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Wesley Saunders Headlines Ivy League Awards

T.J. Bray, Sean McGonagill, Alex Rosenberg and Justin Sears join Wesley Saunders on the All-Ivy First Team.

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Pennsylvania Wiretap Headlines

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Tony HicksPennsylvania 14.93
Fran DoughertyPennsylvania 12.71
Miles Jackson-CartwrightPennsylvania 11.57
Darien Nelson-HenryPennsylvania 10.58
Julian HarrellPennsylvania 5.08
Fran DoughertyPennsylvania 7.29
Darien Nelson-HenryPennsylvania 5.29
Julian HarrellPennsylvania 3.00
Greg LouisPennsylvania 2.88
Henry BrooksPennsylvania 2.82
Miles Jackson-CartwrightPennsylvania 3.36
Tony HicksPennsylvania 2.89
Tony BagtasPennsylvania 2.00
Julian HarrellPennsylvania 1.83
Jamal LewisPennsylvania 1.69
Greg LouisPennsylvania 1.00
Darien Nelson-HenryPennsylvania 0.92
Fran DoughertyPennsylvania 0.71
Julian HarrellPennsylvania 0.58
Henry BrooksPennsylvania 0.54
Miles Jackson-CartwrightPennsylvania 1.07
Fran DoughertyPennsylvania 0.96
Tony BagtasPennsylvania 0.65
Tony HicksPennsylvania 0.63
Jamal LewisPennsylvania 0.58
Player Efficiency Rating
Darien Nelson-HenryPennsylvania 19.58
Fran DoughertyPennsylvania 18.54
Matt HowardPennsylvania 15.24
Greg LouisPennsylvania 14.61
Miles Jackson-CartwrightPennsylvania 13.18