1.0a
Lim PT         Jeff Cross
1.2p 1.4r 0.0a
Lim PT         Ozell Jones
0.0p 0.7r 0.0a

1985-1986 Clippers Leaders

MPG Marques Johnson 34.7
FG% Rory White .519
3P% Benoit Benjamin .333
FT% Franklin Edwards .874
ORPG Cedric Maxwell 3.2
DRPG James Donaldson 7.4
RPG James Donaldson 9.4
APG Marques Johnson 3.8
BPG Benoit Benjamin 2.6
SPG Marques Johnson 1.4
PPG Marques Johnson 20.3

1984-1985 Los Angeles Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Norm Nixon
17.2p 2.7r 8.8a
Derek Smith
22.1p 5.3r 2.7a
M. Johnson
16.4p 5.9r 3.4a
Michael Cage
7.1p 5.2r 0.7a
J. Donaldson
11.3p 8.1r 0.6a
Rotation   F. Edwards
5.7p 0.9r 2.4a
J. Bridgeman
13.9p 2.9r 2.1a
H. Catchings
2.9p 3.7r 0.2a
Bill Walton
10.1p 9.0r 2.3a
Rotation   L. Gordon
4.1p 1.0r 1.4a
  Rory White
4.7p 2.4r 0.4a
Lim PT     Dale Wilkinson
1.4p 0.3r 0.2a
Jay Murphy
1.2p 1.8r 0.2a

1984-1985 Clippers Leaders

MPG Norm Nixon 35.7
FG% James Donaldson .637
3P% Junior Bridgeman .359
FT% Junior Bridgeman .879
ORPG Marques Johnson 2.6
DRPG James Donaldson 6.1
RPG Harvey Catchings 0.0
APG Norm Nixon 8.8
BPG James Donaldson 1.6
SPG Norm Nixon 1.2
PPG Derek Smith 22.1

1983-1984 San Diego Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Norm Nixon
17.0p 2.5r 11.1a
Ricky Pierce
9.9p 2.0r 0.9a
Terry Cummings
22.9p 9.6r 1.7a
Bill Walton
12.1p 8.7r 3.3a
J. Donaldson
11.8p 7.9r 1.1a
Rotation   Derek Smith
9.8p 2.8r 1.3a
Michael Brooks
11.3p 7.3r 1.9a
Hank McDowell
3.6p 2.7r 0.6a
J. Whitehead
5.4p 3.5r 0.3a
Rotation   Craig Hodges
7.8p 1.1r 1.5a
Greg Kelser
11.0p 4.9r 1.1a
Rotation   Billy McKinney
3.9p 0.7r 2.0a
Lim PT       Rory White
1.3p 0.7r 0.0a

1983-1984 Clippers Leaders

MPG Norm Nixon 37.2
FG% James Donaldson .596
3P% Greg Kelser .333
FT% Billy McKinney .848
ORPG Terry Cummings 4.0
DRPG James Donaldson 5.9
RPG Greg Kelser 0.0
APG Norm Nixon 11.1
BPG James Donaldson 1.7
SPG Norm Nixon 1.1
PPG Terry Cummings 22.9

1982-1983 San Diego Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Craig Hodges
9.9p 1.6r 3.6a
Lionel Hollins
13.5p 2.3r 6.7a
Al Wood
10.9p 3.1r 1.8a
Tom Chambers
17.6p 6.6r 2.4a
Terry Cummings
23.7p 10.6r 2.5a
Rotation Lowes Moore
5.7p 1.5r 2.0a
  Michael Brooks
12.2p 6.4r 3.2a
Joe Cooper
5.6p 5.5r 1.2a
Bill Walton
14.1p 9.8r 3.6a
Rotation     Bob Gross
3.1p 2.4r 1.3a
R. Anderson
5.2p 3.5r 1.5a
J. Whitehead
8.7p 5.7r 0.9a
Lim PT   Jim Brogan
3.8p 1.1r 1.1a
    Swen Nater
2.3p 1.9r 0.1a

1982-1983 Clippers Leaders

MPG Terry Cummings 36.2
FG% Terry Cummings .523
3P% Richard Anderson .368
FT% Al Wood .770
ORPG Terry Cummings 4.3
DRPG Terry Cummings 6.3
RPG Michael Brooks 0.0
APG Craig Hodges 3.6
BPG Terry Cummings 0.9
SPG Terry Cummings 1.8
PPG Terry Cummings 23.7

1981-1982 San Diego Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Brian Taylor
10.8p 2.3r 5.6a
Michael Brooks
15.6p 7.6r 2.9a
Tom Chambers
17.2p 6.9r 1.8a
Joe Bryant
11.8p 3.7r 2.5a
J. Whitehead
13.8p 9.2r 1.4a
Rotation Armond Hill
4.7p 1.4r 4.3a
Charlie Criss
12.9p 1.6r 4.0a
Al Wood
12.5p 3.1r 1.6a
Michael Wiley
8.3p 3.0r 0.9a
Swen Nater
12.5p 9.1r 1.4a
Rotation John Douglas
7.0p 1.4r 2.3a
Jim Brogan
6.3p 1.9r 2.5a
  Jim Smith
2.9p 2.5r 0.6a
Lim PT         Rock Lee
1.0p 0.5r 1.0a
Lim PT         Bill Walton
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a

1981-1982 Clippers Leaders

MPG Michael Brooks 33.5
FG% Jerome Whitehead .559
3P% Joe Bryant .267
FT% Joe Bryant .785
ORPG Jerome Whitehead 3.2
DRPG Jerome Whitehead 6.0
RPG Joe Bryant 0.0
APG Michael Brooks 2.9
BPG Jim Smith 0.7
SPG Michael Brooks 1.4
PPG Tom Chambers 17.2

1980-1981 San Diego Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Henry Bibby
4.6p 1.0r 2.7a
Brian Taylor
10.1p 1.9r 5.5a
Phil Smith
16.8p 2.1r 4.9a
Gar Heard
4.8p 4.5r 1.6a
J. Whitehead
4.1p 4.8r 0.6a
Rotation     Michael Brooks
14.7p 5.4r 2.5a
Joe Bryant
11.6p 5.4r 2.3a
Swen Nater
15.6p 12.4r 2.4a
Rotation     F. Williams
19.3p 1.6r 2.0a
Sidney Wicks
6.7p 4.6r 2.3a
Rotation     Ron Davis
5.8p 1.9r 0.7a
Lim PT     Wally Rank
2.2p 1.2r 0.7a
  Bill Walton
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a

1980-1981 Clippers Leaders

MPG Swen Nater 34.3
FG% Swen Nater .553
3P% Brian Taylor .383
FT% Freeman Williams .852
ORPG Swen Nater 3.6
DRPG Swen Nater 8.8
RPG Gar Heard 0.0
APG Brian Taylor 5.5
BPG Gar Heard 0.9
SPG Brian Taylor 1.5
PPG Freeman Williams 19.3

1979-1980 San Diego Clippers Depth Chart

Starters Brian Taylor
13.5p 2.4r 4.3a
Bingo Smith
11.7p 3.5r 1.3a
Sidney Wicks
7.1p 5.8r 3.0a
Joe Bryant
9.3p 6.4r 1.8a
Bill Walton
13.9p 9.0r 2.4a
Rotation   World B. Free
30.2p 3.5r 4.2a
F. Williams
18.6p 2.3r 2.0a
Marvin Barnes
3.2p 3.9r 0.9a
Swen Nater
13.4p 15.0r 2.9a
Rotation   S. Pietkiewicz
4.6p 0.9r 1.9a
N. Weatherspoon
6.9p 3.6r 0.9a

1979-1980 Clippers Leaders

MPG Swen Nater 35.3
FG% Swen Nater .554
3P% Brian Taylor .377
FT% Bingo Smith .869
ORPG Swen Nater 4.3
DRPG Swen Nater 10.7
RPG Bingo Smith 0.0
APG Brian Taylor 4.3
BPG Sidney Wicks 0.7
SPG Brian Taylor 1.9
PPG Freeman Williams 18.6