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LaVine’s Athleticism Is A Relatively New Public Obsession

Mention the name Zach LaVine and some of the words you are most likely to hear are dunk, athleticism and explosiveness.

LaVine, who left UCLA after just one season and is projected as a late-Lottery pick, says the public obsession with his athleticism is relatively new. He was the Washington state player of the year as a senior at Bothell High School, averaging 28.5 points, 3.4 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game.

"People just started noticing my athleticism this year. It’s crazy,” LaVine said Wednesday. "In high school I averaged 25-30 points per game from my sophomore to senior year, so they didn’t really recognize that stuff. They knew I could get up and dunk, but when college hit those dunk and mixtapes started showing up and people think I’m just this freak athlete. I know there’s more to my game than that. I showed all aspects of it during workouts.”

LaVine said he worked out for nearly a dozen teams, including everyone picking six to seventeen except for the Philadelphia 76ers.

"That’s the one team I didn’t work out for there,” he told the media. "I didn’t have time; I had to come up here. I think I had an interview with them [at the combine] and it went well.”

Via Andrew Perna/RealGM
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