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Shelton Mitchell Commits To Vanderbilt

Shelton Mitchell has committed to Vanderbilt as a member of the 2014 incoming class

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Eric McClellanVanderbilt14.25
Rod OdomVanderbilt13.65
Damian JonesVanderbilt11.26
Kyle FullerVanderbilt10.97
Dai-Jon ParkerVanderbilt8.32
Damian JonesVanderbilt5.71
Rod OdomVanderbilt5.23
James SiakamVanderbilt5.13
Eric McClellanVanderbilt4.42
Dai-Jon ParkerVanderbilt4.35
Kyle FullerVanderbilt4.19
Eric McClellanVanderbilt3.17
Dai-Jon ParkerVanderbilt3.16
Carter JosephsVanderbilt1.38
Rod OdomVanderbilt1.19
Damian JonesVanderbilt1.39
James SiakamVanderbilt1.32
Rod OdomVanderbilt0.58
Luke KornetVanderbilt0.57
Josh HendersonVanderbilt0.38
Eric McClellanVanderbilt1.25
James SiakamVanderbilt0.90
Dai-Jon ParkerVanderbilt0.84
Kyle FullerVanderbilt0.71
Josh HendersonVanderbilt0.62
Player Efficiency Rating
Rob CrossVanderbilt61.47
James SiakamVanderbilt17.69
Damian JonesVanderbilt16.44
Josh HendersonVanderbilt15.06
Rod OdomVanderbilt14.32