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Thunder Caught In NBA's Transition From Big To Small

by Jonathan Tjarks

Feb 8, 2016 12:01 PM

The Thunder have kept building around Durant and Westbrook for yesterday's wars when you needed bigs, but now they're a liability when you need to go small to beat the Warriors. Read more »

Tags: Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma City Thunder, NBA

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Eastern Conference: Buyers & Sellers

by Keith P Smith

Feb 8, 2016 11:51 AM

With the trade deadline quickly approaching, we look at which teams in the Eastern Conference will be buying or selling, or could even do either. Read more »

Tags: Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics, Charlotte Hornets, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks, New York Knicks, Orlando Magic, Philadelphia Sixers, Toronto Raptors, Washington Wizards, Brooklyn Nets, NBA

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Klay Thompson's First Five Years In Historical Context

by Michael Cohen

Feb 5, 2016 8:58 PM

With Klay Thompson comparing favorably with two Hall of Fame shooting guards on the offensive end and far surpassing both on defense, there should be no doubt he has achieved star-level results over his first five seasons. Read more »

Tags: Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors, NBA

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Myles Turner's Under The Radar Rookie Season

by Michael Pina

Myles Turner has the skill-set to evolve into either a stretch four or five, and it's far from hyperbolic to envision him making half a dozen All-Defensive teams over the next 10 years. Read more »
The Heat Could Be Much Better Than This

by Jonathan Tjarks

Miami has a great collection of individual talent - they just need to figure out how to make them better than the sum of their parts and they are running out of time to do it. Read more »
The Merits Of Trading Blake Griffin To The Hornets

by Brett Koremenos

The Clippers are stuck under a glass ceiling while the Hornets are on the mediocrity treadmill. Here's a fake Blake Griffin trade that could help both teams improve. Read more »
Why The Clippers Will Keep Big 3 Together Longer Than They Should

by Andrew Perna

Doc Rivers has already suggested he might break up their Big 3 this offseason, but his history suggests he is less likely than likely to do so. Read more »
Brooklyn And The Usefulness Of Pursuing Restricted Free Agents

by Jonathan Tjarks

Restricted free agents who change teams are young guys looking to prove their worth and wanting more shots and minutes than they can receive if they stay put. Here are five the Nets should pursue. Read more »
The Clipper Trap

by Danny Leroux

A lack of salary cap flexibility and assets puts the Clippers in a complicated spot moving forward that necessitates taking strong steps to get the most out of every opportunity. Moving Lance Stephenson and possibly Jamal Crawford would show their willingness to make the best team possible moving forward. Read more »
NBA's 10 Least Tradeable Contracts

by Keith P Smith

Omer Asik, Wilson Chandler, Nikola Pekovic, Tristan Thompson and Tyson Chandler headline the 10 least tradeable contracts in the NBA. Read more »
North Carolina's New Reality Without Future Lottery Picks

by Jonathan Tjarks

Roy Williams has had to take a different tack when it comes to recruiting. He's still bringing in McDonald's All-Americans but he's no longer getting the guys whom NBA scouts have been salivating over since high school. This year's team is the perfect example. Read more »
Four Key Questions For The Spurs To Figure Out Against The Warriors

by Brett Koremenos

Can the Spurs mid-range game keep up against the Warriors 3-point barrage, is Tony Parker a liability, will Golden State even need their super-small lineup and who guards Steph Curry? Read more »
Beating The Warriors

by Jonathan Tjarks

The Spurs might be playing right into the Warriors hands by trying to out-execute them and beat them with ball movement. The best chance anyone might have is to ugly up the game, muck up the action and play a Brutalist style of 1-on-1 offense for seven games. Read more »
It Takes A Galaxy

by Christopher Reina

There is a wolfishness to how the Warriors and Spurs play collectively on both sides of the floor that overwhelm not just single superstar teams but even teams with a collection of superstars. Read more »
NBA's 10 Most Tradeable Contracts

by Keith P Smith

Derrick Favors, Khris Middleton, Kyle Lowry, Jae Crowder and Will Barton have some of the most tradeable contracts in the NBA. Read more »
Finding The Right Combination For The NBA's Best Big 3

by Jonathan Tjarks

If the NBA was a 3-on-3 league, the Thunder would be the favorites to win it all. The question is whether they can get the right combo of players to complement them. Read more »
Marcus Smart And Boston's Playoff Chances This Season

by Matt Lurie

Getting the Celtics to a higher level of play this season will be largely based on the progression of Marcus Smart and how Stevens can put him in the right spots on offense. Read more »
Rick Carlisle's Adaptability Amid Annual Overhauls

by Brett Koremenos

How exactly does Rick Carlisle continue to keep the Mavericks competitive despite the annual overhauls? Well this year, one set run for one of his new additions perfectly encapsulates Carlisle's underrated brilliance. Read more »
The World Of Possibilities Of Karl-Anthony Towns

by Jonathan Tjarks

Karl-Anthony Towns is the first player since LeBron who could theoretically do all five things from all five positions. His ceiling is KG with the ability to play center full-time and knock down 3's at a high volume. He has no ceiling. Read more »
Fred Hoiberg And The Bulls' Price For Workplace Harmony

by Colin McGowan

Gar Forman wanted to install a head coach who was, like him, respectful of the chain of command. He wanted a Reinsdorfian philosophy of compliance to permeate the franchise. Read more »
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