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Over the past two years, RealGM has been working on significant upgrades to our offerings. We are pleased to be releasing the initial, beta phase, of our new basketball website with much more to come in the future.
We began by taking a close look at our basketball content, almost exclusively focused on the NBA in the past, and decided to greatly expand our coverage. Our news content, such as Wiretap, feature articles will remain with an expanded staff of writers. 

Our expanded NBA Draft content includes full draft history back to 1993, all future draft pick information (included traded picks), early entry lists back to 1990 and all drafted rights to players held by current NBA teams
In addition, we are unveiling full NBA Awards information back to the 1983-84 season, full All-Star Weekend Event info back to the 1983-84 season, and full and complete transaction history back into the mid-1990s. 

We have developed an automated depth chart section that creates real time depth charts on actual recent trends for each team based on stating, playing time, etc. 

Finally, we have also re-designed the NBA Team sections to incorporate all of the new information. This includes not only expanded roster information, but playoff rosters, opening night rosters and training camp rosters back to the mid 1990s along with selected years for summer league rosters.
The most immediately noticeable change, however, is the creation of dedicated sections of RealGM specifically to NCAA Division I basketball, High School basketball, European leagues and National Team Competitions

The NCAA is the most extensive of our new sections. We will have our full array of news/content along with the following: complete D1 rosters, stats, schedules, standings, box scores, depth charts and awards back to the 2003-04 season. Also included in our new NCAA section is a detailed tournament section that includes all 50+ non-conference, conference, and post-season tournament information back to the 2002-03 season.
Another noticeable section that is new in this release is our High School section. We will have our typical news/content along with full historical information from the Nike Hoop Summit and Jordan Classic along with the recent history of the McDonald’s All-American game.  Additionally, you can search to see all of the players from specific high schools in our extensive database. 

Also, we have released the beginnings of our D-League, International leagues and National Competitions sections. These will be considerably expanded over the next few months.
Finally, we have spent a considerable amount of time to greatly expand upon and improve our player profile section which has gone from about 1,500 players in our database to over 24,000. All player information relating to the player that we have can be accessed in this central location. Player specific information includes awards received from high school to the NBA, stats, Playoff Experience, Wiretaps and more. 
Since the upgraded site has such a wealth of unique information and is presented in an easy to navigate structure of several layers, we will present daily posts on the main page over the next few months to help showcase some of the ways the information can be found and used.
For writers from newspapers, websites and blogs, as well as fans posting on our forums and elsewhere, we encourage you to mine the site for interesting information to use in your own articles and posts.
Like we accomplished a decade ago with the invention of Trade Checker, our aim is to provide resources that greatly enhance the way the game of basketball is followed.

- Ryan Hoak is the co-founder and CEO of RealGM.


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