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Hallice Cooke Transferring From Oregon State To Iowa State

Hallice Cooke will transfer from Oregon State to Iowa State for his final three years of eligibility

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Melvin EjimIowa State17.79
DeAndre KaneIowa State17.06
Georges NiangIowa State16.68
Dustin HogueIowa State11.58
Naz LongIowa State7.06
Dustin HogueIowa State8.39
Melvin EjimIowa State8.38
DeAndre KaneIowa State6.81
Georges NiangIowa State4.47
Monte MorrisIowa State2.56
DeAndre KaneIowa State5.92
Monte MorrisIowa State3.72
Georges NiangIowa State3.62
Melvin EjimIowa State1.79
Naz LongIowa State1.14
Melvin EjimIowa State0.68
Georges NiangIowa State0.62
Dustin HogueIowa State0.56
Percy GibsonIowa State0.36
Daniel EdozieIowa State0.33
Monte MorrisIowa State1.28
DeAndre KaneIowa State1.22
Melvin EjimIowa State1.18
Dustin HogueIowa State0.78
Georges NiangIowa State0.62
Player Efficiency Rating
Melvin EjimIowa State21.95
DeAndre KaneIowa State20.89
Dustin HogueIowa State19.06
Georges NiangIowa State18.31
Monte MorrisIowa State13.75