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Casey: Kyle Lowry Playing At Highest Level Of Career

Kyle Lowry was recently involved in trade discussions and has been on a tear ever since.

Lowry had 32 points and 11 assists in the Toronto Raptors' 115-100 win over the New York Knicks on Saturday.

Dwane Casey believes Lowry is playing at the highest level of his career.

"He's playing with such force and such confidence," Casey said. "He's been playing the game the right way and he's been playing lights out. It's really good for Kyle and I'm happy for him."

Lowry was linked to a move to the Knicks just a few days after the team traded Rudy Gay.

"It is what it is," Lowry said. "I'm not really worried about it. I've said it 50 million times and I'm going to say it 50 more: Until something happens I'm a Raptor and I'm going to play for the Raptors and I'm going to play hard for the Raptors."

Via AP

Sources: Luol Deng Receiving Interest From Cavaliers, Mavericks, Lakers, Raptors, Spurs, Grizzlies, Nets

Luol Deng is already receiving interest from the Cleveland Cavaliers, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, Toronto Raptors, San Antonio Spurs, Memphis Grizzlies and Brooklyn Nets among others, according to sources.

The Bulls have reportedly decided they will try to re-sign Deng in free agency.

“I’ve moved around a lot, but this is the longest I’ve been in one place my whole life and I came here at 19," Deng said. "I’m 28 now. I pretty much grew up here. So for me to think about being somewhere else, it’s a weird feeling. But at the same time, I don’t know what it’s like to be somewhere else. I’ve been here my whole career. Maybe it’s better, maybe it’s not. I don’t know that. The best thing I can do is play, be the best I can be and hope it works out. I don’t know if it will be here, if it will be somewhere else. I don’t know that.

"But right now, I can’t hang on to that. I can’t control that. I think when the season’s over and everything is done, then you sit down and you go through that stuff. But for me to think about it now, it’s just a waste of energy because I don’t even know — what am I supposed to think about? I don’t know what city. So it’s just a waste of time.”

Via Aggrey Sam/Comcast SportsNet

Source: Lowry To Knicks Talks 'Dead,' New York Unwilling To Give First Round Pick

Attempts between the New York Knicks and Toronto Raptors to revive discussions centered on Kyle Lowry remain dead, according to a source.

The Knicks have pursed Lowry to bolster their point guard spot.

The Knicks are unwilling to part with their upcoming first round pick years down the line.

Via Howard Beck/Bleacher Report

DeRozan Not Paying Attention To Trade Speculation

The Toronto Raptors are 5-2 since trading Rudy Gay and are now in first place in the Atlantic Division.

But Masai Ujiri could still decide that the best path forward is to continue rebuilding by trading some of their best assets such as Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan.

"I don't worry about that, man, at all," DeRozan told ESPN.com. "I don't worry about none of that. I just go out there and play my game. I don't pay attention [to trade speculation]. I don't pay no mind to it all."

DeRozan also insists that none of the Raptors are too fearful of being dealt.

Via Marc Stein/ESPN

Casey: Raptors 'Fighting Like Crap For The Playoffs'

The Toronto Raptors gave the Oklahoma City Thunder their first loss at home on Sunday as they continue to fight for a spot in the playoffs.

The Raptors are now in first place in the Atlantic Division.

Dwane Casey said before the win that the Raptors are "at a crossroads with our organization" but also "fighting like crap for the playoffs." 

The Raptors could still trade some of their key assets such as DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry.

Via Marc Stein/ESPN

Report: Lakers Express Interest In Iman Shumpert, Tyson Chandler

The Los Angeles Lakers recently reached out to the New York Knicks to express interest in Iman Shumpert and have interest in Tyson Chandler as well, according to sources.

The Lakers did not inquire about Chandler when they called the Knicks, but they are reportedly weighing whether to propose a Pau-Gasol-for-Chandler deal. No trade is imminent.

The Knicks could consider moving Chandler if J.R. Smith is involved in the trade.

The Knicks have discussed Shumpert in trade conversations with the Denver Nuggets and Toronto Raptors, according to the report.

Via Chris Broussard/ESPN

Nets Won't Deal Bogdanovic Or Future First Rounder To Raptors For Lowry

The Brooklyn Nets have interest in Kyle Lowry, but have "zero intention" of trading Bojan Bogdanovic or a future first round pick to the Toronto Raptors in any deal for him, according to a source.

The Nets gave up multiple future first round picks in their June deal for Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry.

Bogdanovic was the 31st overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft currently playing for Fenerbahce Ulker.

Via Howard Beck/Bleacher Report

Rudy Gay: Being Traded Shouldn't Hurt Your Confidence

Rudy Gay gets a fresh start from a fanbase in the Sacramento Kings eager to embrace him.

The Kings' fans gave Gay a standing ovation when they made a brief appearance at Sleep Train Arena this week.

"Being traded shouldn't hurt your confidence," said Gay to Amick. "It should make you more confident, because obviously this is a team that wants me and wants me to be a part of the team. It doesn't hurt my confidence at all. Once you've gone into a situation, you have to find different ways for you to be effective."

The Kings believe Gay's production will improve playing with a big of DeMarcus Cousins' caliber.

"That's why we didn't get caught up into Rudy's numbers this year in Toronto, because DeMarcus is a luxury, for us and also for his teammates, because he generates wide open shots for those guys," said Michael Malone. "So we feel that will hopefully get Rudy back to where he was in those Memphis days."

Gay also cited Andre Iguodala as an example of the type of player he can become.

Via Sam Amick/USA Today

Dolan Vetoes Knicks' Deal With Raptors For Kyle Lowry

The New York Knicks were prepared to trade Raymond Felton, Metta World Peace, plus either Iman Shumpert, Tim Hardaway Jr. or a 2018 first round pick to the Toronto Raptors for Kyle Lowry, but owner James Dolan has vetoed the deal.

The Raptors preferred a first round pick from the Knicks.

Dolan had previously dealt with Raptors' GM Masai Ujiri on the 2011 deal for Carmelo Anthony when he was with the Denver Nuggets.

“Dolan didn’t want to get fleeced again by Masai,” said a source. “They had a deal ready.”

The Knicks had decided to move forward with the deal on Wednesday evening, but Dolan had second thoughts on Thursday.

“There are two problems,” the source said. “Dolan didn’t like that someone from his group leaked it to the media, and the other problem is the Knicks seem to have too many (people) involved with making decisions.”

Via Frank Isola/New York Daily News

Greivis Vasquez Wants To Spend Rest Of Career With Raptors

Greivis Vasquez was an integral piece of the trade between the Toronto Raptors and Sacramento Kings and the point guard expressed excitement about his new opportunity.

Vasquez also hopes to spend the rest of his career with the Raptors, which would include re-signing with the organization as a free agent in the offseason.

"I'm excited here," Vasquez said. "I want to play for the Toronto Raptors and win a lot of games here. And hopefully I stay here my whole career.

"Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work and unfortunately it didn't work in Sacramento, but I have nothing against the franchise or the guys who played there. It's just I've (turned) the page."

Via Mike Ganter/Toronto Sun

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