San Antonio Spurs Front Office

Cavs-Knicks, Warriors-Spurs Featured On 16-17 Opening Night
The Cavs also hosted the Knicks in LeBron James' first game back in 2014.
Matt Bonner Still Looking For Deal, Unlikely To Re-Sign With Spurs
Matt Bonner has spent 10 seasons with the Spurs.
Monty Williams Expected To Take Job With Spurs
San Antonio has opened the door to Monty Williams to either a coaching and player-development role or a front-office position, or possibly a hybrid job.
David Lee Agrees To Two-Year Deal With Spurs
The second year of the deal is a player option for David Lee.
Manu Ginobili Found 76ers' Pitch Appealing Due To Brett Brown, Size Of Offer
Philadelphia was offering a two-year contract offer that guaranteed in the first season five times more than the Spurs.
Spurs Hire Brian Wright From Pistons As Assistant GM
The Spurs have lost Sean Marks to the Nets and Scott Layden to the Timberwolves so far in 2016.
Manu Ginobili Agrees To One-Year, $14M Deal With Spurs
The Spurs can go over the cap to re-sign Manu Ginobili as they own his full Bird Rights.
Manu Ginobili Discussing One-Year, $10M Deal With Spurs
The Spurs must use up all of their cap space before exceeding the cap to re-sign Manu Ginobili.
Tim Duncan Waived By Spurs
The Spurs needed to clear Tim Duncan's salary to create cap space for their free agent moves.
Jason Kidd Regrets Not Signing With Spurs In 2003
Jason Kidd and the Nets were coming off two straight appearances in the Finals and only met with the Spurs in free agency.

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Spurs Analysis

The Many Legacies Of Tim Duncan

by Christopher Reina

Tim Duncan isn't the greatest player in NBA history and certainly not the most entertaining or culturally relevant, but no team has extracted more value from a player and for longer than the Spurs did with him since Bill Russell and the Celtics.

Grading The Deal: Pau Gasol Signs With Spurs

by Christopher Reina

The Spurs could have instead pursued a younger, more athletic big with upside to emerge to another level within their system, but they went with the safe plug and play option of Pau Gasol.

Grading The Deal: Kevin Durant Leaves Oklahoma City For The Warriors

by Christopher Reina

Signing Kevin Durant with an existing team so young and talented that just won a record-breaking 73 regular season games is an NBA miracle. Durant's legacy will now be playing within the greatest offense in the history of basketball and however many titles they win.

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