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Kevin Durant Dismisses Speculation He Changed Course Once Free Agency Started
Kevin Durant refuted a report that was later clarified about telling Russell Westbrook or giving him the impression he planned to re-sign with the Thunder.
Video: Russell Westbrook Sarcastically Laughs When Asked About Durant
Russell Westbrook has been silent so far this offseason following the departure of Kevin Durant.
Clippers Were Told They Were In Top-3 On Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant was reportedly "blown away" by the presentation of the Clippers.
ESPN Clarifies Report Of Durant Telling Westbrook He'd Re-Sign With Thunder
Royce Young has clarified a remark made in a podcast on Tuesday about what Kevin Durant supposedly said to Russell Westbrook during their dinner before the start of free agency.
RealGM Radio: Royce Young On The Thunder
Host Danny Leroux and ESPN's Royce Young discuss Oklahoma City's present, past and future, including Russell Westbrook's future with the team, the impact of the Serge Ibaka trade and the legacy of the Durant/Westbrook era.
Draymond Green Didn't Recruit Kevin Durant During Playoffs
Draymond Green admitted there would have been no chance of Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors had the Thunder won the Western Conference Finals.
Report: Kevin Durant Told Russell Westbrook He'd Re-Sign With Thunder
Russell Westbrook reportedly feels betrayed by the departure of Kevin Durant.
Victor Oladipo Looking For Max Extension From Thunder
Victor Oladipo was traded by the Magic to the Thunder this offseason just as he became eligible for an extension from his rookie deal.
Russell Westbrook 'Angry, Hurt' By Kevin Durant's Departure
Russell Westbrook thought Kevin Durant was going to re-sign with the Oklahoma City Thunder and found out his decision online as did everyone else.
Kevin Durant Was Looking For New Home In OKC One Week Before Free Agency
Kevin Durant reportedly "assured people he was coming back."

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Russell Westbrook As Antihero On An Anti-Superteam

by Christopher Reina

Russell Westbrook playing as the unequivocal alpha and omega with a finely crafted set of elite role players is perhaps the ultimate fulfillment of his basketball destiny. Perhaps it is also the ultimate fulfillment of this asset-rich Celtics' era.

Team USA And The Genesis Of NBA Superteams

by Christopher Reina

Without the development of friendships as teammates and the on-court test drive of playing with each other as part of Team USA, the 2010 Heat and 2016 Warriors probably never happen.

A Basketball Capital Born In The Dust Considers What's Next

by John Wilmes

A small-market team fought for championships every year, gaining global prominence and pride as Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook defied the long odds facing a multi-national entertainment product that stakes its identity in the middle of a state most known for its unbeautiful dust.

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