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2012 MAAC Power Rankings

Iona won the regular season MAAC crown by a comfortable two games with Loyola (MD) finishing second. But it was Fairfield, who went 12-6, that was their true closest competition. This made the 85-75 upset of Iona in the Conference Tournament at the hands of Fairfield hardly surprising.

In order to determine our team rankings, we calculate the difference between a team's own FIC per game and their opponents' FIC for the entire conference season.

The FIC is a single statistical measurement that encompasses things such as scoring efficiency, rebounding, blocked shots, etc. Its purpose is to combine the box score into one statistic, both on a team level and for players.

1. Iona: 25.96  
2. Fairfield: 17.37  
3. Manhattan: 11.63  
4. Loyola (MD): 9.69  
5. Rider: -0.57  
6. Siena: -4.76  
7. Niagara: -8.81  
8. Marist: -9.70  
9. Saint Peter's: -19.22  
10. Canisius: -21.58

Best Individual Games Of 10-11 NCAA Season

The following players have had a game FIC of 28.1 or better during the 10-11 season, which typically means the player scored a ton of points efficiently, plus had a good floor game in terms of assists, rebounds, blocks and steals.

Unsurprisingly, Jared Sullinger. Kemba Walker and Jimmer Fredette appear on this list, with the first two having multiple games apiece. Also appearing twice are Thomas Coleman of North Carolina A&T, Charles Jenkins of Hofstra and Chris Singleton of Florida State.

Sullinger has the highest single FIC game, coming against IUPUI when he scored 40 points to go with 13 boards.

During the 09-10 season, Fredette had the highest single FIC game when he scored 49 points at

Back in 08-09, Ryan Toolson had the highest single FIC game with 41.9. Blake Griffin had two of the top-six.

Top FIC Games Of 10-11 Season
Keith Brunson, Oakland, 11/27
Will Clynurn, Utah, 12/7
Thomas Coleman, North Carolina A&T, 1/22
Thomas Coleman, North Carolina A&T, 12/4
D.J. Cooper, Ohio, 12/18
Robert Covington, Tennessee State, 1/8
Jae Crowder, Marquette, 1/1
Lenny Daniel, Cal State Northridge, 12/7
LaceDarius Dunn, Baylor, 1/4
Cliff Ederaine, Eastern Washington, 12/4
Kenneth Faried, Morehead State, 11/12
Trey Finn, Arkansas State, 1/1
John Flowers, West Virginia, 1/13
Jimmer Fredette, BYU, 1/11
Mike Glover, Iona, 12/3
Steven Gray, Gonzaga, 11/12
Adnan Hodzic, Lipscomb, 11/18
Eli Holman, Detroit, 11/26
Tyler Honeycutt, UCLA, 12/2
Ken Horton, Central Connecticut State, 11/15
Mike James, Lamar, 1/4
Charles Jenkins, Hofstra, 11/13
Charles Jenkins, Hofstra, 12/8
Orlando Johnson, UC Santa Barbara, 11/20
Terrence Jones, Kentucky, 11/22
Arsalan Kazemi, Rice, 1/5
Kenny Lawson, Creighton, 12/11
Mickey McConnell, Saint Mary's, 11/21
Vlad Moldoveanu, American, 1/8
Darren Moore, UC Irvine, 12/1
Mike Muscala, Bucknell, 1/12
Anthony Nelson, Niagara, 1/9
Andrew Nicholson, St. Bonaventure, 12/18
Adrian Oliver, San Jose State, 12/22
Brian Qvale, Montana, 12/15
Justin Robinson, Rider, 12/15
Joey Rodriguez, Virginia Commonwealth, 11/12
Ryan Rossiter, Siena, 11/20
Morgan Sabia, Hartford, 1/3
Chris Singleton, Florida State, 11/14
Chris Singleton, Florida State, 11/16
Nolan Smith, Duke, 12/29
Jared Sullinger, Ohio State, 12/9
Jared Sullinger, Ohio State, 12/18
Malcolm Thomas, San Diego State, 12/13
Brian Voelkel, Vermont, 12/12
Kemba Walker, Connecticut, 12/3
Kemba Walker, Connecticut, 11/17
Kevin Winford, Eastern Washington, 12/4
Wesley Witherspoon, Memphis, 12/30

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