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Xavier Thames Headlines Mountain West Awards

Xavier Thames of San Diego State has been named Mountain West Player of the Year.

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San Jose State Wiretap Headlines

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Rashad MuhammadSan Jose State13.16
Jaleel WilliamsSan Jose State10.65
Devante WilsonSan Jose State8.37
Chris CunninghamSan Jose State8.16
Jalen JamesSan Jose State6.62
Chris CunninghamSan Jose State6.32
Jaleel WilliamsSan Jose State5.74
Jalen JamesSan Jose State4.17
Isaac ThorntonSan Jose State3.23
Rashad MuhammadSan Jose State2.94
Jalen JamesSan Jose State3.07
D.J. BrownSan Jose State2.77
Isaac ThorntonSan Jose State1.55
Jaleel WilliamsSan Jose State0.94
Chris CunninghamSan Jose State0.84
Chris CunninghamSan Jose State0.77
Isaac ThorntonSan Jose State0.58
Matt PollardSan Jose State0.54
Devante WilsonSan Jose State0.33
Brandon MitchellSan Jose State0.30
D.J. BrownSan Jose State0.97
Isaac ThorntonSan Jose State0.87
Devante WilsonSan Jose State0.67
Rashad MuhammadSan Jose State0.45
Brandon MitchellSan Jose State0.33
Player Efficiency Rating
Rashad MuhammadSan Jose State13.46
D.J. BrownSan Jose State12.70
Jaleel WilliamsSan Jose State12.52
Chris CunninghamSan Jose State11.72
Dylan AlexanderSan Jose State11.27