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Coastal Carolina Wins Big South Tourney, Warren Gillis Wins MVP

Warren Gillis was named Tournament MVP.

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D.J. CovingtonVMI20.11
Q.J. PetersonVMI18.97
Rodney GlasgowVMI18.86
Brian BrownVMI6.82
Jordan WeetheeVMI6.69
D.J. CovingtonVMI9.31
Q.J. PetersonVMI5.60
Phillip AngladeVMI4.26
Rodney GlasgowVMI3.97
Jordan WeetheeVMI3.74
Rodney GlasgowVMI5.86
Q.J. PetersonVMI2.06
Brian BrownVMI1.67
Drew AbsherVMI1.38
Trey ChapmanVMI0.89
D.J. CovingtonVMI3.03
Phillip AngladeVMI1.17
Jarid WatsonVMI0.52
Craig HintonVMI0.38
Jordan WeetheeVMI0.37
Q.J. PetersonVMI1.69
Rodney GlasgowVMI1.31
D.J. CovingtonVMI0.97
Phillip AngladeVMI0.71
Brian BrownVMI0.55
Player Efficiency Rating
D.J. CovingtonVMI29.66
Rodney GlasgowVMI21.62
Q.J. PetersonVMI19.22
Phillip AngladeVMI14.96
Tim MarshallVMI14.26