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Oregon State To Hire Wayne Tinkle

Wayne Tinkle will be announced as the Oregon State head coach on Monday

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Kareem JamarMontana18.83
Jordan GregoryMontana13.77
Keron DeShieldsMontana11.77
Michael WeisnerMontana8.13
Mario Dunn, Jr.Montana6.33
Kareem JamarMontana5.63
Jordan GregoryMontana3.07
Mario Dunn, Jr.Montana2.73
Keron DeShieldsMontana2.70
Michael WeisnerMontana2.63
Kareem JamarMontana4.03
Keron DeShieldsMontana2.53
Jordan GregoryMontana1.97
Mario Dunn, Jr.Montana1.37
Michael WeisnerMontana0.63
Andy MartinMontana0.60
Kareem JamarMontana0.50
Mario Dunn, Jr.Montana0.40
Michael WeisnerMontana0.33
Chris KempMontana0.28
Keron DeShieldsMontana1.20
Kareem JamarMontana0.90
Mario Dunn, Jr.Montana0.90
Jordan GregoryMontana0.57
Michael WeisnerMontana0.43
Player Efficiency Rating
Kareem JamarMontana23.95
Jordan GregoryMontana17.13
Keron DeShieldsMontana16.92
Michael WeisnerMontana14.11
Mario Dunn, Jr.Montana13.28