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Eastern Kentucky Beats Belmont To Win Ohio Valley Tournament

Corey Walden was named tournament MVP.

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J.J. MannBelmont18.33
Craig BradshawBelmont15.69
Reece ChamberlainBelmont10.87
Drew WindlerBelmont10.36
Evan BraddsBelmont8.77
J.J. MannBelmont4.78
Blake JenkinsBelmont4.74
Evan BraddsBelmont4.11
Drew WindlerBelmont4.11
Reece ChamberlainBelmont3.71
Reece ChamberlainBelmont5.48
Craig BradshawBelmont3.17
J.J. MannBelmont2.56
Caleb ChowbayBelmont1.22
Drew WindlerBelmont1.19
Drew WindlerBelmont0.92
Blake JenkinsBelmont0.54
Chad LangBelmont0.23
Craig BradshawBelmont0.20
Evan BraddsBelmont0.17
J.J. MannBelmont2.14
Reece ChamberlainBelmont1.42
Craig BradshawBelmont1.29
Drew WindlerBelmont0.78
Evan BraddsBelmont0.43
Player Efficiency Rating
J.J. MannBelmont21.88
Craig BradshawBelmont19.42
Drew WindlerBelmont18.96
Evan BraddsBelmont16.85
Reece ChamberlainBelmont16.35

Belmont Schedule

Top Performers for March 25, 2014

OVC Standings

Date / TimeOpponentResult
3/07 6:30 PM Morehead StateW, 86-63
3/08 7:00 PM Eastern KentuckyL, 73-79
3/18 8:15 PM Green BayW, 65-80
3/21 9:30 PM Robert MorrisW, 82-71
3/25 7:00 PM ClemsonL, 73-68

* All times Eastern

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Craig BradshawBelmontPoints21
J.J. MannBelmontPoints20
Craig BradshawBelmontRebounds9
Landry Christ NnokoClemsonRebounds9
Reece ChamberlainBelmontAssists9
Craig BradshawBelmontAssists5
Landry Christ NnokoClemsonBlocks4
K.J. McDanielsClemsonBlocks2
J.J. MannBelmontSteals3
Reece ChamberlainBelmontSteals3
K.J. McDanielsClemsonFIC15.0
Craig BradshawBelmontFIC14.8

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