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Langston Hall, Dallas Moore Headline Atlantic Sun Awards

Langston Hall of Mercer has been named Atlantic Sun Player of the Year for 2014.

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Dallas MooreNorth Florida12.47
Travis WallaceNorth Florida12.28
Beau BeechNorth Florida10.31
Jalen NesbittNorth Florida8.13
Chris DavenportNorth Florida7.72
Travis WallaceNorth Florida7.34
Chris DavenportNorth Florida5.47
Jalen NesbittNorth Florida4.23
Beau BeechNorth Florida4.16
BaeBae DanielsNorth Florida3.88
Dallas MooreNorth Florida2.59
Jalen NesbittNorth Florida2.45
Chris DavenportNorth Florida1.66
Charles McRoyNorth Florida1.56
Devin WilsonNorth Florida1.31
Romelo BanksNorth Florida1.00
Travis WallaceNorth Florida0.97
BaeBae DanielsNorth Florida0.62
Chris DavenportNorth Florida0.47
Jalen NesbittNorth Florida0.32
Beau BeechNorth Florida0.84
Jalen NesbittNorth Florida0.81
Travis WallaceNorth Florida0.62
Devin WilsonNorth Florida0.62
Dallas MooreNorth Florida0.56
Player Efficiency Rating
Travis WallaceNorth Florida19.75
Aaron BodagerNorth Florida17.33
Jalen NesbittNorth Florida15.11
Sean BrennanNorth Florida14.15
Chris DavenportNorth Florida13.77