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Chris Douglas-Roberts Has Partially Torn Achilles

Chris Douglas-Roberts has a partially torn Achilles, according to a source.

Douglas-Roberts has dealt with pain in his Achilles since training camp.

Via Fred Katz/Bleacher Report

Blake Griffin Charged With Misdemeanor Battery From Vegas Incident

Blake Griffin has been charged with battery for allegedly slapping a man outside a Las Vegas nightclub in October.

According to the alleged victim, Daniel Schuman, Griffin was upset by camera flashes and grabbed his phone and neck.

The Clark County D.A. has now charged Griffin with one count of misdemeanor battery. He faces six months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. A jail sentence is highly unlikely as Griffin has no prior convictions of violent crimes.


Draymond Green Wasn't Sticking Tongue Out At Griffin

Draymond Green went viral when he stuck his tongue out after making a first half three-pointer in the Golden State Warriors' nationally televised win over the Los Angeles Clippers.

Green appeared to be sticking out his tongue at Blake Griffin, who was defending him on the play. Green was actually making the face at Jermaine O'Neal, who was sitting courtside. 

“Man, that was all over my Instagram, my Twitter,” Green said, smiling. “I wasn’t even looking at him. JO was giving me the (scrunched) face like that, and if you watch the video, I’m already looking that way. And then Blake came running into the screen, and the closer we got to each other, it looked like I was doing that to him. But I wasn’t doing that to him. That’s why he never looked at it because he knew…It’s funny.”  



Via Diamond Leung/San Jose Mercury News

Rivers: Clippers Would Be Destroyed By Warriors In Playoff Series

The Los Angeles Clippers were blown out by the Golden State Warriors in a nationally televised game on Wednesday by a final score of 121-104.

The Warriors scored 65 points in the first half alone.

"They're way better than us right now. It’s not even…if this was a playoff series, we’d lose in four games. It would be a destruction," said Doc Rivers.

Via Dan Woike/Orange County Register

Clippers Tried To Sneak Joe Ingles Through Waivers

The Los Angeles Clippers cut Joe Ingles during the preseason as part of a roster crunch, but quickly found a home with the Utah Jazz.

Doc Rivers believes the Australian small forward “would’ve found his way on the floor with us” if the Clippers could have held on to the 27-year-old.

“I just think a guy that knows how to play when you put him on a good team, he can be really good,” Rivers continued. “And he’s a great guy that you want on your team.”

The Clippers were hoping nobody would claim Ingles off waivers while they tried to figure out how to re-sign him, which would have required cutting a player.

Via Jody Genessy/Deseret News

Bullock Sees 14-15 As 'Do-Over' From Rookie Season

Reggie Bullock played in just 43 games as a rookie as he was limited by injuries and a general lack of playing time for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Bullock made four of six three-pointers in his season debut on Monday.

The Clippers recently picked up their third-year option for Bullock at $1.25 million.

“I see it as a do-over,” Bullock said. “But at the same time, I grew a lot when I was a rookie. I learned from a lot of players that were ahead of me, so it was good for me to get that year under my belt.”

Via Ben Bolch/Los Angeles Times

DeAndre Jordan Not Focused On Contract, Considered 'Key To Championship'

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are universally known as the Los Angeles Clippers' top two players, but players and coaches believe the X-factor toward an NBA championship is DeAndre Jordan.

“He’s the key to our championship,” Matt Barnes said. “Teams have offensive threats, but when you have a 7-footer that can run the floor, rebound, block shots and change shots, he’s going to be the key.”

Jordan is entering the final year of his four-year, $43 million deal.

“It’s just another season. I don’t want to think about it like that,” Jordan insists. “I don’t think about it like that.”

Everyone knows the issue is there.

“It’s a free agent year. It’s a big year for our team,” Barnes said. “There’s a lot on his plate.”

Via Dan Woike/Orange County Register

RealGM Radio: Arturo Galletti On NBA Season Over-Unders

In this two-part episode, host Daniel Leroux (@DannyLeroux) and Arturo Galletti of BoxScoreGeeks.com (@ArturoGalletti) go through the over-unders for all 30 NBA teams for the 14-15 season. 

Timestamps for the discussion on each team:

Part One

Atlanta Hawks (40.5 wins)- 


Boston Celtics (26.5 wins)- 


Brooklyn Nets (41.5 wins)- 


Charlotte Hornets (45.5 wins)- 


Chicago Bulls (55.5 wins)- 


Cleveland Cavaliers (58.5 wins)- 


Dallas Mavericks (49.5 wins)- 


Denver Nuggets (40.5 wins)- 


Detroit Pistons (36.5 wins)- 


Golden State Warriors (50.5 wins)- 


Houston Rockets (49.5 wins)- 


Indiana Pacers (32.5 wins)- 


Los Angeles Clippers (55.5 wins)- 


Los Angeles Lakers (31.5 wins)- 


Memphis Grizzlies (48.5 wins)- 


Miami Heat (43.5 wins)- 


Lightning Round


Click here to listen or download Part 1 

Part Two

Milwaukee Bucks (24.5 wins)- 


Minnesota Timberwolves (25.5 wins)- 


New Orleans Pelicans (41.5 wins)- 


New York Knicks (40.5 wins)- 


Oklahoma City Thunder (57.5 wins)- 


Orlando Magic (28.5 wins)- 


Philadelphia 76ers (15.5 wins)- 


Phoenix Suns (42.5 wins)- 


Portland Trail Blazers (48.5 wins)- 


Sacramento Kings (30.5 wins)- 


San Antonio Spurs (56.5 wins)- 


Toronto Raptors (49.5 wins)- 


Utah Jazz (25.5 wins)- 


Washington Wizards (49.5 wins)- 


Other bets on the board-

Click here to listen or download Part 2

You can also click here to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Via RealGM Staff Report

Ballmer Wants To Turn Clippers Into 'America's Team'

Steve Ballmer is thrilled to begin his first season as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Ballmer has received criticism for paying above fair market value for the Clippers at $2 billion.

"The ones who speak up the most think I probably paid too much," said Ballmer. "But there are many smart people I know who would agree with me that I paid a reasonable price… I expect to own this until essentially I die, so that's 25, 30 years (from now). Will it perform as well as the stock market — 'total return,' as they like to say in the investment business? Yeah, I think I'll do as well as if I owned an index fund that represented the S&P 500. That's OK. I won't outperform it, but I'll do at least as well. ... And that's OK with me. That's a pretty good return." 

Ballmer has high hopes for the Clippers becoming one of the favorite teams in the NBA.

"How did the Lakers get to be 'America's team'?" Ballmer says. "(It was) with Magic (Johnson) and championships in the '80s. That's what did it. (The) New York (Yankees) with Babe Ruth in the '20s, and New York with Mickey Mantle in the '60s. ... That's how you do it."

The Clippers have never played in an NBA Finals.

"Yeah, I think we have an opportunity (to be America's team)," he says from the edge of his seat, his pitch on the rise yet again. "But we've really got to light 'em up. We've got incredible superstar guys at the helm in Blake (Griffin) and Chris (Paul) and DJ (DeAndre Jordan). We're playing in a great market. We have this unfortunate situation (with Sterling), and yet all that's done for the forward-looking thing is put the Clippers on everybody's road map.

"Everybody wants this story to end with the guys who had to live through this succeeding!"

Via Sam Amick/USA Today

DeAndre Jordan Looks For New Deal Next Summer, Not Extension Now

The Los Angeles Clippers understand DeAndre Jordan will be looking for a new deal next summer versus signing a contract extension before the start of the regular season.

"He won’t ever accept an extension," Doc Rivers said. "Why would he?

"Everybody, they get what they earn. That’s basically in life and that will happen for D.J."

Jordan averaged 10.4 points, 13.6 rebounds and 2.48 blocks per game last season.

Via Ben Bolch/Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Clippers Archives

Lawrence Frank To Join Clippers' Coaching Staff

Lawrence Frank was previously a member of Doc Rivers' coaching staff with the Celtics.

Ray Allen Still Undecided On Playing Future; Wizards Among Teams 'Periodically' Reaching Out

The Wizards are "periodically" checking in on Ray Allen.

Blake Griffin Surprised Clippers Sold For $2 Billion

Blake Griffin also discussed how Donald Sterling used to bring women inside the Clippers' locker room after games.

RealGM Radio: On The Pacific Division With Winter And Partnow

The three review the summer moves for all five teams including the ownership change for the Clippers and new coaches for the Warriors and Lakers.

Joe Ingles Signs One-Year Deal With Clippers

Joe Ingles has signed a guaranteed minimum one-year deal with the Clippers.

Hedo Turkoglu Re-Signs With Clippers

The Clippers have re-signed Hedo Turkoglu.

Charlie Villanueva To Sign With Mavericks After Deciding Between Dallas, Clippers

Charlie Villanueva is nearing a decision on a veteran's minimum deal with either the Mavericks or Clippers, a league source tells RealGM.

Julyan Stone Visiting Lakers For Second Time; Workouts Scheduled With Cavs, Clippers, Heat

Julyan Stone also has scheduled workouts with the Clippers, Cavaliers and Heat, sources said.

Ekpe Udoh To Sign Guaranteed One-Year Deal With Clippers

Ekpe Udoh has reached an agreement on a fully guaranteed veteran-minimum contract with the Clippers for one season, a league source told RealGM.

DeAndre Liggins To Sign Deal With Clippers

DeAndre Liggins has reached agreement with the Clippers on a deal to go to training camp, a league source told RealGM.

Courtney Witte Leaving 76ers To Join Clippers As Scout

Courtney Witte has been the 76ers' director of player personnel for more than a decade and under Sam Hinkie over the past season.

Chris Douglas-Roberts Near Deal With Clippers

Chris Douglas-Roberts had a strong season with Charlotte in 13-14, averaging 6.9 points in 20.7 minutes per game over 49 appearances.

Hedo Turkoglu Close To One-Year Deal With Clippers

Hedo Turkoglu is close to a one-year, $1.4 million deal to re-sign with the Clippers.

Clippers, Spurs Enter Picture For Ray Allen

The Spurs and Clippers have emerged as possible destinations for Ray Allen.

Clippers Release Carlos Delfino

The Clippers released Carlos Delfino on Friday.

Miroslav Raduljica To Be Waived By Clippers

Miroslav Raduljica will be waived by the Clippers on Friday morning, league sources told RealGM.

Doc Rivers, Clippers Agree Upon New Five-Year, $50M Contract

The Clippers have signed Doc Rivers to a contract extension through the 18-19 season.

Clippers Trade Jared Dudley, 1st Round Pick To Bucks For Carlos Delfino, Miroslav Raduljica

The Clippers have traded Jared Dudley to the Bucks, according to a source.

Clippers Won't Change Name Of Franchise

The Clippers will not change the name of the franchise under new owner Steve Ballmer.

Shawn Marion Agrees To Sign With Cavs

Shawn Marion has committed to sign with the Cavaliers.
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