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Aaric Murray Headlines SWAC Awards

Aaric Murray transferred from West Virginia after beginning his college career at La Salle.

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Jackson State Wiretap Headlines

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Julysses NoblesJackson State15.68
Brandon WestJackson State12.81
Javeres BrentJackson State8.94
Derrell TaylorJackson State7.27
Jeff StubbsJackson State7.11
Brandon WestJackson State9.67
Derrell TaylorJackson State4.43
Julysses NoblesJackson State4.13
Treshawn BoldenJackson State4.13
Javeres BrentJackson State3.32
Julysses NoblesJackson State3.61
Jeff StubbsJackson State1.64
Treshawn BoldenJackson State0.97
Derrell TaylorJackson State0.83
Marcus LoveJackson State0.76
Brandon WestJackson State2.00
Derrell TaylorJackson State0.53
Kenneth TaylorJackson State0.40
Treshawn BoldenJackson State0.35
Julysses NoblesJackson State0.13
Julysses NoblesJackson State1.42
Javeres BrentJackson State1.00
Jeff StubbsJackson State1.00
Brandon WestJackson State0.78
Derrell TaylorJackson State0.77
Player Efficiency Rating
Marquis ToddJackson State35.84
Brandon WestJackson State25.18
Derrell TaylorJackson State15.20
Julysses NoblesJackson State14.83
Janarius MiddletonJackson State10.63