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Doug McDermott Headlines Big East Awards

Doug McDermott was joined on the All-Big East First Team by James Bell, Semaj Christon, Bryce Cotton, D'Angelo Harrison and Markel Starks.

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St. John's Wiretap Headlines

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D'Angelo HarrisonSt. John's17.45
Jakarr SampsonSt. John's12.85
Rysheed JordanSt. John's9.66
Orlando SanchezSt. John's7.44
Phil Greene IVSt. John's7.44
Jakarr SampsonSt. John's6.12
Orlando SanchezSt. John's5.56
D'Angelo HarrisonSt. John's4.88
Chris ObekpaSt. John's4.81
Dom PointerSt. John's3.15
Rysheed JordanSt. John's3.03
D'Angelo HarrisonSt. John's1.88
Dom PointerSt. John's1.85
Jamal BranchSt. John's1.71
Phil Greene IVSt. John's1.53
Chris ObekpaSt. John's2.94
Orlando SanchezSt. John's1.12
Dom PointerSt. John's1.06
Jakarr SampsonSt. John's0.97
God's Gift AchiuwaSt. John's0.81
Rysheed JordanSt. John's1.24
Dom PointerSt. John's1.21
D'Angelo HarrisonSt. John's1.00
Orlando SanchezSt. John's0.78
Phil Greene IVSt. John's0.69
Player Efficiency Rating
D'Angelo HarrisonSt. John's19.73
Marco BourgaultSt. John's19.38
Orlando SanchezSt. John's17.86
Jakarr SampsonSt. John's17.34
God's Gift AchiuwaSt. John's16.25