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Toronto's Shot Selection Issues

by RealGM Administrator

May 1, 2016 10:53 AM

Errant passes, a questionable shot selection and complete defensive ineptitude stymied the Raptors' quest for victory No. 4 in Game 6. Read more »

Tags: Indiana Pacers, Toronto Raptors, NBA

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How Neil Olshey Has Found And Developed The Type Of Players The Clippers Need

by Jonny Auping

Apr 30, 2016 10:57 AM

The only Neil Olshey acquired players left on the Clippers are Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. Meanwhile, Portland is full of the type of players the Clippers should have been targeting. Read more »

Tags: Los Angeles Clippers, Portland Trail Blazers, NBA

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2016 Offseason Preview: Sacramento Kings

by Keith P Smith

Apr 30, 2016 10:27 AM

Whether or not Sacramento wants a return engagement for Rajon Rondo is likely tied to their most important decision of the offseason, hiring a coach. Read more »

Tags: Sacramento Kings, NBA

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Ordinary Together, MVPs Apart

by Colin McGowan

The fact Blake Griffin and Chris Paul are MVP candidates when they don't share the floor and diminished when they're together is indicative of an intractable problem. They just can't make each other as spectacular as they seem like they should be when you watch them play by themselves. Read more »
How The Hornets Have Come Back Against Miami

by Matt Lurie

The Heat have the deepest collection of wings in the league, and the Hornets were now scrapping along with one of the weakest. What the Hornets did have, however, was an assortment of big-men, and a head coach that has established a sound defensive system and an ultra conservative offensive style. Read more »
Cory Joseph's Second Unit Impact

by Jake Hyman

Masai Ujiri had the foresight of bringing in Cory Joseph, who could be paramount for the Raptors slashing their label as annual postseason washouts. Joseph has been worth the money thrown his way; he needs to be the backcourt hero Toronto has been clamoring for in the series. Read more »
2016 Offseason Preview: Orlando Magic

by Keith P Smith

The Magic improved by 10 wins but still didn't reach the playoffs. With the potential to add two maximum salary players to an exciting young core, it is easy to see Orlando getting in the postseason next year. Read more »
Paul George May Be Great But He Can Only Be So Great

by Jake Hyman

Paul George will have to continue to be brilliant and get at least some help from Myles Turner and the rest of the Pacers' frontcourt to beat the Raptors. Read more »
The Wolves' Next & Most Consequential Decision

by Colin McGowan

The Wolves have reached the point in their rebuild where, if they nail their choice of who to run the Karl-Anthony Towns' show, there's no ceiling on how great they can become. Read more »
2016 Offseason Preview: Denver Nuggets

by Keith P Smith

Denver betting on being healthier might not be smart given the track record, but it is the best way to go for 16-17. That approach would leave flexibility for the future, while allowing for development this year. Read more »
The Divergent Futures Of Dwight Howard And Clint Capela

by Jonny Auping

The partnership of Dwight Howard and James Harden is ending and was never really a partnership to begin with. In order to succeed alongside Harden, a big man needs to do the little things and Clint Capela could be that big man for the Rockets. Read more »
How The Raptors Can Fix Their DeMar DeRozan Problem

by Michael Pina

To get back in the series, Toronto needs DeMar DeRozan to hit shots and start resembling the efficient monster he's become. Here a few adjustments Dwane Casey can make to get him going. Read more »
2016 Offseason Preview: Milwaukee Bucks

by Keith P Smith

With smart offseason moves to fill their holes, combined with internal improvement of their core, the Bucks should be able to rebound back into postseason contention as soon as next year. Read more »
2016 Offseason Preview: New Orleans Pelicans

by Keith P Smith

Given their cap restrictions, the Pelicans' options for external improvement are limited. They'll need to get their draft pick right and improve their depth while hoping for better health next season. Read more »
Notes From The Jordan Brand Classic

by Andrew Jerell Jones

The usual suspects of Jayson Tatum, De’Aaron Fox and Bam Adebayo shined the most as future NBA lottery picks for 2017 in the same building they will likely be drafted in come 14 months from now. Read more »
Three Question Playoff Preview: Clippers Vs. Blazers

by Brett Koremenos

On how Moe Harkless will play for the Blazers against Blake Griffin and in general, whether they will be any cross-match craziness and if the Clippers have enough three-point shooting. Read more »
Three Question Playoff Preview: Heat Vs. Hornets

by Brett Koremenos

On whether the Heat can survive the "Dwyane Wade effect", the Hassan Whiteside vs. Al Jefferson matchup and if Josh Richardson is ready for playoff basketball. Read more »
Three Question Playoff Preview: Spurs Vs. Grizzlies

by Brett Koremenos

On the best ways the undermanned Grizzlies can generate points against the Spurs, how Gregg Popovich will treat the series and whether Lance Stephenson can change his perception. Read more »
Three Question Playoff Preview: Hawks Vs. Celtics

by Brett Koremenos

On the Jeff Teague/Amir Johnson battle on switches, Avery Bradley's offensive production and whether we should be bracing for an ugly, low-scoring series. Read more »
Ten-Year Efficiency Differential Rankings (Infographics For All 30 Teams)

by Christopher Reina

Beyond strictly looking at wins and losses, efficiency differential gives a clear picture of team performance. Read more »